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Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.02, “Dirty Little Secrets”

My goodness, things move fast in this show! Feels like 24 without bombs. Try to keep up and keep everyone straight:

Olivia Pope: The one to call if there is a problem

Stephen Finch: Just got engaged with Olivia’s pushing. He works hard

Harrison Wright: Gladiator in a suit

Quinn Perkins: New girl, asking lots of questions

President Fitzgerald Grant: The president of the free world

Huck: Computer guy, single name gives it all way.

Cyrus Bean: Right hand man to the president

Abby Whelan: Spunky cute redhead that does the dirty work”¦ but wears gloves.

David Rosen: The Law

The opening scene has Olivia watching a news recap about judicial nominations with an unidentified woman asking her lots of personal questions. Woman points out, “You made him,” when the news switches to the president. Knowing the tension between Olivia and the president, this is probably not something she really wants to hear.

Meanwhile, Abby and Huck are in the home grabbing everything, while talking to Olivia on the phone. “Did you get the photo albums?”

Olivia also gets a visitor at her door to arrest Sharon, the client. Phew, now we know the unknown woman in the room: New York’s finest madame.

David explains,

“I am the law and the law is me. I wear the white hat. You are a pain in my ass.”

Olivia responds, “My black hat is a bigger than your white hat.” Heee”¦ we’re goin’ to have ourselves an old-fashioned shoot out. The law leaves, unhappy, but he leaves.

The president brags about his nomination to the Supreme Court: “I am about to change the face of American law.” Cyrus is more serious: “How much trouble are we in?” (We could so get into a political debate about the role of a Supreme Court justice, but I won’t.)

“This is not a discussion we are going to have.” Fitzgerald sternly tells Cyrus. Really, shouldn’t you have thought of that before you got into this situation?

But nice, kind Cyrus just reminds him, “I’m on your side.” Hmm”¦

Meanwhile, Sharon gives the team the madame’s list and they have printed off a picture of each man. They are putting every face up on the windowed wall, in bold beautiful color. If only they could see themselves, each man would be so proud. It is a “who’s who of Washington.” (I assume they mean D.C. No one thinks of Washington state in these moments.) Olivia notices the new Supreme Court nominee that the president is about to officially announce and runs out of the room.

We get a camera click for transition to the White House. What a great way to make you think of paparazzi and the press, since Pope isn’t allowed in like the paparazzi. But she gets in with the White House press secretary. She warns Cyrus of the name on the list and suggests the president get a back up candidate. “This is a dirty little secret and dirty little secrets come out.”

Quinn was sent to the hospital to watch Amanda, whom we met last week when she accused the President of having an affair with her and who subsequently attempted suicide. While watching through the window, a cute guy starts up a conversation and asks questions.

“Gideon, what news outlet do you work for?”

“D.C. Sun.”

I could have spotted that one a mile away. Good for Quinn – her first success. But while she walks away to call Olivia about Gideon, Amanda escapes. Oops, so much for not allowing her to leave your sight.

The Law (sorry, it just reminds me of a Stallone movie, “I AM THE LAW”) comes in with his warrant and takes kind grandma Sharon away in cuffs. Keating, the hopeful Supreme Court justice, with his wife, chooses this moment to walk in to confront Olivia’s concern. So she quickly stops to talk to them. Keating is adamant about his innocence, but aren’t they all?

Quinn runs back to the office and stops to talk to Hutch. “I lost a person.”

“Did you check their home?” Duh, home. She turns around and heads out to find her missing person. Olivia catches her and says she is going with to fix this. In walks the Law, again. They have two hours to turn over the list. Yikes, how will Olivia help her client this time?

Olivia and Abby knock on Amanda’s door. Amanda gets Olivia to state, “You were telling the truth,” and then tells the two to go away and leave her alone.

“You want to be alone? You will never be alone again. I can help you if you will let me.” Amanda repeats her request and shuts the door. Olivia has Quinn write her cellphone number on a card and slide it under the door.

“How do you know she is going to call?”

“Because I am very good at my job.”

We get a peek at a private conversation. Abby is concerned about men wanting to pay for sex but Olivia is amazing with the complete lack of judgment. “Everyone has secrets. Most of them aren’t pretty.” Abby tries to convince herself that she shouldn’t care she wasn’t Finch’s wife. Abby and Harrison go out to track down Stacie. They talk to women that knew her but can’t find her. So they report back to Olivia, who is staring at the wall of phtos. Light bulb! Olivia runs out again.

She visits Keating’s wife. “Stacie,” (Yep, she turns and you know Olivia was correct). Score for Olivia.

“He was my first night. I was stood up and he made me laugh.” Patrick never knew. Phew, the boy scout is still a good guy.

“You have a good life, no one lie can negate all that. But you have to tell him,” Olivia optimistically says to encourage her. Umm, are you sure about that?

Back at the wall, Olivia looks at all the pictures and states, “There is a lot of power on this wall.” Oh, another duh, another light bulb! Her team visits each gentleman and gives them a key phrase to let the man know they know. They power pull and make the problem go away.

Olivia and and the Law are sitting having a drink.

“Everyone wins, unless you’re not really a white hat and after the fame and fortune all along.”

“This is why you and I will never be friends.”

The president is slightly drunk, standing on the presidential seal because Liv, the love of his life, not his wife, won’t even talk to him. Really? What about Amanda? What about his wife?

Amanda meets Quinn, who convinces her to let Olivia help. “I was in trouble and alone. If I could have had someone. Olivia Pope wears the white hat,” she says. Hey, Amanda is Paris from Gilmore Girls!!!

They go back to the office. Just as the two start talking to Olivia, in walks Gideon. “She tried to kill herself, she lied about who she worked for, and now they are both in this office and you are Olivia Pope. I didn’t have a story but now I do.” Yikes, I can sense a tension between Gideon and Quinn. Wonder if they will pursue anything.

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