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What I Watched This Weekend: Ned’s Declassified

By now everyone probably knows about my deep and abiding love for cartoons, but I also have a weakness for live-action children’s programming that I don’t talk about quite so much. This month, MiniB and I have been watching the heck out of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

If you’ve never seen Ned before, it is a show about middle school. The main characters are Ned Bigby and his best friends, Simon “Cookie” Cook and Jennifer “Moze” Mosley. They cover everything from how you can’t give yourself a nickname to how to overcome procrastination. It is zany and charming and fairly innocent. Even the bully is kind of likable.

The show ran for three seasons, and MiniB and have watched the reruns many many times, and it always drove me crazy. The last episode of season three ended on a stupid cliffhanger and I never knew how it ended. Ned and Moze had finally decided that they were ready to admit that they liked each other, and, just as they were about to tell each other, Ned’s old girlfriend (and Moze’s best girl friend) Suzie showed up with the news that she was moving back.

This weekend I FINALLY got to see the last episode. I never even knew there WAS a last episode. I thought it got cancelled after the cliffhanger and that was it. It bugged the crap out of me, because the 8th grader who lives in my head really wanted to see Ned and Moze get together. Thanks to the wonder of Netflix, she finally did.

They ended the series with an hour-long finale, which is why I never saw it on reruns. The school goes on a field trip, there are lots of sitcom hijinks and catastrophes, much weasel-chasing (it was a GIRL weasel – with babies!) and in the end Ned and Moze declare their like for each other with a kiss, Cookie gets a real date with Lisa Zimo and Suzie and Loomer get back together again. Everyone is happy and all is well at James K. Polk Middle School.

I’m a little embarrassed that I am so emotionally invested in a show that is geared toward twelve-year-olds, but I can’t help it. It was a fun show, with a great cast (teachers like Meshach Taylor and Jim J. Bullock, and even one episode with Judy Tenuta as the librarian) and truly likable characters. Getting to watch the finale was like putting the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle that has been sitting for years with a hole in it.

Here is a montage of the cuteness, with some sappy music to drive the point home:

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Oh, yay! I didn’t know about the finale, either. Ned’s is a pretty cute show.

I also have a weakness for pre-teen/young teen shows of that type of genre. I don’t watch them as much anymore – we don’t have cable so I have to make a conscious decision to seek it out (and hear endless teasing from the Mister) instead of just stopping as I flip by. But iCarly, Hannah Montana, Naturally Sadie, and Ned’s Declassified got me through grad school meltdowns, that’s for sure.

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