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Recap: Justified, Episode 3.11, “Measures”

Justified usually takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to naming individual episodes. After watching this one I’m going to guess that “Measures” refers to Quarles and a coffin”¦ as in, he’s fixin’ to get measured for one.

We pick up the morning after the Gunfight at the Justified Corral. Duffy is showing a bit of wariness around crazy-as-a-loon Quarles, who has a shot of morning bourbon and takes off to parts undisclosed with nothing more than an “I’ll be back in a couple of hours” and a few shots at Duffy’s manhood.

Raylan, meanwhile, is feeling all honorable and shit after his night in the sheets with Lindsey. When he meets her setting up the bar downstairs he starts to wind up for one of those “it’s not you, it’s me” speeches only to get cut off when she makes her own speech and basically tells him she’s a grown ass woman, doesn’t regret the sex and intends to have more of it with him. No sooner does she go to the back room than two slick looking dudes stroll in – okay, really one greasy looking young guy and one big bad old guy, but you get my drift – and right away, Raylan makes them as being from Detroit and figures they’ve been sent to take him out. Young greasy guy immediately tries to prove his balls are bigger than Raylan’s and gets slammed face-first in the bar for his trouble. Before old bad guy can join in the fight, Lindsey returns and the Detroit men make the wise decision to fight again another day and leave.

Raylan and Art
They just go together like peas and carrots.

In the office later that morning, Art tries to help Raylan pretty up the report he has to file because he discharged his weapon. Predictably, Art is not happy to hear that the bartender (Lindsey) can’t be used as a witness to Quarles’ having threatened a U.S. Marshal because, once again, Raylan has had sex with a witness to a federal crime. (Raylan is a bad bad boy.) He sends Raylan to pick up Quarles anyway, figuring they can use the bar full of patrons as witnesses but decides to ride along himself as backup.

Outside the federal pen, Errol is waiting for Dickie to be released. He whistles the former convict over and tries once more to pass off the cooler containing what remains of Mags Bennett’s money. Dickie refuses to accept it, holding out for everything and insinuating that he’ll be telling all and sundry that Ellstin Limehouse is a cheat and a thief. For that threat, he gets a slap across the face and a warning from Errol – and then an offer of a ride back to Harlan County. Dickie decides he’ll just take a cab instead and limps off. Watching all of this are Tim and Rachel (yay!), who stick around to follow Dickie’s cab.

As it turns out, the errand that took Quarles away for a couple of hours turns out to be a visit to former-Sheriff Napier, who is busy cleaning out his office. Quarles isn’t there to help him pack: he wants the money he used to fund Napier’s losing election back. When he hears the money is gone, Quarles threatens the sheriff into coughing up the name of a local drug dealer he can rob of both his money and his product. To add a little extra frosting, Quarles wants a drug dealer who also pays Boyd Crowder money for protection against just such an occurrence.

Dickie’s taxicab from the federal pen has delivered him to his mother’s old store in Harlan where he waits for Rodney, the Memphis drug lord who turned down Boyd’s moldy weed a few weeks back. Dickie makes Rodney a different type of business proposition – he wants the old man’s help getting his money out of Limehouse. Rodney just rolls his eyes at Dickie’s plans to storm Nobles Holler but offers to make some calls and see if he can find out where the money might be hidden. He’s willing to help in return for a cut of the money, but insists Dickie get his shit in gear first.

At Johnny’s bar, the Boyd & Ava crew are discussing how best to have Dickie meet his demise, which Arlo wants to come after Dickie suffers for a bit. They know Dickie is being followed, though so Boyd sends Johnny out to reassess the situation.

Raylan and Art are also heading out about then to find Quarles and arrest him, an event which Art is pretty sure will lead to someone getting shot. Not the least of his worries is that it might be him!

Wherever they might go to look for Quarles a safe bet is that they’re not headed to the home of one very unfortunate local dealer and that’s where the Detroit man just happens to be. He pretends to be a somewhat stupid, naive user looking for his next fix before he shoots the dealer’s bodyguard with his nifty little sleeve gun and then beats the dealer to a bloody pulp with the scabbard of a katana.

Still watching Dickie, Rachel and Tim are parked outside Mags’ store and after Dickie leaves they approach Rodney to discuss how he can serve his country. Of course, that discussion also involved Rachel kicking one of Rodney’s goons in the balls and Tim sneaking up behind everyone else with a gun while she discusses the pros and cons of the death penalty but hey, that’s a discussion, right?

Dickie Bennett needs a haircut
I have no words for this hair.

Speaking of having something to discuss, Dickie pays a visit to Ellen May. Women running from men have always found a safe haven in Nobles Holler and he figures she might have some friends who’ve taken advantage of that safety and those friends might have heard talk about where Limehouse hides his money. She tells Dickie an old story about Limehouse burying his money beneath a church in Nobles Holler and when Dickie scoffs, says that Trixie saw the money with her own eyes. In return for this bit of information, Ellen May tells Dickie that when he becomes King of the Harlan Underworld, she wants to be his queen. (Raise your hand if you want to see a spin off of the Adventures of Dickie and Ellen May! I do! I do!)

Parked outside Duffy’s RV, Raylan and Art see the two hired guns sent by Theo Tonin drive up. Raylan suddenly remembers to mention the visit the men had paid him that morning which earns him a lecture on impending fatherhood – and living to actually see his child – from Art.

Johnny returns to Boyd and Ava to report the bad news that the drug dealers have been killed.

In Duffy’s RV, the Detroit men are unhappy because not only did they not find Quarles at the bar they did find Raylan. Feeling a bit threatened, Duffy pulls out his own guns and starts talking about making a deal. Even though the Detroit men don’t pull their guns in return, they do have a disgusting story about Theo Tonin and a human ear he carries around with him which was (IMO) more terrifying.

Standing over the dead drug dealers, Boyd shows that he’s been paying attention to all of the crime shows on TV today. He pulls on a pair of work gloves and, noticing that everything has been doused with bleach, sends Johnny to look for any in the house. He figures if the killer brought the bleach with him, he’s a pro instead of just an out-of-control addict. He also has the neighbor who saw the bodies brought in and more than just having seen the bodies, she saw the man who did it. Once she describes the killer as a man whose brilliant blue eyes make him look like a husky, Boyd knows who is responsible.

Dickie comes back to Rodney with the information about Limehouse hiding his money beneath the church in Nobles Holler. Unfortunately for Dickie, Rodney decides he’s greedy, not suicidal, and refuses to help any further. Also unfortunately for Dickie, Rodney’s cell phone is on and transmitting the entire conversation to a listening Rachel and Tim.

Finding out that Quarles killed the dealers sends Boyd to pay his own visit to Sheriff Napier. Faced with the choice of telling Boyd about Quarles or having a letter opener jammed up his nose, Napier picks door number one. Smart man.

Dickie has made a choice of his own and is in the middle of accepting the $46,000 from Errol when Rachel and Tim crash the party, confiscating the money as funds illegally obtained and holding both Dickie and Errol while a warrant is issued for a search of Nobles Holler.

Duffy and the men from Detroit, now one big happy family working to bring Quarles down, sneak into the room Quarles rented. He isn’t there but when they search the room looking for him they find Donovan in the bathroom, bound and gagged and chained to the toilet. Outside keeping watch, the older of the Detroit men is arrested by Raylan and Art. The two marshals then bust into Quarles’ room and find Duffy, his guy, the young Detroit guy and Donovan, who is immediately used as a shield by the thug from Detroit. For a change it’s Art instead of Raylan who shoots the guy in the leg, freeing Donovan. Somewhere in all of that Raylan and Art figure out that the men have been sent to kill Quarles, not Raylan and all the while, sitting in his car outside, Quarles watches everything go down. Unnoticed, he drives away.

Running out of options, Quarles tries to get Limehouse to take the drugs off his hands and allow him to hide out in Nobles Holler. Limehouse, however, is not a drug dealer and he sends Quarles packing with instructions to come back when he has something Limehouse will accept – namely, money. Fortuitously, Quarles receives a call from Sheriff Napier who suggests that a whorehouse called Audrey’s will happily buy the drugs. Lest we forget that Audrey’s is now owned and run by Ava – and thus by Boyd – Boyd himself is sitting in Napier’s office listening to the former Sheriff make the call.

Wynn Duffy and his eyebrows
May I introduce you to Duffy's eyebrows?

Duffy is doing what Duffy does best which is take care of Duffy. He calls up the big man himself, Theo Tonin, and offers to take over the business that Quarles fucked up. Tonin decides to give Duffy a chance to prove he’s worthy of that opportunity and tells Duffy if he can deliver Quarles himself, he’ll earn some cash ($100,000 dead, $200,000 if he’s alive) and the opportunity to take over where Quarles left off.

Quarles arrives at Audrey’s and is sent to one of the trailers where, instead of the brothel’s owner, he meets two of the hookers. Before he can really question them, he gets a call from Duffy who mentions he’d been held for the last couple of hours by the U.S. Marshals. Quarles is unsurprised and reports that he was parked outside and saw not only Raylan but the men sent from Detroit so he knows Tonin wants him dead. Hiding in the back of the trailer Boyd overhears enough to know there’s a money-making opportunity here. He brings Quarles down with a taser and then has a little chat with Duffy in which they decide they are now partners in the impending demise of Robert Quarles.

Turnabout being fair play, Raylan helps Art fill out the paperwork required because Art fired his weapon. Art suggests he help Rachel and Tim search the church in Nobles Holler for Mags’ money but Raylan blows him off by telling him that’s an old wives’ tale and instead, heads down to Harlan to have his own conversation with Sheriff Napier. Geez, that dude is having a busy day!

Standing guard over Dickie and Errol and the cooler full of money, Rachel and Tim get a phone call notifying them their search warrant has been issued and leave. Left alone, Dickie tries to convince Errol to tell him where Limehouse really keeps his money. Instead, Errol reveals his own plans to get rid of Limehouse and take over Nobles Holler but in order to do that, he and Dickie will need help – from Boyd Crowder.

Duffy and Boyd are partners? Holy shit.
Dickie and Errol and Boyd on one team? My mind, she is blown.

Raylan Givens
Raylan, looking all Raylanish


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One nit to pick–the scabbard with which Quarles beats Dealer #2 to death belongs to a katana–and one hells-yeah: I would watch the HECK out of “The Adventures of Dickie and Ellen May”! Earl Scruggs has passed away, may he R in P, but maybe Béla Fleck would banjo it up for us.

My absolute favorite part of this amazing episode: when Quarles blames Dead Dealer #2 for inconsiderately spattering his blood on Quarles’s tie while, you know, being bludgeoned: “What a dick!!” Probably the funniest line delivery since waaay back in season the one thief complimented the other on her ill-gotten boob job–“Oh, they’re real nice!” “Why thank you!



I made a mental note that Nobles Holler was a safe haven, but the significance of this didn’t really sink in until I read your recap. Limehouse probably has some surprising allies in the civilian population as a result.  Also, on the same topic, the exchange between Raylan and Limehouse about the former’s mother was brilliant, although I can’t remember if it was in this episode.

Nobles Holler has a basis in fact (or legend, depending on your point of view).  One of the things that makes Justified so great is how they weave this stuff into the story line.  Like the “next one’s coming faster” line from Raylan when he threw that bullet at Gary.  That line really did come from a Johnny Carson show, and Raylan said as much when he was telling the story behind his fingerprints on the casing.

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