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This OT Needs Sympathy

Dudes, is it just me, or has this week been, like, a month long?

Everyone I know has been having a fairly taxing week (pun intended for those of us in the U.S. who had to fork over some of our hard-earned dollars to the government in the last few days), so come on over, pull up a comfy chair, grab something to drink, and tell us what’s new with you. Anyone have any good news to share?

Here’s a little something awesome to kick off the evening:

By [E] Rachel

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The Blackhawks lost last night (again.)  I haven’t slept well in four nights because apparently my body has decided it hates sleep.  I have 5 assignments – mostly BIG ones – due over the course of my last six class days.  And I got blue-balled in the midst of what was, until the blue-balling, really fantastic sex last night, after not getting ANY sex last time I saw Boyfriend.  This week is the WORST.


This week has been long for me but in a very  good way which culminated with the news that I passed my Master’s comps and now have an M.A. in History! Yay me. Unfortunately that does mean I have to start figuring out what I want to do with said degree. But for now I’m gonna work on costumes for a local play and do my CSA hours and keep busy that way. Yay for being done with my studying of History!

With the risk of sounding snobbish: I wish I would know more people who care about their appearance. The motto of the Dutch is ‘Act normal, that’s enough’ but it’s also soooooo boring to always be the overdressed one because I just felt like pretty instead of the eternal jeans. I don’t need fashionista’s either, but just to share the joy of thinking an outfit through from head to accessories.

The sheer massiveness of my workload has just hit me and I feel ill. I seriously can’t wait until the afternoon of the 25th May. WAH!

Hugs and cups of tea/preferred beverage to those of you who need and want them.

Oh man. I had to buy my text books in high school. I still have a pile of them tucked in a closet in the basement. I’m pretty sure that my French textbooks will have some gems for that tumbler. I remember having a very hard time reading the practice dialogues with a straight face.

I think my lingering French vocabulary is down to “Close the door,” and “I’m sorry. I forget.” The first was told to me by the teacher quite a bit (I sat next to the door), the other was something I told the teacher quite a bit.

Ugh. I feel like if someone’s really too busy to give you an answer that requires a yes, no, or maybe, they would be too busy to have been conversing with you five seconds before you asked the question. I don’t expect immediate responses ever and would be creeped out if a guy texted me back seconds after I texted him, but…does it really take that long? It just comes off as they don’t actually want to see you but couldn’t be bothered to say so, or were waiting for something better to happen. So, I said something along the lines of I wouldn’t cry or anything if the answer was no, to cover my bases if he were the chivalrous type that doesn’t say no to girls/some bs along those lines. Then I dropped a (mostly leading) statement a day later, saying I didn’t mean it rudely. Apparently, it sounded really rude and I can’t expect second-by-second updates because homeboy’s busy. Duh. I was insulted. Again. But…it just seems off.

Being the genius I am, I apologized and explained, and my lengthy apology went unacknowledged (and said question was regarding tomorrowly plans), which just seems like he’s trying to prove a point, and it’s unkind.  Also, the last time I communicated with someone this way didn’t end well, so there’s baggage, which is annoying. You guys, either all dudes I talk to suck or I just can’t have nice things.


Well, the guy could be overthinking his reply. Or doesn’t want to look too eager, put his phone away and forget about it, therefore feeling a douche for being late and not doing anything at all any more because ‘ She must hate me now’.

Or he is a douche without all that. Or just confused about what he wants and what he thinks he should do. Sadly, there are too many options.

The first copy of Ms. Magazine I got when I was 16. I don’t remember what the cover looked like, but that was the first time I’d heard of her and that’s what I remember seeing when it happened. [I’m more of a Bust girl now, for the record.]

As of 5:43pm I started my three day weekend. I’m super excited to have some time off and have spent the early party of my time the best way I know how: with a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers. :) My life is good. Also, I rock at intubation. It’s the little things in life. :)

I had a rather tiring full day interview that while I didn’t get the job I learned a lot. I learned that I can definitely be a school librarian at a private school, now its a matter of finding the right one. Also that doing two days of four hour drives plus a full day interview makes me feel almost as jetlagged as traveling to New Zealand.

My good news is that I have a new post up on my blog about e-books which has been in my mind for a while, my taxes will be getting me a lovely big refund and soon I get to go see my family.

I love those sorts of interviews. They’re mentally and emotionally draining (especially when you add on a RIDICULOUS commute to and from them), but they reveal a few things about yourself that aren’t always apparent.

I recently had a full-day interview for a position in which we were challenged to accomplish something that, on the surface, seemed impossible–or at the very least, unreasonable. They told us that those who managed it would swim, while those who didn’t would probably not be welcome back for another interview.

I swam, which did wonders for my employability self-esteem, but like you, it just wasn’t the right place for me.

Career adventures, eh?

Best of luck on your job hunt!

Yes, at least they fed me and gave me a bed to sleep in but it was draining. I think the thing I liked the best was how completely comfortable I was with all the questions and conversations. I’ve always done better in person and this just worked. I had to teach a twenty minute lesson which I had very little prep time for but it felt like it came together and now I know i can do all of these things again. Though I also discovered that I really need to improve my professional wardrobe but I’ve known that for a bit.

This week has lasted forever! I had a panic attack that I’d forgotten to file my husband’s unemployment for the week… on Monday. I thought it was Friday already. I’ve thought it was Friday every single day this week; I keep wondering why I haven’t gotten next week’s schedule yet. My brain has melted from the weirdly hot weather.

Good news… I planted flowers the other day (with some “help” from Lexie) and made fantastic pulled pork last night.


Husband will know better than to mock me when I hit 30. I anticipate that transition being more difficult than my transition from 30 to 40. There’s something about the 20s, you know? It’s like, when they’re gone, you can’t pretend to be an irresponsible kid anymore.

I had to restrain a giggle at the all-caps SANDWICH sentence because of the sleeping mister next to me.

So not quite a literal LOL. But it wanted to be.

My ads are for the same crappy looking book, a website design place, and 20×200, the art site (which is rather well-targeted).

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