The Classical Nautical Look

I am seeing a lot of nautical inspired looks, probably because spring is here and the sun is beginning to shine. So we must all get out in our stripes, boat necks, and white pants.

This brings into consideration the white pant. How many of you wear white on the bottom? White pants, white skirt, or even white shoes. I just have a hard time with it. I love the cool Martha’s Vineyard look: wide leg white pants with a blue striped boat neck shirt. This look is soft, classic, and cool. Throw in some straw wedges and you have the perfect outfit. Such a classic outfit that you can immediately visualize. Sorry, I had trouble finding the pictures. Sarah Jessica Parker wore this style in Failure to Launch.

I would love to be able to pull this look off, but I don’t wear white. White just doesn’t work for me. As a mom of a toddler, a teacher, and a normal person living in the Pacific Northwest, white won’t stay white on me. I am not sure white stays white on anyone up here with all our rain, mud, rain, and more rain.

I try, really I do. Recently, I bought some gorgeous cream crushed velvet chords (not white, but close enough), the price was too good to pass up. I thought they would be perfect for when I teach high school. So I wore the adorable outfit: cream pants, purple ’60s inspired shirt and suede flats. Big Fail. Not the outfit, it looked great until I walked out to the METAL SHOP across the muddy parking lot. Argh, no one warned me. By the time I carefully walked across the flood, I had mud splattered up the back on my legs. Maybe I just walk wrong.

To really pull off the white you need confidence. I think the same can be said for most fashion. Be strong that you can wear it. Know you look good and it will look good all day. I never have a problem wearing green, even my green wig for a sounders game. But white, I am timid. Too many bad experiences.

How do you wear white and how do you keep your whites white?

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Ha. I’m known to embrace the ice-cream palette during the summer. White, cream and soft pinks, tops and bottoms, I’ll wear them all. And I’m no stranger to spilling red wine, strawberry cake and whatnot else all over myself at parties while dressed like that. Stains happen, who cares. (I’ve become good at removing them, too.) The important thing to remember is underwear that matches your skin tone so it won’t show through.

I do think wearing all pure white tends to look a bit strange in everyday life situations. And it’s surprisingly hard to combine pure white with other colours, as it tends to make everything else look faded or murky in comparison. Strong navy blue or electric blue are one of the few options sure to work. Cream is much easier when it comes to combining stuff.

I’m a super-pale and curvy Northwest resident who sweats a lot. Naturally, white clothing terrifies me. But lately there have been so many cute pale skirts, and I have so many sleek black and navy tees, that I’m thinking of screwing my courage to the sticking place and getting myself a white pencil skirt.

I too live in the PNW and love my white jeans. But they are not a whimsy sort of pant. You have to know the weather, the day’s travels. I typically only wear them in summer and early fall. And they are just a bit too short to touch the ground. So they do not track through mud, soil, sidewalk dirt.

The best white on bottom option is usually the a-line skirt (something with a lining and easy to wash). The second best is a well fitting capri or ankle pant. If my white jeans were any longer, I wouldn’t wear them (or they’d always be cuffed).

And then you just have to walk like you’re hot stuff. :) Cause, girl, you’re wearing white and that takes a brass vagina. Step out with pride. (and make sure your panties don’t show – if you are wearing any)

White skirts are way easier to pull off than white pants.  I have one from banana that I like.  It’s a but frilly and girly so I most likely won’t be doing anything to muck it up if I’m wearing it.  I usually buy a white shirt every spring and then spill something on it and remember why I don’t own any white shirts.  I can’t eat or drink without spilling something on myself.

White skirts and trousers do look lovely but my goodness, I would be terrified of my period springing a surprise attack.

Though having said that, there was one white skirt I had which was wearable. One, it was knee length, so wasn’t going to get mucky too easily. Second, it had lots of layers (which did something to allay the period fears) and third, it had a Broderie Anglaise type top layer which meant if there was a little muck, it didn’t look super obvious.

THIS. I know that the first time I wear them, my body is going to decide to sync up with the random woman next to me at the grocery store(seriously, I sync up with pretty much every new woman that enters my life. It is really strange.) and I will have a nasty cooch juice filled pair of pants on my hands.

You are all welcome for that visual!

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