Overwhelmed With Stuff

Recently, my house has been driving me nuts. It is time for spring cleaning. Christmas and two birthdays have passed, now the new toys need a space! Even our very own Persephone Room is getting a makeover.In my research, I have seen some really cool ideas. showed me how to use bins in the pantry. I love it. Maybe I need to get a shelf in the garage so that I can have a pantry to use this idea on. My house is small and boxy with an extreme lack of storage space. So I am on the path for change, my change. It is time to purge, de-clutter, and organize.


Step One: Purge

Maybe you have heard, “if you don’t know the contents of the box, toss it. You don’t need it.” I can’t go to that extreme because I followed that advice and now don’t have the baby book for my son. NOT MY FAULT. A random item may end up in a weird place when you don’t have cupboards or cabinets. A box is your best friend when surprise company show up on your doorstep. Not the best way, I admit, but I have utilized this trick. So, open the box, look and toss if nothing catches your eye. Of course many things will. Just be strong. If you haven’t needed it in a year (Christmas stuff is used once a year. But if you purge in January, you used it just last month!), toss it or give it away.

If you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it. Don’t keep sweaters that may fit. Toss items that have needed repair for a while. Chances are, if you haven’t mended it yet, you are not going to do so. If your favorite skirt is way too big or way too small, grab the chance to find a new favorite. I purchased an adorable denim a-line skirt I found on clearance with an additional 50% off. Can you see why I have to purge periodically? Shopping, no closet space, and a small house don’t mix.

Step Two: De-Clutter

This step is very similar to the first; you get rid of stuff. But de-clutter means the little items on your shelves, the extra books on the floor, the multiple cake pans in random shapes. De-cluttering takes into account your space and making it eye pleasing. The more things on a shelf or in a house, the smaller it feels and the more dusting you have to do. (But if you have the cool swifter duster, life is so much easier.)

Nicknacks and collectables are cool. We all have them, we all “need” them. But there has to be a limit.

Step Three: Organize

This is the step where the adorable organizers come in. There are so many GREAT ideas for organizing. I put my son in a loft bed, took out the twin bed, and placed his desk and legos (on a shelf) under the loft. I am still amazed at the space.

Here is my goal for my closet:

Martha Stewart Closet organizer from Home Depot

I think it will really solve my lack of space problem. Can’t you just envision all the clothes neatly hung up on the multiple bars provided?

 I love this idea from Shoe Organizer turned Car Caddy – from Decor-organize Crafts via It isn’t for the house, but it helps with the overwhelming clutter feel.

A re-purposed dollar store shoe organizer.

I love my IKEA baskets that I bought eight years ago, originally as a dresser idea for my son. I have a large squares and smaller squares. Two large and one small or three small fit perfectly on the bookshelf! Now they serve whatever capacity I find for them. But they are still in GREAT shape. I think I need another trip just to get more great organizing ideas. My daughter’s room is vomiting clothes. (I need to purge all the smaller sizes.)

What great affordable ideas are you finding to organize?

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What I’ve discovered is that vertical storage is a great solution when running out of space. Pegboards can be used for all kinds of things. Lifting beds can also help. We jacked up our queen so that we have about 15″under the frame for storage. Since our current place is small, it really helps!

To me, “purge” is the most important. I don’t let myself dwell on those decisions for very long; if I want it to go, it goes. I make the trip to Goodwill on the same day so I don’t have a chance to change my mind! It’s much easier to organize things when there’s not so much stuff.

I’ve been a massive purging spree myself. One of the anti-hoarding books I read said the same thing you did — take the stuff to the donation bin the same day. I think Beau suspects I’m a mad woman, but bundling all those bags off and out of the house just feels so good.

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