EuroVison Part 6: Can I have Some More Turkey, Please?

We’re almost done, everyone! Today we’ll be looking at the last six contestants in Part 2 of the Semi-Finals, and then all that’s left is the six countries already lined up for the Grand Finale. Who’s as stoked as I am?

13 – Turkey: Can Bonomo “Love Me Back”

This might be one of my guilty pleasure songs from this year’s entries. I really enjoy the music; it makes me want to get up and dance with lots of hip pops. But the lyrics are just hysterical. They probably wouldn’t be so funny to me if the artist didn’t look like he is fresh out of a boy band. But still, it just makes me happy. I will definitely be singing, “Hey noni noni nanana na!” with him.

14 – Estonia: Ott Lepland “Kuula”

SO before I look up the translation for the lyrics, I have to say just listening to this song, I think it’s gorgeous. A lot of the EuroVision ballads are kind of pretentious in their presentation, but not this one. I like it almost as much as the one Rona Nishiliu did for Albania this year. And like that one, once translated, the song still holds merit. The lyrics don’t fall apart in translation or turn into some extremely ridiculous mush about nothing. Kudos, Estonia.

15 – Slovakia: Max Jason Mai “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

My first thought when I read the title of this song was Ace of Base “Don’t Turn Around,” but this song is pretty much as far as you can get from that sound as one can get. And I must say I really like it. It’s the only rock song in this year’s list, but I’m super glad it’s there. The video is the making of a horror movie, which gives a sense of false fear, and the production point of view just works so well with the song itself. It is passion put on and over produced. I feel like I’m watching a music video for the theme song of a horror movie, and I like it.

16 – Norway: Tooji “Stay”

Yay! More club music and ridiculous dancing! Oh and acrobats! So I can’t really take this song seriously in a music contest (I’m a snob). But I would totally dance to this in the club. The beat is fantastic and has enough variability within the song to make things interesting. Plus, Tooji gets bonus points for being a cutie and dancing.

17 – Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar “Korake Ti Znam”

Maya Sar is a lovely woman with a great voice and a beautiful song. The imagery is so moving. It’s a little sappy for my personal taste, but it’s a really beautiful song. I listened to both the original and the English versions (I couldn’t find a straight translation of the lyrics). Both are well done although I did enjoy the English version more because I could understand what the song was about. Pre-translation, the song was pretty but very dull and drab for me, like tan carpet made out of really good fabric: it had a lot of potential but left too much to be desired.

18 – Lithuania: Donny Montell “Love Is Blind”

I like that he starts this song wearing a blindfold. It makes the song feel more sincere instead of just trite. Add that to his super adorably awkward dance moves, and really all I’m giving him is a pity point or two and desperate wish to listen to some Gloria Gaynor because he is totally channeling her in the music itself.

This week totally makes up for last week’s disappointing entries. I think Estonia wins for ballads this week; Can Bonomo takes the guilty pleasure prize (maybe Tooji too, I can’t pick), and Slovakia takes it overall to move to the finals for me. What do you guys think? AM I the only one who really enjoys Can Bonomo’s “Love Me Back?”

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