Ways to Staycation

I think the term “Staycation” was coined by someone who was a bit jealous of Spring Break trips and wanted to make a week at home more fun. We tend to take advantage of events going on around town, but I wanted to kick it up a notch this week since it’s Spring Break and all.

Here’s what Spring Break 2012 looks like at the Sally J house:

1) Stay up late! It doesn’t work for all kids, but if yours can handle a slightly later bedtime, this is a free way to score some cool parent points.

2) Extra TV/Wii time. We run a pretty tight ship when it comes to screen time during the school week. Between school work and other obligations, there can be days where they don’t watch TV or play videogames at all (gasp!). This week, I’m letting them gorge on Mario Kart.

3) Favorite food treats. When we are on vacation, there are usually a few more desserts and a few less vegetables, so this week we’re doing the same, just at our dining room table.

4) One fun outing a day. We’ll see how this one goes. I’m working from home this week (the real reason behind the Wii marathon), but I’m making it a point to do one fun thing every afternoon. So far, we’ve been to the Nature Preserve, a children’s museum and a library program.

For the grown-ups, we’re making a point to enjoy more grown-up beverages in the evenings, and I’ve scheduled a much-anticipated free mani/pedi (I won it in October, it’s sad that it’s taken me 6 months to schedule it, really). I’m lounging a little longer in my jammies, and using paper plates for a few meals.

We won’t have tan lines when we go back to reality on Monday, but hopefully we’ll all be a little more recharged! How do you make a break in routine special without actually going on vacation?

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The Netflix/Wii binges and staying up a little later are great kid treats, I agree. We don’t have a really firm routine around here during regular weeks, apart from having my daughter do her homework right when she gets home because otherwise we might BOTH get distracted and forget, but she’s still at the age (8) where school is still mostly fun for her, so she doesn’t mind.

We’re not doing much of anything over her spring break, but she’s asked to go play at the park. As long as the weather holds, I’m sure we will.


But actually, we’re being those jerks who are going out of town the week after spring break. We’re going to Spokane so I can attend some literary festival things, and we still own a house there (who wants to buy a house?) so the mister is coming to do some more sprucing, and so the kids are coming along. But it’s only 2 more days of school, and my daughter’s only in 2nd grade, so it’s fine.

And it’ll sort of be like camping because there’s no furniture in the house and the water’s turned off so the pipes won’t burst when it gets cold. But hey, at least we’ll be sleeping on new carpet and it’s free.

If we go anyway, it tends to be before or after the official Spring Break as well! I’m sure the kids will love “camping” in your empty house!! Last year, my daughter missed a whole week of kindergarten, because we went on vacation in May- I’m with you, not that big of a deal at all :) Enjoy your trip!


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