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Etsy Betsy: Artsy Fartsy Paintings/Prints Edition

Buying art has always been a “I’m making it in the real world in a financial sense” symbol for me. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I’ve always wanted real paintings, not those IKEA prints that everyone has on their wall. Trouble is, real paintings take time, materials, and talent. And that trifecta of awesome costs a lot of money, as it should, and that’s not even accounting for the mark-up of a gallery or broker. Enter Etsy.

What I love about Etsy is the opportunity to support and buy directly from artists. Because you’re buying direct, you’re not paying an extra $200+ to line the pocket of a gallery owner or broker (although gallery owners and art brokers do need to make their money and they do perform valuable services for those who can afford them – I have no hate, I just can’t afford them). I’ve collected a few real finds for you today to peruse. Some are real, honest-to-goodness paintings; others are lovely prints direct from the artist that most of us can afford without going hungry for a month or two. Enjoy!

Typography Hummingbird Print ““ $15

We’re bookish folk around Persephone Magazine, no doubt about it. And what could be more fitting for a study or a living room than something that encapsulates our bookish experiences so perfectly? The price is right, the artist has excellent prints and paintings, and you should feel very, very good about browsing the store.

ContemporaryEarthArt’s Shop

Print of a hummingbird formed of words taking flight from a set of old books
Seller: ContemporaryEarthArt


Coral Explosion ““ $200

I’m a big fan of just about anything that has a pop of red, and when I see a pop of red that also happens to be a tree, well – I’m sold. If I hadn’t already expended my budget of Art Monies I Should Have Used to Pay Down My Student Loans, I would have gotten this one and put it right on my bedroom wall, which is turqoise and would have looked wonderful with this palette of colors.

Hilaria Galleries’s Shop

Painting with a blue background, white circles, and a bright red tree--all of which is accented with small gold circles
Seller: Hilaria Galleries


Albrecht Durer Mixed-Media Screenprint ““ $35

Call me a nerd, but I find this reference, which you will have to explain to everyone who sees this painting, divine. I love the colors, the lines, the moody background. I want to hang this in my office so I can look like I have good taste AND I’m smart!

Pteridomania’s Shop

Watercolor and screenprint of Albrecht Durer on a green-blue background
Seller: Pteridomania

Stirred Seas Painting ““ $285

I just want to curl up in front of this painting in a cozy chair and zone out for a few hours. Looking at it is instant stress relief. This is on my shortlist, for sure. Over my bed? My dining table? In my bathroom? In the office? I can’t think of a place this wouldn’t be perfect.

NathalieVan’s Shop

Abstract image in soft blue and white of the sea
Seller: NathalieVan


In the Garden Print ““ $19

Remember what I said about pops of red color? Well, here we are again. I love the unbridled celebration of woman that this pic is. The flower itself is beautiful (what tulip isn’t?), but the so is overall color palette. Soft blues, bright red, white, with little touches of pink? You bet! This seller also offers to frame it for buyers.

RococcoLA’s Shop

Print of a naked woman holding a large red tulip in front of her face
Seller: RococcoLA


Indian Summer Painting ““ $360

First, the texture caught my eye, then the bright bursts of yellow, and then the overwhelming memory of Boston in fall. I live in Washington State in the United States, and we don’t have much in the way of deciduous trees around here. But Boston? New England in general? They have falls that truly catch in your throat and make your eyes well up at the sight. This painting brings me there.

OsnatFineArt’s Shop

bright gold painting of fall foliage
Seller: Osnat Fine Art


Range Pigeon Print ““ $8.95

High on my list of Things I Love is dictionaries, colorful birds, and France. This beautiful print puts them all together in one place. I cannot even tell you all the places I want to hang this and how many conversations I know it would inspire. According to the seller, the image of the pigeon comes from an antique encyclopedia, and the pages of the dictionary come from a 1928 edition. If you love this one, you should look at the peacock one, too!

frenchprints’s Shop

an old French dictionary page with an image of a blue pigeon on top of it
Seller: frenchprints


Have any of your own Etsy finds you’d like to share? Do so here!


***Michelle Miller has received no compensation whatsoever to post or publicize these Etsy items***

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By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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If I may shamelessly promote myself, I’m a screenprinter and sell stuff from $10-$20 at my Etsy. If you like screenprints, some other great shops are my friends Kris Johnson and Fiona and Miles from Idiot or Genius?, as well as Cricket Press, Frida Clements, Nate Duval, Diana Sudyka, Chloe and Yannick from Seripop, as well as the amazing woodcut shop Tugboat. All of these people I know from them doing gig posters, but they do a fair amount of art prints. I also know a lot of other gig poster people that have shops through BigCartel and things if anybody’s interested.

I should really stop writing it. Every time my husband sees a strange purchase on our account, he’s like, “WERE YOU DOING RESEARCH FOR THAT ETSY ARTICLE?”

This time, I bought a couple prints from the first seller I list in the column. I’m saving up for one of her paintings, though, because they are BEYOOTIFUL.

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