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Canadian Politics Haiku

There’s been so much rage-flailing going on when I read the newspaper these days, I couldn’t pick just one topic to write about. And knowing my lack of conciseness, I need some enforced brevity. Haiku format to the rescue!

Bill 78

bill seventy-eight
curbs students’ free assembly
marches need vetting

fines student unions
who still march, cancels classes
new War Measures Act

and unconstitutional?
hope it gets tossed out

#casseroles not just
a tasty dinner option
noisy street protest

rest of Canada
is finally catching on
coverage improving

stalled talks to resume
a group may accept some hikes
they’ll stall by Tuesday

hard to see an end
to the standoff. too much at
stake to back down now.

EI Reform

EI appeal board
scrapped and amalgamated
with other government

service tribunals.
seekers required to take
jobs an hour from home

plenty of places
fully inaccessible
without one’s own car

unclear if skill sets
considered sensibly like
taxi driving docs?

much remains shady

many rules not explicit
hand-waving abounds

Sacking Ocean Scientists from DFO

continued contempt
for good science and research
government closes

contaminant lab
at Fisheries and Oceans.

primary program

monitors ocean
pollutants and their effect
on ecosystems

Lakes Area is shut down.

list of enviro

science research and
programs that’ve been defunded
is many miles long.

minister has gall
to say research won’t suffer.
what utter hogwash!!!

CP Rail Strike

CP Rail on strike
of course knee-jerk back to work
legislation is

in the works. Amazed
there’s no fill-in-the-blanks bill
always on the table

Etobicoke-Central Election results

voter suppression
vote irregularities
yay democracy!

riding results are
declared null and void by judge
first time section of

Elections Act is
under consideration.
MP to appeal

opposition to
see if similar issues
occurred elsewhere too

would be surprised if
this was an isolated
thing. Oh, Canada!

By Millie

Millie is a perpetual grad student, an internationally recognized curmudgeon, and an occasional hugger of trees. She also makes a mean batch of couscous.

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As someone who is attempting to do research which looks critically at a) the CBC, and b) the history of the treatment and representation of indigenous Canadians and who depends heavily on the CBC and National Archives for said work…… my hatred for Steve-o is also boundless. I really think his rejection and remaking of the truth should be a MUCH MUCH bigger red flag for people than it is….dictatorships are, after all,  built on the surpression of fact.

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