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Caregiving: Another Quickie

Good evening, Persephoneers. The more I have thought about parenting from a Caregiving perspective, I’ve come to realise that two parts aren’t going to be enough. So not only will there be a Part 2, but look out for a Part 3. I suspect there may even be a Part 4, too. Also, I’m going to do my best to be a Coherent Grown-Up – albeit not for very long – but I’ve been awake since 4 a.m., when a poorly Juniper Junior came through to our bed and then decided to throw up over the carpet. I’m trying to bear in mind what my mother said: “At least he didn’t throw up on Juniper Puss.” Perspective is everything. Thanks Mum.

So. Yes. Coherency. If my attempt to be coherent is going to work, I’m going to have to take things very gently today – if I were to come across a tangent, I fear I would simply fall over it – so to avoid that, I’m doing another quickie. Which is to say, here are links to all the previous articles in the Caregiving series and also, as I continue to work through the previous suggestions, if there are topics you would like to see covered in the future, or questions, leave them in the comments or send me a message. I’ll cover them in future Caregiving articles.

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Goodnight Persephoneers.

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