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Lunchtime Poll: What’s Your Morning Like?

Mornings are hard, guys. Seriously. 

I have a pretty solid morning routine that gets me out of bed, presentable, fed, and to work on time. No matter what variations on my morning routine I find myself having, one thing never changes: the very first thing I do when I wake up is put my glasses on, stumble to the kitchen, and start the water for my coffee. Every morning. Without fail. Even on weekends.

What’s the first step of your morning routine, and can you function properly without it?

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stumble downstairs. pee. put on water for tea. bring the box of cereal to the couch with me because chances are good that future mister finished the milk already. shove handfuls of said dry cereal into mouth while I check email/facebook/webcomics. figure out if I have enough time to watch last night’s Daily Show before I need to be at work.

and one of the most important things (which future mister regularly forgets)- there is no talking in the morning. none.

Roll out of bed, pee, wander around the kitchen like a hungry bear till I can find something to stuff in my face, take dogs out to pee. On weekdays, waking of children is scattered through the routine, but I am not awake until those three things are done.

I am disgusting, so I get up, reheat a cup of coffee from the day before, then put on a pot of coffee, because I can’t even make coffee without having coffee. Then I take the dog for a walk with my day-old cuppa joe. I know. I know. So gross. My husband tells me all the time. And every time he does, I remind him that he used to get up and make me coffee every morning when we were dating because he knew I was much more pleasant to be around when I had coffee sitting next to the bed when I woke up, and when we got married, he stopped doing this, and that sucks ass, so he needs to quit his bitchin’.

I don’t drink coffee- only flavored ~*espresso*~ drinks (I know, I’m fancy).  Once husband tried to make me put my espresso machine away when not in use, instead of on the counter.  But then it involved getting it out again the next day, which made it take longer to get caffeine in my body.

He learned the hard way about caffeineless Mona.

I’m with you, if they aren’t going to make it for us, they can shut up.

Sadly, I check my work email.  Then I walk the dog, sometime I manage to look in the mirror and see if my hair is standing straight up before that, other days, not so much.  After that it varies depending on if I have to look presentable that day or not.  I work from home but have to go meet customer on site 3 or so days a week.

Anyone want to share motivational tips with me?  I’ve been unmotivated for several weeks now.  I know allergies and my period played a role during that time, but I really need to get back to at least average motivation.  I don’t want to do anything, ever.


Glasses. Kitchen. Water. Coffee.

Are we the same person?  No, but I like to at least know my coffee is brewing – that relief is near – as I get ready for the day.  I’m a miserable grump without it.  Also, people are always suggesting that I use those coffee pots with timers so my coffee is ready for me in the mornings.  I’ve tried it…twice, but it’s just not the same. I gotta make it when I wake up.

My morning routine varies with the day and what I need to get done, but I do have one consistency. I want the entire world to leave me alone for a full hour while I wake up. When I have roommates, I get up an hour before they do to make sure no one has to endure the wrath of Morning Veruna. She is an evil, cranky woman who will force Afternoon and Evening Veruna to do mean mean things to people who talk to her before her hour is over. Coffee appeases her only slightly, music more so (it does soothe the savage beast, after all).

I have my morning routine down to the last possible moment of sleep I can get. It’s why I was ironing a closet full of clothes last night, because nothing goes in there unless I can pull it out ready-to-wear.

The first thing I do? Go get my phone from the charger and read my email.  And if I got an alert for a new fanfic from a favorite author, it throws my whole schedule off because I have to read it immediately. Damn them.

I usually stay in bed as long as possible and only get up at the absolute last minute that leaves me enough time to get ready. Then I put on my glasses before stumble downstairs to pee and shower, after which I get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair (dry it in the wintertime, occasionally toss on some makeup), grab my things, and I’m on the way out the door. I’ll usually pick up a cup of coffee on the way to the office (if I have time), or have some of the sludgy stuff from the conference room if I don’t. All told it takes me about half an hour from getting out of bed to getting out the door.

I put my music on. This isn’t me being horrible and annoying, because I have a “morning pt.1” and “morning pt.2” soundtrack – morning part 1 is gentle, wafts through the house through the open door of my room, and is just audible over the shower. That’s when everyone gets up. Morning part 2 is exclusively dance music and is designed to GET SHIT DONE TO. (it also doubles as a housework track).

In so many ways, Spotify has changed my life…

The first thing I’ve done almost every morning for as long as I remember is go through the mental gymnastics/calculations to determine how much longer I can stay in bed, and barter with myself. *Alarm* Eh, I showered last night. (snooze). *Alarm* Eh, I don’t need any makeup today. (snooze). *Alarm* I’ll just wear what I slept in. (snooze).

I have to pee immediately after I wake up.  I get BEYOND cranky if someone is in the bathroom when I wake up.  My roommate is a shower at night person which makes us get along a whole lot better, but every once in awhile she will shower in the morning and it puts me in a ridiculously bad mood for the rest of the day.

Putting on my glasses, stumbling to the door to let the dog out, crawling back into bed for “just ten more minutes.” It’s a good thing that future mister leaves for work about n hour before I need to actually be up for work, so that this process starts with enough time for me to actually make it to work on time.

Hitting the snooze button eleventy billion times. I am one of those people that will set the alarm early so that I have time to hit the snooze button. Mostly this is because I like to be awake for a while before I actually have to wiggle out of the covers.

Edit: Just realized that I made the rank of Donna Noble!

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