Weekly Anime Review: 4/3/12

ChihayaFuru ends this week, so I’m going to have to check what Spring anime starts next week to replace it. Ozma also pick his pace up with a bit of exposition and world building. I love world building.

ChihayaFuru, Episode 25

Final episode! But it doesn’t really feel like an ending.

Everybody say cheese!
Everybody say cheese!

We see the Master match in all its glory, where the defending Master just stomps his opponent. Also, the Master has a really manly voice that don’t really fit with his looks. To nobodies surprise he keeps his title, because you can beat super hearing and great gameplay sense. Unless the character is called Chihaya. She really need to work on her gameplay sense and concentration. Also, the guy is 24, still in college and has no teacher. Apparently, someone who has never had a teacher can’t become a teacher. Also, it’s amazing how the current Queen and Master have no fashion sense…just like Chihaya.

During the match, we get the impressions from most of the characters. But of all of them, Taichi and Arata are the most interesting. Basically, they think it’s impossible to beat him. Taichi is totally depressed by that fact. Arata is much more serious, he’s studying the Master’s card placement and his playstyle. And Deskomu is equal to himself here, taking notes and reading notes. He actually has books filled with Chihaya’s match results, card placement and cards taken. She has about 20 one-syllable cards. The Master has 28, I’m betting Chihaya is going to beat this before the end.

We also learn that Kana-chan is going to have to work to become a certified card reader. Class A isn’t easy to achieve and reading cards is complicated. There’s a lot of timing involved. Oh, and after coming back from his depression, Taichi decided to become a sadist like Sudo and he also started practicing his swing in public. Poor Chihaya.

Finally, I read rumors online that they will continue the anime (based on the manga) in 2013. *happy dance* Now, I just want to see the club members trying to find five more participants to not lose their clubroom to another club…

Ozma, Episode 3

Plot! An 6 episodes anime with plot! After all the hints, we finally get a few answers and I guess more questions.

The Barnados crew
The Barnados crew

We learn a bit more about the world everybody is living in. The Theseus (aka military guys) are clones of something called the “Ideal Children.” They are DNA supremacists. The others humans around are called Natura, which I guess is short for natural. Seems like the Theseus are having cloning problems now, because the doc of the Bardanos helped Theseus soldiers that ended up being in a Natura body and it appear Maya is “part” Natura as well. She also “lives” in another time and space…what ever that means. Oh, and she wants to meet Ozma, but doesn’t know why.

We learn a bit more about Sam, too. But Sam, you never new that the quantity of geeky woman is so low that a pretty girl escaping big ships is sure not to be one. Sam is so into toys (weapons, bikes, ships, engines) that he seems to forget not everybody is. We also learn why he wants to capture Ozma (sand whale). It’s because he wants to be closer to his brother who disappeared while hunting it.

We also get to see Sam’s brother. He’s Gido, the captain of the Theseus ships following the Bardanos. Well his body is, because Gido transferred his mind in it. Actually, that part where you see all the Theseus old men shopping for new bodies made me think of the movie The Islands. Fresh body parts, on demand! The Theseus also have QTF engines and can travel under the sand too. I wonder why they didn’t use that in the second episode to hunt the Bardanos.

We also get to see Ozma more clearly in this episode. I’m betting it’s a big ship. It looks to be made of metal and it glows. Oh, and Ozma shows up, because Maya called it. Theseus now have her back you see and they wanted to hurt Sam. Maya wasn’t too happy about it. Not sure what the Bardanos is going to do now. They don’t really have good reason to get Maya back…

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