Riding Away

It all started with a plastic tricycle with a handle. My girl was about 18 months old when she started wanting to ride this trike, or rather, have me push her around on it. 

She soon learned how to pedal, and there was one summer where, without fail, she’d grow tired from pedaling on our way around the block. At that point, she was finished riding, and I’d carry her trike back home in one hand, while pushing her brother’s stroller in the other.

From there she started on a tiny two-wheeled bike with training wheels, and around the same time she got a three-wheeled scooter. By this time, she had more endurance and could make it around the block, but I could still keep up with her. She started scooting around the driveway and the sidewalk, and before long, the scooter was far preferred over her bike. I wish I had installed an odometer on that thing.

This spring I noticed she was looking silly on that three-wheeled scooter. She was hunched over, and her feet were almost too big for the platform. She’s started going to the skate park, and well, she’s the only one there on three wheels.

So it was time.

This past weekend she was gifted a Razor scooter, one with two hot pink wheels. She figured out how to ride in in about three minutes, and has been scooting around ever since.

At the skate park today, she blended. She no longer stuck out as the little kid trying to hang with the older ones – today she was one of them.

I’m not going to point out that she’s still wearing her Littlest Pet Shop helmet. I think she’ll be requesting a new one soon enough.

I don’t miss carrying her bike around the block, but I’m not quite ready for her character helmet to be retired yet.

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