EuroVision Part 7: The Grand Finale

Thank you all for sticking it out with me this far. Here are the last six entries to this year’s EuroVision Song Contest.

1: United Kingdom: Engelbert Humperdink “Love Will You Set You Free”

The UK has submitted yet another ballad. It is however, executed very well. It actually reminds me of Genesis, which is high praise for a ballad. Plus, I appreciate the UK not putting an age limit on their contestants and that they’ve kept up their talent.

9:  France: Angunn “Echo”

Oh, France, I love your sense of the absurd. Please keep giving me your over sexualized pop stars. They are my favorite (and only part of me of being facetious).

10: Italy: Nina Zilli “‘Amore E Femmina”

Oh Italy, you remind me of Amy Winehouse, and I love it! Please bring that power house of a voice over here to me. Nina Zilli has a beautiful voice and is absolutely gorgeous. I want to hate her, but I can’t, because this song makes me want to dance in a very sultry, sexy manner. “[I am] and independent woman after all.”

13: Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva “When The Music Dies”

Azerbaijan, no one is my best friend. No one is the best of me. You lose on ballads for this round. You’re just too over the top. Please take it down a notch and get a woman with less over the top stylings. You want to be pretty, but you’re trying too hard… like Kim Kardashian.

19: Spain: Pastora Soler “Quedate Conmigp (Stay With Me)”

I want to take this woman’s hairstylist and beat her/him. This woman is gorgeous, but her stylist doesn’t understand how to make her look even prettier. I do, however, love her voice. This song is absolutely beautiful and heartfelt. The video is abit over the top with the feathers, but I kind of like it; they balance out pretty well.

20: Germany: Roman Lob “Standing Still”

Okay, Germany, I’m very torn. I want to get on to you for entering another ballad, but I also want to do dirty things to your singer. He has a decent voice and acceptable lyrics, but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t like him nearly so much if he weren’t pretty.


So I think for the big five and last year’s winner, I’d have to pick Italy to win with France coming in second for wonderful poppy goodness. I also want to thank all of you for staying with me during this review of the EuroVision Song Contest contestants for 2012. I appreciate it. :)

5 replies on “EuroVision Part 7: The Grand Finale”

I think it is really nice that they actually have some contestants who are people of colour… especially considering the racist tendencies Europe is experiencing at the moment.

What is not so nice is how the EBU and generally the people involved in the ESC don’t seem to care about the blatant human rights violations in  Azerbaijan. This is a country where homosexuality is punishable by death, for Christ’s sake, where the elections were most likely faked and the opposition is routinely oppressed and silenced.

The bizarre thing about Europe is the disconnect between media and the racist stuff happening. In the UK our media is pretty casually multicultural while racist shit happens on our football pitches (though afaik our FA has actually been relatively good at fighting racism in sport). As for Azerbaijan, pretty much – the EBU basically says it’s following the rules, which is, well, a cop-out.

I like Nina Zilli, she really does have a strong Amy Winehouse vibe and it works.

I don’t understand anything about the french video, but I wouldn’t mind having a dream where I was in charge of a sexy man factory, where sometimes the men have to stand around in their underwear for some reason. In a strange way, I appreciate their evenhanded approach to objectification.

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