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Wednesday Night OT: Getting Over the Mid-week Slump

Is it just me, or do Wednesdays just drag on forever? They are usually one of my long days at work, and when I get home, I’m just ready for my jammies and comfy socks. As we dream of the weekend, the summer, and just thoughts of getting away from it all, here’s a little something to get you through the mid-week slump:


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I just wanted to share this: ‘Think what you want about making babies. Believe in demons. Pray to a goat. So long as it doesn’t bruise me, why should I bother myself?’

Fictional character in The Wise Man’s Fear (Patrick Rothfuss). Or how fic characters can understand what many real people can’t.

This is one of those weeks where I have thought that every day was Friday, and then when I found out it wasn’t I had a sad.

Also, my BFF from kindergarten (yes I just used BFF seriously) is getting married Saturday and I’m standing up in her wedding and I AM SUPER ESSITE! But also super stressed.  I’ll be busy with wedding stuff from tomorrow right after work until Sunday morning.

BUT WEDDING!  And her family is super fun and I know it’ll be a huge part.  EXCITING!

So, I live in the biggest city in this country – a sprawling kind, with plenty of greenery/unused land, as we’ve got pretty low population density. Which is lovely for taking long walks, as I tend to do in the evenings. Never had any problems. A couple of days ago however, there were reports of bear sightings in a nearby part of town… and it turns out the place where it was last seen was right there in one of the more wild green areas I always walk through. O_o

A freaking 150-kilo bear, estimated at 1 or 2 years old. Not seen for a couple of days and presumed either to have gone back to whence it came or, more likely, dead of stress by now, but I’m still feeling a bit more apprehensive about taking that route than usually. I’ve seen foxes and whatnout out there and liked it, but a bear would be a bit much for me.

This list of 200 Reasons Not to Leave Dublin could also be 200 reasons to visit. I love it. Personal favourites:

5. The Iveagh Gardens: The only city centre park that seems to enforce some kind of nebulous door policy, the Iveagh Gardens are the other good thing the Guinness family gave to the city.

12. Statues with derisory names: It’s difficult to imagine any piece of public art in Dublin that wouldn’t be mercilessly bullied by the citizens. If the Lady Liberty was here, it’d be called The Clown In The Crown.

16. Common hatred of Bono: Not only do people in other countries often consider Bono to be a talented, respectable superstar, they actually presume that you do too. But your fellow citizens know the truth.

130. Sea salt and brown bread ice cream from Murphy’s

150. Toilets of everywhere else: Seán Ó Faoláin once claimed that the short story was the medium of the Irish. He is wrong, of course. The medium of the Irish is the door and wall of the toilet cubicle, where the drunken poets of the nation conduct their salons.

50. Polish things

The arrival of Polish people, with their good genes and Irish-compatible personalities, led to decent cheap beer and a whole shops worth of stuff that seem like they might be worth a try at least.

This made me giggle. As someone who grew up in an area full of Polish things they are indeed a plus to any area. With any luck you might start seeing paczki on Fat Tuesday, pirogi (double bonus if you can find fruit ones, not just the savory flavors), and some of the more excellent Polish sausages. (I tend to navigate the different neighborhoods of Detroit by my stomach, I admit.)

Also I really want to go back and visit Dublin again now. Time to start saving my pennies.

Yesterday was rough. Though I have to say, finding a certain editor’s Etsy store was a delightful way to spend some time yesterday and escape a little of the chaos (not nasty chaos, just annoying chaos). Felt like a long time before Juniper Junior went to bed and I could crash out on the sofa with some cheesecake and tea. But that’s not Wednesday’s fault. However, Thursday? We’re that bit closer to the weekend!! HUZZAH!

In retail, there’s no such thing as weekends, so they’re just meh. And I’ve usually run out of ideas for dinner by then. Tonight I made two dinners bc future mister preferred chicken nuggets and pierogies to the linguine with mushroom spinach Alfredo I was making. Moar for me bc it was delish!

Eeeeee I am going wedding dress shopping this weekend! With someone I just met, who was like “I really need to get this done,” and I was like “Yo, I seriously love helping people find special occasion clothing. Let’s do this!”

Super excited!

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