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Monday Night Flashback OT: Picking Favorites

In high school, it was my initial on a chain. In college, it was a pendant I got at a Cure concert. In nearly every stage of my life, I’ve had a piece of jewelry that I’ve worn nearly every day without fail.

Eventually, something happens to it. Either I lose an earring, the chain breaks or I find another piece that I like better. Every day for the past twelve years, my engagement ring has been on my short list of favorites; how could it not be? My ring met with disaster last week (PSA: get those prongs checked, ladies!). Thankfully, it’s currently being repaired, but for the time being, my left hand is bare. And I feel like I’m walking around with one shoe missing.

What have been some of your every day favorites? Do you have a criteria? How’s your Monday been so far?

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I haven’t been a jewelry person ever since I was 10 and a bracelet my grandmother gave me broke because I was wearing it all the time. I was so traumatized by it! So I stopped wearing jewelry except for special occasions. And now I don’t even wear it then.

Out of what I do have, I’d probably say my favorite was a necklace I think someone stole from me. It was given to me by a friend, and it was a cheap little thing with a gold chain and a blue stone that matched my eyes. But I haven’t seen it in a couple years now.

I wore a guitar pick necklace daily for a good three years. The guitarist of my favorite band at the time (Opeth, still love them) handed it to me at a concert, so in good fangirl spirit I made it into a necklace. The pick is now stored safely in a box.

This amazing ring was given to me recently and I intend to wear it every day, office appropriateness be damned:


From the time I was 21 until it broke a couple years ago, I wore a necklace that my parents had given me for my 21st birthday. It was a 3 or 4 thousand-year-old coin that had one of the goddesses of good fortune on the face. The chain had worn through the loop on the top and I just haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed. Now, I wear my engagement ring, for obvious reasons, and a necklace that future mister gave me for Christmas two or three years ago, and if I’m working, I wear my watch to cover the tattoo on my wrist. I occasionally switch up the necklace or wear a bracelet, but I’m not a huge jewelry person, despite the collection that I’ve amassed over the years. I guess my tastes have gotten more simple in my old age.


I think armbands are definitely in order.  That, and some Nashville Predators bling, because I want Phoenix OUT.

And I don’t even have another sport to distract myself with.  Hockey is my favorite sport by a longshot.  Basketball playoffs haven’t started yet.  Also I am a Cubs fan, so distracting myself with baseball is probably a doomed and depressing endeavor.

I’ll take a pass on the Nashville bling, but I’m willing to root for them to lay the smack down on Phoenix.

I like the Orioles (because my dad grew up in Baltimore), so I normally don’t have much luck in the Baseball department either. But they aren’t doing too terrible this year. And the local team is actually doing pretty well. The joke used to be “Go Tigers! And take the Lions with you!” But now not even the Lions are a comically crappy team, so my sports humor is ruined.

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