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Another week and more anime episodes to watch. This week, Ozma comes to an end. Fate/Zero, Eureka Seven AO, and Accel World have nice second and third episodes. Jormungand become interesting and Tsuritama became slightly boring.

Jormungand ep 2

Hysterical girl! That’s the word I was looking for last week to describe Koko. So fitting. She’s still creepy as hell, and totally nuts too.

Koko smiling
This is her normal smile

So we get to meet another weapons dealer and his “support” team of 2 people. Everybody seems to know Koko and friends quite well. One of the support team members is a total nutcase who only wants to kill people and to fight Valmet. The crazy girl ends up being lectured by Valmet after a short fight. Valmet is an awesome fighter.

Koko is also very scared of getting “new orders” from a group of people who just go trap in a new war. Or maybe they started it; it’s hard to say. I guess she’s not in it for the money, either that or she doesn’t like people fighting over the pipeline or killing journalists and civilians trying to escape the area. That said, the reason she gives is that it’s going to end in a few days so it’s not worth it. This was a funny episode two; well, Koko made some funny reaction shots and decisions.

Ozma ep 6

The end!
Ozma really has the shape of a whale. A big mechanical sperm whale and it end up eating Maya, Sam and Mimay. The Bardanos crew saying: “They got eaten” all at the same time is pretty funny.

So Ozma was harvesting lifeforms for Maya and awaiting her decision of what to do with it. It’s basically a terraforming device shaped like a whale. Neat!

I knew it, the General is another megalomaniac. The guy doesn’t see that his species is dying out and he’s trying to destroy any possibilities that somebody else survives if things don’t go his way. I can’t believe his underlings are following him. He’s a mad man. He also ends up pissing Ozma off…really badly.

Poor Bainas, I guess somebody has to have the “not so happy” ending. Also, how exactly are they going to exist in that place now?
I’m still thinking the show could have done with twice the episodes, if only to flesh out some of the characters a bit more and avoid so much info-dumping in this episode.

Fate/Zero ep 15

This episode’s quality seems to be above the previous one. Really nice animation here. That monster has way too many tentacles.

Saber facing Caster's monster
Believe it or not, there was no tentacle rape in this episode.

So Rider take Caster’s baby into his reality marble and this gives about 10 minutes to Saber, Lancer, Eri and Velvet to come up with a plan. This plan actually requires Lancer to free Saber from the curse by breaking one of his lances. Saber can now use her anti-forteress phantasm.

We get to see Excalibur for a bit and so does Berseker (aka Lancelot) who then stops playing with Archer and starts to attack Saber.  Archer isn’t too happy, but Berseker shot his plane rather easily. I guess he was really just playing with him in the previous episode. Excalibur! That sword is so overpowered. Although, now Archer thinks Saber is desirable and Rider pities her because she can only live by her ideals.

Tsuritama ep 2

The dance in the opening is a bit weird. The dance in the episode is, too, and it’s apparently the town official dance. That’s just scary. So Haru got a sister and she has awful taste in clothing, but seems to not be as insane. We also learn what the aliens want. They want to find a fish, hence trying to make Yuki learn fishing. They need it to return to their planet, or so they say. Oh, and save the Earth in the process.

This show is just so weird. A goose called Tapioca, really? A 25 year-old joining a teenager class and the school doesn’t object? And it seems that Yuki’s grandmother is sick. I smell the drama already.

Eureka Seven AO ep 2

Ao is a pretty good pilot for somebody who has never done that before. Although, his “plane” is autonomous and can do thing by itself too, I guess that helps.

His hair turned blue! Now everybody knows he’s from “somewhere” else. We get to see more of Generation Blue too. They are the International squad responsible of handling the G-Monsters. The squad is made of teenage girls…

Not much to say here besides the standard introduction for the main character mecha and his “future” allies.

Accel world ep 3

Princess against Chiyu. That face off is all sorts of wrong. Chiyu got her own boyfriend, something she seems to forget, I think. Although Snow Black really hit her where it hurt when she said she proposed to Haru and she was awaiting for his response. Everybody who heard that where all O_O. Haru is actually totally scared by her being so “casual” about it. Poor guy.

We get more information about the “game.” Few Burst Linker ever get pass level 4. Players over level 8 are usually group leaders. That’s pretty much the equivalent of a Clan or Guild, although they are called Legion here. This is so anime and so gamey. There are currently 6 Legions and their leaders are all level 9 and sport lovely nicknames like: Purple, Blue, White. Aka the Six Kings of Pure Color. The maximum level is 10 and you could reach it by winning only 5 times, but you need to beat a level 9 and losing strips you of all your points after that point. Crazy. I’m not going to be playing this game ever; too harsh for me! There was lots and lots and lots of info-dumping here.

We also learn about Snow Black’s little secret. She used to be the 7th King and she betrayed all the others when she decided to become level 10. She did that because reaching level 10 meant meeting the game programmer and learning the reason why the game exists.  Although, one of the reasons she needs Haru is because she believe Chiyu is a Burst Linker who is trying to attack her. She has been avoiding the game for 2 years now by not connected to the equivalent of the web. Two years without web access, how does she do it??? So Haru goes to investigate.

Oh Haru, you can be so dumb sometimes and Chiyu too. I actually didn’t expect this kind of confession in episode 3. I guess we can expect the jealous boyfriend, Taku, at some point.

Another awesome episode, mostly made of talking and crying. In fact, I’m starting to think the talking is better than the fighting right now.

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Sometimes I really like the fact that, in the world of making anime, you don’t necessarily need a lot of episodes, and that it’s so common for a series to be “allowed” to end. Which I don’t see happening nearly soon enough with many American TV shows.

…But other times it does kind of suck, because there’s those times you end up exhausted with how much exposition goes on.

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