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Lunchtime Poll: What Are Your Spring Cleaning Tricks?

It’s officially spring, which means a lot of things: spring fever, spring training, and yes, spring cleaning.

broomLots of people have special rituals and lists regarding housecleaning that they save for springtime. I try to keep up with my house year-round, so I don’t have to do a big “spring clean,” but as soon as the weather starts turning nice, there’s no end to the amount of work that needs to be done in the yard.

Do you have a spring cleaning routine? Any habits you save for as soon as it starts warming up?

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I always have the great big first bike ride of the spring. I need to get my bike out, clean it, air up the tires, and generally make it all ship shape. This year I need to put the basket and head and tail lights that I got for Christmas on.

Then I take it out and ride it until I lament how out of shape I have managed to get over the winter and the fact that everywhere interesting to ride leaves me going uphill on the trip home.

This sounds like a good project for Friday (which I have just realized I have as a holiday from work) if the rain lets up.

I tried to actually wash my carpets in the spring…. what a pain in the ass!!  I also go through my clothes to switch from winter to summer and in that process I try to get rid of any clothes I hadn’t worn since the spring before.  It’s pretty difficult to get rid of some of my clothes that I have some sort of weird emotional attachment to, but once they are gone it makes me very happy to have all that space to go and buy new clothes!! :)

How did you go about washing your carpets? I would love to do this. We have a shoe free apartment but our wall-to-wall carpeting has become rather disgusting over the two years we’ve lived there. My boyfriend tried to wash one particularly dirty patch, which was a heroic effort but now the rest of the carpet looks even worse in comparison.

The key to washing your carpet is that you have to wash the entire thing in order to get it to look better.  This means removing all furniture that can be moved into another room.  I usually only leave one piece of furniture in the room and it’s the one that’s 500 lb and solid wood… aka impossible to move!   If you wash around your furniture you can get lines of dirty vs not dirty for those visible but hard to reach under the furniture places.   Those lines will just make the carpet look worse, so it’s really important to wash as much of the carpet as you possibly can.

Before you wash you should vacuum very thoroughly (it’s kinda like how you need to sweep before you mop…).  Also while you are going through it you should change the water when it starts to look really gross.  Depending on your carpet type, you may want to vacuum after you wash too.  Vacuuming will help fluff it back up so it looks semi normal after washing.  You also have to let it dry before you can move the furniture back onto it…. its a HUGE pain, but my carpets look 80 bazillion times better afterwards.   Beware this is an all weekend consuming activity!!!!  Good luck!!

Since my apartment has forced hot air, spring is for opening up all the windows and doors and dusting everything, and taking the (singular) rug in my place and taking a broom to it over the balcony. Last weekend I went through my floordrobe and (while putting it away!) swapped most of my winter sweaters for tanktops and shorts (not all of them, though. that would just jinx it).

Also: seeds and starts for the garden! I dug an 8×8′ spot out of the lawn, brought in buckets of composted horse manure from a friend’s farm, and am all set for the nights to be warm enough to actually put things in the ground rather than my window sills.

Hello back, fellow Dublin person! And yes, snow and hail and sideways rain…my roommates just made a snowball of the stuff on our balcony and it’s sitting among the beer bottles left out from last weekend’s freak heat wave.

Ireland can be a confusing country for a California girl!

I’ve decided that since my job/contract is ending in the next few weeks, I’m just going to wait until I’m unemployed before I start cleaning. Then I’ll feel productive and have things to do all day! But I am getting so antsy about wanting to clear through stuff. And I downloaded a cleaning/organizing calendar thing from online that gives you 15-minute, 6-day-a-week tasks to keep cleaning manageable, and have done almost nothing on it so far… it was supposed to start in January :)

I do! It’s this one: (NOTE: PDF link!) – I think I’ll modify it a bit by maybe putting two things on Sunday in lieu of Sundays off, since I like to clean more on Sundays than, say, Fridays or Saturdays :)

I have been putting off my spring ritual, which is taking all my clothes out of the dresser so I can sort through them while I switch out my summer and winter clothes. I like it when it’s done, and I have a bag of stuff to donate, but I just can’t get started this time.

I live for the days when I can open all the windows and drink my tea on the balcony every morning.  And then when I clean, I open every window, blast some classic rock, and clean the HELL out of my house.  I clean sparingly in winter.  I burrow in the warmth of things that never move.

In other news, for any P’neers who like makeup, I picked up new lipstick.  Maybelline Red Revival.  It blots out to a perfectly wearable daytime red.  And I put it on 2 hours ago and no fading, but also no cracking and grossness!  It is awesome.

I cleaned my whole apartment last week in prep for my parents coming down (my clean is never mom clean…sigh.)  Anyway,  my goal for this spring is to MAINTAIN.  I will not let things get out of control.  I won’t.

On another spring related noted,  I planted a bunch of stuff for my patio this morning.  It looks much happier out there.

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