Chickpeas on a Bed of Mixed Greens

It might be apparent to long-time readers that the foods I want to post and the weather I am experiencing are very closely linked. Lately, I have been absolutely euphoric because we are entering the most wonderful time of the year: long, sunny, hot days have finally replaced their short, cloudy predecessors (and eventual successors, but please let’s just ignore that for a bit). So today’s dish, a cheerful, warm salad, was chosen at least in part because of how well it fits the weather. Spoiler alert: the other part of why it was chosen is because it is delicious.

The best salads happen in the summer. After all, that’s when the freshest, best fruits and vegetables are found. And on a warm summer evening, no one, especially not me, wants to be tied to a hot stove, cooking hot dish after hot dish, wrapped in steam. No, I would much rather make a nice, cool, complete dinner and then spend my time drinking lemonade and/or Arnold Palmers on the porch. Summer is more than a season – it is a lifestyle.

So here is one of my favorite summer time foods. The chickpeas are little protein packets, and their round shape and sunny-beige makes them aesthetically perfect. The bed of mixed greens brings iron and calcium and all sorts of good stuff. Eating vegetables doesn’t get much better than this. Well, unless you fry them, I guess, but shh! Let me have my moment!

So what do you need?

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves of garlic, minced

½ teaspoon cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

1 can of chickpeas or the equivalent of fresh

5-8 ounces of mixed greens

1/3 red onion

Nutritional yeast to taste (I like to add a lot)

1 ½ tablespoon Balsamic vinaigrette

So what do you do?

Pour the olive oil into the frying pan with the garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and chickpeas. Let them cook a little while you chip up the red onion and throw it onto the greens. After just a few minutes, around 3-5, take the chickpeas and garlic and spices off the heat and throw it onto the greens and red onion. Add the balsamic vinaigrette and the nutritional yeast. Mix it up and then eat!

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When it’s hot out one of my go to quick meals is tuna fish, chickpeas, diced veggies (whatever I have on hand), olive oil and assorted herbs (usually basil, rosemary, and parsley)  Toss and serve.

I’ve never heated the chickpeas at all.  I will have to try that.  Thanks for the recipe.

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