Summer Foods and Blackberries

I just want it to be summer time. Living in California, I have already passed peak avocado and strawberry seasons, but I have not quite gotten to raspberry and basil season. It is an uncomfortable position to be in, this weird lull before the storm of deliciousness. So today I just day-dream about all the great foods I can eat in summer.

For starters, it’ll be time to put raspberries on everything. Raspberry smoothies will be the standard breakfast, unless I am particularly ambitious, and then it will be waffles with raspberries. Maybe in the evenings I could eat some chocolate ice cream with raspberries. There will be so many raspberries, I will be able to put them on my finger tips, like really messy nail polish.

For seconders, it’ll be time to explore more pastas without heavy sauces. How about some fettucini with mushrooms, olive oil, and a dash of cheese/nutritional yeast? Or scrap the mushrooms if they are too heavy and allow the “˜cini to be covered in a riot of color ““ red cherry tomatoes sliced in half, lightly wilted but shockingly green spinach, and a smattering of golden pine nuts. Pasta with all of the veggies will become a staple.

For thirders, it’ll be time to eat popsicles. Fruit juice in the freezer is amazing and lives up to the hype (unlike, in my opinion, frozen grapes, which do not ““ feel free to fight me on this one, but I know I am right).

For furthers, it’ll finely be time for fruit pies. I like blackberry. Here’s how to make a great blackberry pie filling.

  1. Take 5 cups of blackberries. Rinse them nicely and get them dry.
  2. Add in ½ cup or so of sugar (this is a little bit to taste), lemon zest, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix it up.
  3. Put it in a pie.

What summer foods are you looking forward to?

4 replies on “Summer Foods and Blackberries”

I love nutritional yeast, but it had not occurred to me to put it in noodles. This is blowing my mind right now.

Typically, I sprinkle it on my popcorn, because YUM.

I’m really looking forward to the first real bunch of peaches and nectarines we get over here in Washington. I love summer produce!

Tomatoes! My kingdom for a fresh, ripe, not at all mushy or mealy, perfectly red tomato! How much I love in-season tomatoes is balanced only by how much I hate bad tomatoes.

Also, strawberries. And broccoli.

And a plethora of things being available at my farmer’s market, rather sad trucked-in-from-far-away, past their prime veggies at my sad sad Safeway.

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