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What I Watched Last Night: Holmes Inspection

I started watching Holmes Inspection (on HGTV) mostly by accident; my spouse loves it and sometimes sheer inertia would keep me on the couch when he would turn it on. Mike Holmes is a charismatic Canadian home builder/contractor who specializes in fixing the horrifying mistakes that other contractors made, and home inspectors missed. He shows the hapless homeowners just how bad their house is before proceeding to fix all of the problems with his attractive crew.

I feel my experience of watching Holmes Inspection is best expressed by listing actual or paraphrased quotes uttered by me while watching the show.

“How did the homeowners not notice that?”

“Is there some sort of epidemic of neglectful home inspectors in Canada?”

“Why are they obsessed with that blue spray foam?”

Me: “Is that all door frames are?” Spouse: “I don’t understand your question, so I can’t answer it.”

“So that’s what all those little chimneys on roofs are for!”

“Why is it so bad for wood to touch dirt?” One minute later: “”¦Oh.”

“Isn’t he going to put gloves on? I think he should put gloves on.”

“How have more people not been killed by their terribly-constructed homes?”

“Why don’t they just knock the house down and start over?”

“I don’t see why the homeowner is crying now. Mike Holmes is going to fix everything for free.”

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I started watching the show when my MiL was visiting — it was something neutral we could all agree on. Now I’m sorta obsessed with spray foam. I have a 100 year old house and I’m convinced it would be so much warmer if I could get them to spray foam the second and third floors.

Did anyone see the episode where he visited a house where the garage was totally open to the living floors? So that all the fumes went right into the house and made everyone sick? And the home inspector TOTALLY didn’t bother to mention it? That one freaked me out.

I like Mike Holmes. He seems to really know what he’s talking about (though I’m always curious about what people in his field think about him).

I saw one of his shows where he fixed a home that should have basically been condemned (the foundation was done poorly, and had cracked and shifted) – and he walked around the block and basically all the houses were equally shoddy. I always wondered if they told the other owners.

It was interesting to hear him talk about how unscrupulous builders get away with this kind of stuff by dissolving one company and starting another.

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