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Lunchtime Poll: Which Chores Do You Hate?

This weekend, I did an absurd amount of work out in the yard and garden. And I realized that I really do not like yard work. At all. And that I would be perfectly happy to pay someone to do all of it for the rest of my life.

If money were no object, and you could hire someone to take over your most hated chore or activity, what would it be? Grocery shopping? (That one’s a close second for me.) Driving you around? Cleaning the litterbox? No chore is too small or too big here.

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I enjoy doing a lot of standard chores – I know I’m weird. My friends have already let me know this. I love yard work, I love roaming the grocery stores and co-ops. I love the smell of a clean bathroom, the look of a clean kitchen, the sound of the dishwasher running, the smell of the dryer. God, I really am strange.

But I think the one thing I always try to get out of, or group together, or just not do at all is Driving. It’s not that I don’t like the act of driving. I have enough speeding tickets to tell me I REALLY like going fast. It’s that I hate parking, paying to park, finding my way, driving around OTHER PEOPLE, traffic, merging, or just the fact that I can’t multitask. I also hate driving at night because my night vision sucks and really, I like drinking at bars (that is the least of my concerns but still, it’s on the list).

If I could have a driving service, I would love it. I’d make Albert sandwiches all the time. His favorites. We’d get iced coffees on the weekends. He could drive while I read emails. His car would also probably have a working CD player so we wouldn’t be stuck with the radio all the time. And I wouldn’t be stressed all the time. I’d sit in the back so I couldn’t passenger brake either.

I would just like an all-around butler. Sometimes he’d drive me around (especially to meetings far away so I could read in the back), he’d go take the car in for an oil change, do all the little errands that shouldn’t seem to take that long, but collectively always do. My butler would do the dishes and occasionally make me light, nutritious meals (not all the time, though, I do like to cook when I have time). He’d clean ALL the bathroom (my shower is filthy and ditto everyone else re: guys and toilets… also beard trimmings around the sink! They are EVERYWHERE!). Imaginary butler would keep track of when I am almost out of things around the house and then pick up more before I repeatedly curse the empty toothpaste tube.

But I would keep yardwork, sweeping, making the bed, and organizing my stuff. For some reason I like those things.

Mine would be yardwork, too. I have always hated it. Part of it is that I have sensitive skin, and as a consequence, rubbing dirt and plants all over my arms gives me hives. The other part is that I do not get any joy from doing yardwork. It annoys me.

Also, it rains a lot where I am, and that’s just not pleasant.

I will never be able to live someplace where I would have to take care of a yard. I have zero motivations in that department, and I am remarkably black thumbed. Of the inside tasks, I probably hate dish washing the most. I used to work in food and I had to wash dishes as part of the job and I am quite burned out on the whole process.

Laundry.  I HATE doing laundry.  And cleaning my bathroom.  All the other cleaning I’m pretty much okay with, but I really dislike cleaning my bathroom.  And I wouldn’t say no to taking out the trash, although luckily for me, my brother does most of that.  I don’t mind vacuuming and dishes and stuff, and I wouldn’t mind grocery shopping if I had a car.  Also this is somewhat random, but I would love to have someone come unpack for me after I travel.  I always come home tired and I just want to crash on my couch or in bed, and not having to deal with unpacking would be amazing.

Vacuuming is the WORST.  Doing any other kind of cleaning I can dance and have a good time (this is especially fun and easy when wet swiffering) but vacuuming is boring and you have to do it in straight lines.  Boo.  You can’t make vacuuming fun no matter how hard you try.

Cleaning the bathroom.  If I could afford to pay someone to come in once a week and clean my bathroom, I’d do it.

Which makes me incredibly lazy because I live by myself in a small one bedroom apartment and it only takes me all of about 30 minutes to clean the damn thing.  But it’s the principle of the thing.


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