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We Try It: Trichomania, Lush Solid Shampoo

I have weird hair. It’s been a constant battle to learn new, inventive ways to keep myself from looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket or bathed in an oil slick. Right around the age of 12, when all things awkward start unveiling themselves for the world and unkind middle-schoolers to see, I got curly hair; I mean ringlets. Since I’m kind of a redhead, that meant lots and lots of teasing. In my early 20s, one of my former roommates told me that I looked like Bozo the Clown after getting stuck in the misty rain one summer evening; I’m terrified of clowns. Now, in my late 20s, I’m still reluctant to let the curls go for more than just aesthetic reasons. I don’t wash my hair often because if I did, it would turn into hay. If I leave it curly, I’d have to at least wet it every day then wait hours for it to dry because blow-dryers make it freak out and fly in every possible direction. Usually, the only way to win is to wash and blow-dry every three or so days so I don’t lose my patience and just shave it all off.

This shaved head is not what I want
Shaving my head would be a mistake.

I’ve consulted stylists for over ten years on how to deal with hair that seems to be such a paradox. Some shampoo and conditioner combinations turn my locks into a fine, lifeless, greasy drag, where others make it dry, fluffy, and frizzy. Products beyond a bit of styling cream are a crapshoot and weather changes all the odds. I stopped into Lush the other day to ask for a suggestion and the kind person at the counter gave me a sample of Trichomania, which is a solid shampoo made mostly from coconut (note: it was a sample, therefore I didn’t pay for it, but it wasn’t given to me for the purpose of this review).

Coconut tree, courtesy of Photobucket
It's all about the coconuts.

I love the name because it sounds like I might be able to actually “trick” the “mania,” which is my mess of hair (one can hope!). The shampoo smells amazing (like most Lush products), yet it’s subtle enough that I didn’t feel overly perfumed by it. As for its practical side, since my hair is pretty thick and long, it did feel like it took a long time to get enough of a lather to actually cover the roots, which is a drawback if your hot water isn’t unlimited or you’re in a hurry. The plus side is that it rinsed quickly and doesn’t seem to leave a residue behind, just moisture.

After I blow dried it straight, I was impressed with the result. My hair kept its body, but didn’t feel dried out like straw; it was shiny and manageable with only a bit of frizz in the usual spots, which I’ve come to accept as a part of any good hair day. Even the ends, which are the most damaged, felt softer than usual and didn’t look like they’d been through countless heat battles. I’m not crazy about the solid shampoo idea, but considering how well it worked on my fickle hair, I’ll definitely keep trying it.

So, dear readers, what hair issues to you struggle with? Have you found any worthwhile remedies?

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Nice that it works, but Trichomania is one unappealing product name. Sounds like something that leads one to a trichobezoar.

I’ve got long, curly hair, and no budget nor bathroom space for experimenting much, so I just stick with what works, lately that’s been Urtekram seaweed shampoo, and their camomile conditioner. A leave-in spray helps, too, but it’s pretty hard to find anything in that department that doesn’t have silicone, glycols or parabens.

My real haircare issue though are the hairdressers. No sucky product I’ve tried (and that includes the heat screen that got sticky and smelled like burning raspberry syrup when used with straighteners)  has done anywhere near as much damage as a hairdresser who won’t listen when I tell what exactly doesn’t work for me and why.

I’ve never had a hair stylist recommend a product that worked for my hair. Honestly, most have them have gotten a little bug-eyed when they realized how difficult mine would be; it looks so innocent at first. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you :).

Sounds like you have my hair  (or I yours, depends on who was here first ;)). Although I’m more edging on the side of Brave’s Meridia’s hair than ringlets. I use ‘styling’ products for afros and wash my hair every three days with a neutral, perfume-free shampoo. Recently I started using a leave-in condtioner and I really really like the result. My curls are extra curly but don’t stand out in every direction and there is no more ..frizzy layer.

So, do you wear your hair curly? If so, what do you do on the days you don’t wash it? Mine starts to dread in some places and get flat and weird in others? If I put too much stuff in it without washing, it turns to slimy chaos. I’m intrigued.

I finally caved to Lush a couple weekends ago after literally a decade of wanting to try it, and I LOVE love love the Ocean Salt face scrub. That stuff plus drinking lots of water have pretty much eliminated my stupid acne.  I also got “I Love Juicy” shampoo, which is magical for my ridiculously greasy hair. It makes it look really shiny gives it body!

The problem with Trichomania is that it makes me think of Tricomoniasis, which is really just a testament to how much of my life is occupied by thinking about STDs (I’m in the health sciences, it’s not recreational!).

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