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Help! This OT is Alive!

The week’s almost over, kids! And boy, has it been a week. I’m ready to curl up with a glass of wine and a dog or two and just wait for the weekend to show up.

How’s everyone doing? Pull up a comfy seat and tell us what’s going on. Here’s a little something to start the night off right:

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I have to act like an adult and write an e-mail to someone I like and respect and am likely to have further dealings with professionally – and have no reason at all to believe they have something personal against me – to tell them it’s okay they rejected my work. And the sooner I do it, the less it shows how much that rejection actually hurt.

I suppose actually reading that e-mail all the way through would be a good place to start.

Guess who forgot to set her alarm, woke bolt upright later than she’d like to admit, didn’t realize that her foot didn’t also wake up, and promptly rolled her ankle and fell over with a resounding thud when she jumped out of bed in a panic?  Ten points for you if you guessed this lady!

Uuuuuuugh.  Looks like today’ll be another grapefruit juice swilling day.

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