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Fun Time Open Thread: Chocolate

I have sitcom PMS this month, so I have decided to bow to convention and talk about chocolate. I enjoy chocolate very much, and I have been eating quite a bit between mood swings. How much do you really know about the sweet stuff?

  1. Which continent produces the most cocoa?
  2. Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?
  3. What are chocolate nibs?
  4. What did Milton Hershey make before he created the Hershey Bar?
  5. What is “chocolate bloom?”
  6. How tall does the average cocoa plant grow?
  7. Which of Mozart’s operas makes reference to chocolate?
  8. M&Ms were developed for which group?
  9. Who has chocolate salty balls?
  10. True or false – After the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish, they stopped calling chocolate cacahuatl because the Spanish thought it sounded like poo.

Since its discovery, thousands of years ago, chocolate has been considered the food of the gods. Some cultures, like the Aztecs and Incas, offered it to them to make them happy, others, like the Greeks, thought it was their gift to us. I’m inclined to agree with the Greeks.

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Ooo this is timely- my boyfriend made the most ridiculous chocolate ice cream last night. It had so much chocolate in it that it barely froze correctly. I usually don’t like chocolate ice cream because the chocolate flavor is so watered down, but this ice cream was like eating a chocolate bar magically transformed into ice cream.

I agree about the Chocolate Ice Cream Problem. I have even mused that I would start an ice cream company that specialized in only chocolate flavors made with lots of real dark chocolate.

There are only two commercially available chocolate ice creams that I will deign to eat (ha ha)–Talenti Gelato in Double Dark Chocolate and another that of course I can’t remember the name of right now. It’s a family name and is in a yellow container with sky-blue lid. (I sound like my grandmother.) They both come in only pints and are tremendously expensive, so I watch for sales and coupons.

I’m in Ireland too! (Well, Northern Ireland :P) It’s such a beautiful day here, but I’m stuck in university writing a damn essay. All I can think about is reading under a tree somewhere in the park near my uni. That would be….so legit.

A nice big dose of chocolate would go down a treat right now, only I’m too nervous to eat -_- I have stuff happening (don’t we all!).


The only question I know the answer to is number 9 : Chef from South Park. Isaac Hayes (y) I bought my boyfriend one of his CD’s and he loved it.

funny you should mention chocolate.  presently, i’m drowning my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream filled with little chocolate cows with peanut butter inside them.  I was finally able to have my come-to-jesus meeting with my boss where i told her that her accusations of me being power-hungry were hurtful and untrue and that it felt very dismissive to not have one of our standing weekly meetings in over four months and I was unhappy working under the status quo where I can not make decisions without running them through her, but she doesn’t allow me to meet with her to run those decisions through her.

guise, she was so mad.  i don’t think i’ve ever made someone so mad in all my born days.  she barely let me finish the speech i had practiced for before launching a counter-attack the likes of which i had never seen before.  she told me that i have put myself in this position by not insisting on her time.  i should have reminded her of things i needed her to review until i got them back.  it is my fault if work goes un-reviewed.   the fact that she hasn’t kept one of our weekly meetings in four months was not her fault (I still haven’t figured that one out).  from my perspective, her not keeping appointments with me and ignoring the work i had sent for her to review felt dismissive – i felt like i was irritating her, so i backed off and have been walking on egg shells around her waiting for her to have time to meet with me.  she perceived that behavior as waging a silent protest against her abilities as a boss (her words).

I know i bear some of the blame.  when i’m upset with someone, it takes me a long time to talk with them about it.  i have to be in my head for a while figuring out why i’m really mad and if it really is a big enough deal to confront someone. during that time when i’m in my head figuring stuff out, i know you can read my anger from a mile away.  i have the worst poker face ever.  i know she could tell i was upset with her and what made her the maddest was that i didn’t come to talk to her about it sooner.  but, as i mentioned, she has been ignoring me for months now.  why the fuck would i have demanded the attention of someone who so obviously wanted nothing to do with me?

so here i sit in my bed with my computer, my cat and a bowl of ice cream with little chocolate and peanut butter cows already dreading walking into my office tomorrow.   i am sorry to dump this out here, but you all are pretty much the greatest support team/cheering squad/metaphorical hit-men (hit-persons?) in the whole world and i was hoping maybe you could share some awful boss stories with me so i don’t feel quite so terminally unique.

Sounds traumatic but don’t give up! He’s what you do: you make a list of why you needed to say the things you said and you walk into your job tomorrow with that list tucked into your pocket. You hold your head high, remembering that list, and if she comes to you, you say, “I feel bad about the way our meeting ended yesterday and I want to move forward. Can we work together to fix this?” She can’t possibly say no. In all likeliness, she’s probably also at home downing chocolate icecream with little cows. You be the bigger, better person who doesn’t hold a petty grudge and make her want to be like you! If you find yourself crumbling, turn to that list and be confident in your decision to speak out. Remember that bullying and intimidation are neither legal nor acceptable in the workplace. You have done nothing wrong. If things stay chilly, ask if you can buy her lunch in a week or so and make it an informal peace offering wherein you give her a chance to unload and see you as human and not just a worker bee (this usually works for me). Good luck hon! And big hugs!

I can’t offer wisdom, but I can say that I feel your pain. Every. Single. Fucking. Job. I’ve had has sucked donkey balls. I’ve always had immediate women supervisors and it pains my feminist self to say this, but there is always some weird dynamic with female bosses–they seem to be threatened by their female subordinates showing any creativity/intelligence. It has happened in every job I’ve had since college (five in 14 years), and has seriously contributed to my lifelong mental health “issues”. I’ve been out of work for 2.5 years now (well, for mental health reasons), and just the thought of going back to an office makes me nauseous. I do a very small amount freelancing from home, which has gone well–ironically for my former boss who fired me for my “negative attitude” (second verse, same as the first–but it’s called chronic depression, asshole). I begged her to let me work from home while I was still working full-time for her, but that didn’t land.

Like you, I always went into meetings/discussions with bosses with prepared/well-thought-out, um, thoughts. I had outlines and took notes with me, and tried to be calm and respectful. I think it’s just that the Peter Principle is alive and thriving in the workplace, and very unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of “managers” have zero management skills. This is terribly negative, but I think true–one either has to accept that one’s soul will be crushed in the traditional workplace (and academia and nonprofit are no better–I’ve been there), or find a different path. I’m struggling with that decision now–what my next step will be.

Also, you don’t owe anyone anything–if you want to be quiet and keep to yourself at work, that is your prerogative. Of course, employers seem to want Mary Fucking Sunshine who can be dumb as a bag of hammers as long as she’s a “positive contribution to the workplace!!!”, but screw that noise.

I might actually have a negative attitude.

1. I would say Africa produces the most cocoa, although it could be South America.

2. Per capita…I want to say the US, but it is probably France, Belgium, or the Netherlands. (Probably the Netherlands…)

3. Chocolate nibs are unprocessed cacao–chocolate in its most natural state. Yes? I think?

4. Kisses! Maybe?!

5. It’s when chocolate gets old and starts turning white-ish and tasting less yummy. (Who am I kidding, it still tastes good to me!)

6. Six feet? The last time I saw one, I was very small, so it seemed huge to me.

7. The Magic Flute??

8. The army! Right???

9. My husband! (Hahahahahaha…)

10. False because the Aztecs would have been all, “Eff you, Spanish bastards, we’ll call it what we want!”

Maybe I know less about chocolate than I thought I did…

  1. Which continent produces the most cocoa? Africa?
  2. Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita? Belgium?
  3. What are chocolate nibs? Part of the cocoa bean?
  4. What did Milton Hershey make before he created the Hershey Bar? No idea
  5. What is “chocolate bloom?” (I already saw Opifex’s answer so I won’t pretend I knew)
  6. How tall does the average cocoa plant grow? 3-4′?
  7. Which of Mozart’s operas makes reference to chocolate? ???
  8. M&Ms were developed for which group? Boy Scouts?
  9. Who has chocolate salty balls? Chef from South Park! Finally one I know!!
  10. True or false — After the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish, they stopped calling chocolate cacahuatl because the Spanish thought it sounded like poo. I hope it’s true.

I’m reasonably sure none of these were right except Chef. Oh, well. As long as I can still eat chocolate, I’m happy.

I am exceptionally lonely. I moved into a house that I found on craigslist so I’m not friends with either of my roommates. They seem nice enough but the two girls that moved out owned all the living room furniture so we don’t have a common space to hang out in together (yet) so I don’t really feel like I know them that well. I had plans to hang out with a boy yesterday but he ended up having to babysit for a friend so we rescheduled for today and he bailed again. Also, I was supposed to go play pool with a friend this afternoon and he bailed too. So, I was stood up three times in two days. Less than awesome for sure.

I know none of these except the chocolate bloom is when your chocolate turns all white and gross looking and that it happens if you don’t temper your chocolate correctly. And I hope 10 is true because that would be funny.

I’m going to a steampunk convention this weekend an I have so much to do before then. I need to mend my reticule, get a battery for my camera flash, patch the hole in the other camera’s cover, get some velcro… But I am so looking forward to this. I have had a lot of shit stuff in my life lately and I wanna party a bit.

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