Delicious K-bars: They Taste So Much Better Than Skinny Feels

A  staple in my house, K-bars are a delicious snack made from Special K cereal. Chocolate-peanut buttery goodness with no baking involved. Less than 20 minutes of preparation time!


See the deliciousness!

When my mom was at William and Mary in the late 1970s, her roommate introduced her to something called K-bars. The recipe originated from some kind of promotional mailer sent out earlier in that decade with recipes for desserts made from breakfast cereal. Not surprisingly, most of these recipes didn’t really take off. K-bars are different. They’re like crack. My mom made them, taught her mom to make them, and the tradition has moved on to a third generation.

What you need:

Lite cornsyrup, sugar, and peanut butter in equal amounts and Special K cereal, four times the amount of each of the other ingredients.”  In other words, if you use one cup each of the light cornsyrup, sugar, and peanut butter, then you’d use four cups of Special K cereal. You also need chocolate and butterscotch chips, which you melt to put on top. You can use as many or as few of these as you want; it really depends on how you want it to taste. My mom uses two-thirds chocolate and one-third butterscotch.

As for supplies, you need a medium or large saucepan, depending how much you want to make, a pot to combine your ingredients, and a stove. The ingredients do not expand, and you can tailor the recipe depending on what kind of pan you have and how many people are in the house. It doesn’t matter how much you make as long as the proportions are right.

What to do:

Start with the sugar and cornsyrup on the stove at medium-high heat. Move it down to medium after a minute or so. Stir gently. Once it starts bubbling, add the peanut butter and turn the heat down to medium-low. Keep stirring. Once everything has been mixed, take the pot off the heat and add the cereal. Stir everything together and pour it into the pan.

Put the chocolate and butterscotch into the pot (you can use the same one you used for the mixture, but if you want it to look pretty, use a different one) on low-to-medium heat until chips have melted and blended, but no longer. Pour the chocolate mixture into the pan on top. Then put the whole thing in the ‘fridge and let cool for two hours. You can eat a piece after 10 minutes if you like it hot, but it will be very, very messy. Delicious, though.

Once it’s cool, you can cut it up and enjoy! K-bars keep for about a week, but they’re usually all gone by then.

” EDITOR’S NOTE: The ratio is 1 part light cornsyrup, sugar, and peanut butter : 4 parts Special K cereal : chocolate and butterscotch chips to preference.

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So I’m really bad guessing how much of something will fill a pan size, so if I want to make a 13×9″ pan of these, what would the ratio be? I’m thinking the 4cups Special K would be more like an 8×8″ dish… But again, I’m super bad at proportion guessing.

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