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Thursday Night Open Thread: Ladies’ Night

Sometimes, kids, you just need a living room dance party.

This mashup gets me off my ass and shakin’ it like no one’s watching (and I really hope no one’s watching), so come on in, boogie down, then tell us about your week so far.

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Also: EEEEEEEE interview Tuesday morning for the NYC Gig! (Third interview… third time’s a charm, I hope!)

Also also: There is Liver Pate in my fridge right now! I can’t eat it until tonight, but… eeeeee!

Also also also: Tonight is the group birthday party for all of my friends who are Tauruses (seriously, there’s a ton of us)! EEeeeeeee! (It’s what I made the pate for. I made two pounds of chicken livers… that might have been excessive.)

Met my friend’s new boyfriend last night, and he is lovely. Can I get a fistpump for lovely boyfriends?

Also we were in a bar that offered 4 free cocktails to all women before midnight. Four. I have no idea how they made any money.

Seriously! They weren’t fabulous cocktails but good enough for free. I also bought a €3 plate of chips and someone bought beer but they got nothing out of the rest of us for the night. I’m thinking money-laundering operation.

Last night was my first night of “I don’t want to go to sleep early because I have to work tomorrow” after a week of working every day. Hopefully it will pass. And yesterday I got an invite for a job interview. It doesn’t sound very exciting and it pays less than what I’m doing right now but it will enable me to move back to boyfriend freckle again. So I’ll just go and see.

GRRRRR!  I have been working like 13 hour days all week and every time I sit down to catch up on Persephone I think, “Well, fuck.  I don’t have six hours to read through everything I want to read!  FUCKERDAMN!” 

So here I am popping in to say hey, my freaking kid still won’t stay in his bed, my job pretty much sucks, I have a marvelous crazy-cat-lady-co-worker story that I am DYING to share, I have no idea how any of you are (and I hate that) and I am desperate to catch up on everything that has been going on with you all this week provided I can get 6-8 hours this weekend to myself.  Sincerely hope you all are well and can’t wait to time travel this weekend via the Previous Entries button.

Guys, I have ONE MORE CLASS in law school.  ONE MORE.  And then final exams.  That I don’t really care about because I am in the top 20% of my class, and really can’t drop below the top 1/3 no matter how badly I screw up.  I’M GONNA BE A LAWYER!!!!!  :D  And my boss met the woman who does HER job but in Indiana, and is giving me the hookup.  Best part?  This woman used to be a higher up in a firm I’m really interested in.  AND she used to do labor and employment, which is what I want to do!  Possible interview connections?  I hope so!

I had cheese and crackers because there was herbs and sundried tomatoes IN THE CHEESE. Worth it at the time, but oh man… I apologized repeatedly to the future mister. Granted I kept laughing really hard about it. It helps to act like you’re still 10 sometimes when you’re lactose intolerant…

My week so far has had some major highs and lows.

I was advised that a new job opportunity with a company I love may be on the horizon (in a very serious way), but I also haven’t had five minutes to myself to go work out or play video games or cook something wonderful, which always leaves me feeling sad and deflated.

I plan on getting a glass of wine for tonight and relaxing in front of the TV at some point, no matter how late it might be when I do so.

As much as I would love a dance party night.. I have to study for my final exam tomorrow. I’m so close to being done for the  quarter, and I couldn’t be more in need of a trip home. But tomorrow, I will dance with abandon in the weekend open thread. /happy sigh.

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