EuroVision Part 5: An Homage To Disney!

I have seen some absolutely terrible EuroVision song entries in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many mediocre contestants make it to the semi-finals. However, I do appreciate the small nods to Disney I found in the set.

7: Ukraine: Gaitana “Be My Guest”

I never thought I’d get to hear Disney do techno, but that’s what Gaitana is doing with this song. It’s even complete with horrific costuming depicting spring goddesses, women wearing impractical clothing, and simplistic repeating lyrics that have no real point to them. Frankly, artists who use their songs to be like, “Come to my country; it’s super awesome. We should totally host next year’s competition!” irritate me. It’s very rarely good music, so it’s just a wasted entry.

8: Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova “Love Unlimited”

“Shadowed and round dancing? At the same time?”

“Yes! Oh! And we can juxtapose it with a formal gown! It’ll be the perfect counterpoint to our insipid lyrics! Perfect!”

“Now add some strobe lights and fireworks! We’ll have the most asinine perfect pop video yet!”

9: Slovenia: Eva Boto “Verjamem”

Maybe I just have Disney songs on the brain today, but the intro to this video just reminds me of The Little Mermaid, and these ladies’ dresses and headpieces do not help. I’m all for an underwater theme, but really what’s with the mounds of tulle on their heads? Who thought that was a good idea? At least the lyrics are more poetic than the other songs in this round.

I believe that we’ll again find a common beat

And that yesterday will return forever

With a river of light

A new day is hungry for the sun and is sincere.

I never surrender until the very end

I survive in my own way

With yearning

I think listening to the song before I watched the video may have helped in actually appreciating the song itself instead of just wanting to stab the costume designer.

10: Croatia: Nina Badric “Nebo”

Nina Badric has a lovely voice, and she sings about things that others can relate to, but I feel like her video was put together with a bunch of clipart .gifs interspersed with her singing and a half naked man for good measure. Now, it kind of makes sense if you translate the lyrics. She’s singing about lost loves and still loving a person who pretends you were nothing. The imagery of burning music and clouds passing overhead definitely fits the story, but the message gets lost in the almost comical way the half naked man dives through the screen.

11: Sweden: Loreen “Euphoria”

The song isn’t horrible, but Loreen dances like a monkey trying to learn martial arts.

12: Georgia: Anri Jokhadze “I’m a Joker”

I love how absurd this video is. I wish Anri had a better voice for the song, but I cannot get over how completely ludicrous the video is or how awesome the music is. If only he didn’t sound like he had a frog in his throat for half the lyrics. His intro is beautiful, so it might just be pronouncing English words that make him sound so weird, but maybe if he’d stuck to his native tongue, the song would sound really good instead of hilarious. Still, I think I’d vote for him over anyone else in the group solely for the absurdity that is his music video.

What do you guys think? Is anyone else reminded of Beauty and the Beast by “Be My Guest?”

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I think it’s interesting that Ukraine has a black singer… the ESC is always very, very white, especially the Eastern European singers.

And I don’t know why, but Loreen reminded me of Rousseau from Lost.

I love this series so much I made an account to comment :)

You just made my day. :D I’m glad you like the series and have become a member! Welcome! :D

And honestly, I’ve never really paid much attention to the coloring of the artists. I’ll have to keep that in mind from now on. But I’m glad the Ukraine picked Loreen, she definitely caught my attention with her “dancing.” It made me chuckle.

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