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Fun Time Open Thread: Finish the Lyric

I am having a musical week and I thought I would share. My fellow editors introduced me to Songza, which is a magical wonderland of music, and MiniB has discovered The Cure. Between the two, I’ve been thinking about all the songs I know by heart. 

Can you finish the lyrics below?

  1. “Went to a party last Saturday night, didn’t get laid, got in a fight, uh-huh…”
  2. “Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream, she said, the one that makes me laugh, she said…”
  3. “You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel, till you’re stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel…”
  4. “The castle started spinning, or maybe it was my brain, I can’t tell u what she did 2 me…”
  5. “I wish it were Sunday, cause that’s my fun day…”
  6. “My sister looks cute in her braces and boots…”
  7. “Cupid, if your arrow make her love strong for me, I promise…”
  8. “The future only belongs to the future itself, and the future is…”
  9. “Don’t call it a comeback…”
  10. “Who said that every wish would be heard and answered…”
  11. “Love, is gentle as a rose, and love can…”
  12. “I want your drama, the touch of your hand, I want your leather studded…”
  13. “Give me one reason to stay here…”

Leave your answers in the comments, and tell me one of the songs you know by heart. What lyrics thrill you?

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Guyssssssss super excited because I have been messaging back and forth with someone on OKCupid and she seems really really really fun. And hoping we can meet up Memorial Day weekend, since she lives an hour away (whatevs)

ALSO updated my profile with my disability, which is great because that is always awkward when it first comes up, and now I’m just like “Y’know? If someone’s going to choose not to message me because I have Crohn’s and arthritis, I don’t want that person messaging me anyway.” And it feels very liberating.

*shrugs*  I’m not sure.  I couldn’t see anything through the peephole except for black hair and I sure as hell wasn’t opening the front door.  They went away when I yelled back at them. I’m guessing they were intoxicated of sorts and confused my apartment for theirs… at 0315 in the morning on a Tuesday.  The joys of apartment living.

1. “It ain’t no big thing.” Lita Ford “Kiss Me Deadly”
2. “And threw her arms around my neck.” The Cure
3. “Down at Palisades Park” by ?
4. “But my body will never be the same” His Royal Purpleness “Darling Nikki”
5. “My ‘I don’t have to run day'” The Bangles “Manic Monday”
8. “Electric youth!” Debbie Gibson
9. “I been here for years.” Selena Loves Cool James “Mama Said Knock You Out”
10. “When wished on the morning star” Kermit “Rainbow Connection”
11. “And love can conquer any war” Lenny Kravitz “Let Love Rule”
12. “Bjork cover band” Lady Gaga as interpreted by Selena “Bad Romance”
13. “And I’ll turn right back around.” Tracy Chapman

BOOM. Selena’d.

I can give the first names or surnames of almost any Harry Potter character by the other name almost on demand. Damn right, I remember that Professor Grubbly-Plank’s first name is Wilhemina.


Edit: By which I mean, be proud of any and all useless knowledge. I still hold out hope that my million pound question will reference the Amulet of Samarkand series…

2) And threw her arms around my neck, show me how you do it and I promise you I promise that I’ll run away with you, I’ll run away with you

10) When wished on the morning star. Somebody thought of that, and someone believed it, and look what it’s done so far. (Brb, singing Muppet songs and weeping)

13) And I’ll turn right back around. Give me one reason to stay here, and I’ll turn right back around. Because I don’t wanna leave you lonely, but you gotta make me change my mind.

ETA: I cried at my grandmother’s funeral today. I really wasn’t expecting to do that. I didn’t like her. But I think it set in that I would never have a chance to mend the fence. And that got to me a little. Also I took an odd measure of comfort from the news that she was able to receive last rights. I don’t objectively believe that sacraments are a spiritually necessary thing for everyone, and yet I felt relieved that she had tried to make right with God before dying. Oh the contradictions that live in me.

I have to do one of these for my grandmother next month (she passed over the winter, so we’re doing a remembrance thing now that the weather is nice).  We were not close and after she died, I found out that she had done some really horrible awful and insulting things to my mom which you just . . . don’t . . . do.  Most of the family remembers her as this sweet loving person and I never got that impression of her.  She was manipulative, mean-spirited, and at times downright cruel.  That “don’t speak ill of the dead mentality” is so pervasive and, I think, causes people to remember deceased family members in much brighter light than they may have deserved.
I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, but hearing about your experience is really helping me prep for next month.  Thank you.

Ugh. Yea. Mine basically told my father that he could come see her, “Once he came to his senses and divorced that woman.” She also proclaimed to all and sundry that my mother was the cause of all the family problems (which in her mind she was I guess?) My mother actually encouraged my dad not to break ties with his mother for a long time. Eventually enough was enough.  I half wanted to wear red to the funeral, so crying came as a surprise. But everyone else remembers the kind woman who took care of her daughter’s children after her daughter passed. I just remember the woman who when she would “babysit” me, ignored me and watched Murder She Wrote (I am an only child so amusing myself is something I was reasonably good at, but the woman never even tried to play with me).

The best I have to offer is just feel what you feel, and let it pass through. Try and be kind to those around you who are in pain from having lost someone they loved. Life goes on.

barf.  if this were a contest, you’d win.

mine cut my mom out of her will when my dad (her son) died and transferred ownership of dad’s portion of her estate to my sister and I.   she didn’t tell us, or mom but she told the rest of my dad’s side of the family.

A year later when she died, my aunt (g’ma’s daughter, sister to my dad) wrote my sister and I congratulating us on inheriting dad’s portion of the estate.  again, no contact with my mom regarding this.  oh, and btw, my mom had flown from Washington to California when it became obvious that grandma was dying.  she spent a week down there helping her sister in law (aforementioned aunt) take care of arrangements, make appointments and provided a shoulder for her to cry on.

but after all that and 35 years of marriage to my dad, my mom just wasn’t in the family and my sister and I somehow had a more legitimate claim to that money.  eventually my sister and I found a way to get the money to mom, but the rest of the family still doesn’t know.  there’s an evil part of me that can’t wait for my self-righteous aunt to ask me what my plans are for the 30k and seeing the look on her face when i tell her that i returned it to its owner.  muwhahaha!

I know embarassingly few of these, so I’m just going to go with this;






In other news, I am now obsessed with Skyrim. I’m playing a Conjuration Archer who summons a Bound Bow and Atronachs to fight for him while he shoots stuff with his arrow from behind them. At the moment, however, I am a thief in the night for the Thieves Guild in Riften ;D

In other other news, I gots me a meeting with m’tutor later this week. It shall be a great negotiation in which I hand over a note and he says “Yup, k.”

Having played both, Skyrim’s a lot more streamlined. The skill system’s a lot more intuitive, the landscape is breathtaking (though I don’t like how sparse it is sometimes – I love intricate cities with lots of NPCs) and the lore is all very cool. There are some absolutely beautiful buildings (I adore Whiterun oh lordie <3) and generally…yeah I prefer Skyrim.

My biggest piece of advice is to just move on if you get bored of a specific part. There’s always another way of getting the “thing” you want in general. Oh god, and get used to a messy quest screen. I have to mentally censor out all the quests I’ve left half-done.

My biggest issue with Oblivion was that it just got boring. Most of the quests didn’t feel like they had any real depth to them. I did the Wizard’s Circle stuff, and the end of it felt stupid. Why should I become the Arch-Mage, and then have absolutely no responsibilities to the Wizard’s Circle afterwards? Blarg!

(I also stopped playing because my save got so big it was unstable and kept crashing every hour or so…I could have started a new one, but eh)

Was Skyrim better about that?

Oh man, I definitely want to! I was thinking of rolling a much more dedicated mage character next time, though the hybrid-class-lover in me wants to make it a warrior-mage using Alteration and Heavy Armour to be a walking tank =D.

I absolutely love the experimentation this game offers me. x6 to sneak attacks on the bow FTW! I have been absolutely pummeling since I got that feat (though sometimes, you get impatient and just cast bound sword, run in there summoning left and right and lay absolute waste =D)

I know all of these, I think, but #4 (“Darling Nikki”) is one of my top five all-time favorite songs. The Foo Fighters do a pretty bad-ass cover of it (now with added Cee-lo and an audience of douchey frat boys!). Posting the cover because the Tiny Purple One makes sure none of his music stays on YouTube, especially the naughty stuff.



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