News Appetizers: At Least They Serve Cocktails

Persephekittens and Persephecaboodles, salutations, and welcome back to another teeth-grinding, moral-punching, and soppy-biscuit-type-of-day news week. We always appreciate it when you stop back in to see what’s happening in our great big world since sometimes that great big world is full of ever-loving types of awful that make your head spin like the grave of my great-grandmother when she found out I could do things like vote and drink in public. Sure, the news is negative, but honey, they spin it that way. Let’s not kid ourselves, the world is a very depressing place, but here in this little corner no bigger than my tolerance for box wine, we do our very best to bring out the good from the bad, the hilarious from the hellish, and all the laughter to keep you from crying. Though baby, if you have to cry, just remember to take it outside.

Oh, we all want peas, but it’s always just out of reach. Image courtesy of eyeonspringfield.tumblr

Chief Bill R. Lee Jr, the Police Chief in the Trayvon Martin case, had his butt saved by Sanford mayor, Jeff Triplett, in a “no confidence” vote that would have effectively forced Lee to resign due to the mishandling of the Martin case. “I am not ready to have him come back and run the Police Department,” Mr. Triplett said. “But I am not ready for this, either.” This of course was met by thunderous applause from members of the crowd, as pictured in the link photo, and how very curious that the crowd is made up of all white people. What’s that saying? A picture is worth a thousand, frustrated sighs? (NY Times)

California will be voting in the November election on whether or not to end the death penalty. The measure came up for vote when more than the 504,760 valid signatures were collected. From Al Jazeera: “If the measure is approved, the 725 California inmates now on Death Row will have their sentences converted to life in prison without the possibility of parole. It would also make life without parole the harshest penalty prosecutors can seek”¦ If passed, California would become the 18th U.S. state to eliminate the death penalty.” The state currently spends an average $4 billion per 13 executions. (Al Jazeera)

Mitten’s racial justice track record is pitiful. But he is all like, “Pshaw, I don’t see color. I just happen to not like anyone who isn’t a white guy or my white wife and children.” (Colorlines)

Is the Occupy movement being hijacked? Um, why don’t you take a look and be the judge. (Al Jazeera)

¡ Viva La Co-Opted Revolucion!

Which is a great question to ask, because however you may feel about the Occupy movement, it is definitely causing the Obama administration to have some serious feelings. So serious that the administration passed the said “Anti-Occupy Law” (H.R. 347), the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement. “The new bill modifies a 1971 law that restricted entering or blocking public areas cordoned off by the Secret Service while a protected individual is passing through, or during major public events like the Super Bowl or party nominating conventions”¦ violators had to ‘willfully and knowingly’ enter a protected area, meaning that they knew the area was protected, and knew that it was illegal for them to be there. H.R. 347 deletes the word ‘willfully,’ meaning that prosecutors no longer need to prove that someone knew what they were doing was illegal to convict them.” (In These Times)

Y’all, Chavez is not dying. Come on U.S., staaap. We know you’re waiting with bated breath, but come on. The leader of Venezuela has been undergoing treatment to radiate a second tumor in his pelvic region. (BBC)

Has the sesame seed of revolt been planted? The dream of overthrowing the working lunch? Do you dare to dream for a bigger future where cheaply made French fries and severely underpaid workers make up the masses? That’s what the news can do to you baby, but take two of these and call me in the morning, then we will talk. So until next week, baby loves and lovelesses, when the news looks frightening and insults your intelligence, just remember, life is short, and while you have to fight the good fight, you also have to love yourself and others, because certainly no one from the justice department is gonna. I bid you adieu, fair-fighting French fry lovers, and until next time, “Viva la sesame seed revolucion!”

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I was also confused by this. Not to make light of it but it makes me think of trying to break up with someone, and their refusal to accept the breakup. Also shouldn’t a police force have a succession plan? They obviously couldn’t forsee this horrible situation, but shouldn’t they have been prepared to replace him? What if something had suddenly happened to him or if he’d abruptly resigned?

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