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I Can Feel This OT in My Bones

Another day, another dollar, Persephoneers. If we’re lucky, maybe it was more than one dollar. Or no dollars, but a really good day. No matter what today brought you, come on in and tell us all about it.

Here’s a catchy little something to kick off your night:

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Good news: I got a side job for June, small, simple and well-paid! Very timely and welcome, considering the damage I’m about to do to my far-from-great financial situation with taking a holiday.

Overshare-y bad news: days before leaving on said holiday, I’m dealing with a mystery ailment. Went to see a doctor yesterday, took tests, it’s not cystitis. So I’m left with a weird sense of discomfort in my lower abdomen before a somewhat physically demanding week, a swirl of panicky thoughts about what it could be and what would happen if it escalates while I’m abroad (I’ve got insurance, but still), and a gyno appointment booked for early June.

I actively dislike checkups and it’s been a few years since I last got one, so this is most probably going to suck, even if I’ve otherwise taken good care of myself. OTL The particular doctor has been reasonably nice in the past, but I’m still worried I’ll at least get told off for not getting my parts looked at in a timely manner. Quite possibly for not procreating in a timely manner either. And I’m guessing I would have to deal with a massive freakout from my mom’s part if it indeed turned out my ladybits were anything less than in pristine working condition.

Thanks! I’m trying to make it go away by taking ALL THE PRECAUTIONS – there’s still time for an emergency visit on Monday, and I’m mailing someone I know on location who can reference me to a good doctor just in case. Overpreparing usually works for me, I get insured up to my eyeballs whenever I travel and have never ended up needing it so far. And even if there are firsts for everything, I’ve survived all the previous firsts, so…

woo-hoo getting a job like a boss!!:)

If your gyno gives out to you for not having a yearly exam, she’s not practicing evidence-based medicine. Most people don’t need annual pap smears and you don’t need a pelvic exam to get contraception. I hope your issues clear up soon or turn out to be something with an easy fix!

Thanks! I hope I’m overthinking this, this gyno has been the nicest and most non-judgmental of the ones I’ve dealt with. (Not like that one I stopped going to after she asked me why I wasn’t having babies yet when I went to renew my BC prescription at the ripe old age of 26. And that was still the second best one I’ve seen!)

It was either “Oryx & Crake” or “After the Flood” where Margaret Atwood’s character said to someone that they always had to speak respectfully to the bees. They’d address the bees sort of Shakespearially, in flowery language: “O bees, hear me now” LOL. I have decided I cannot do without bees and will investigate this tomorrow.


And now I can’t remember which one it was, and shelfari/goodreads/google does not have the answer :/ I think it might have been After the Flood, though. I read that more recently, and I definitely remember bees being in it.

I need to go to bed but I’m wide awake.  Gah!

My mishap of the week: I wrote my schedule down wrong and went into work Wednesday night only to find out I actually work Thursday, Friday.  Ahhhhh!  This usually wouldn’t be a big deal because let’s be honest, I don’t really have a life, but Mr. Nonsense’s sister and BIL are coming in to town tonight and I’m going to miss it now.  Bah – I’m getting tired of missing everything because I’m working and/or suck at organizing my life.

After stewing all day yesterday about having to have a major come-to-Jesus meeting with my boss, she first pushed the meeting back two hours and then canceled it all together!
Funny thing is, I need to talk to her about not shoving me aside like this. She has it in her head that I’m power hungry and that I’m trying to eclipse her to make a name for myself at our institution. I can’t seem to convince her otherwise, but I had a great speech all prepared explaining what I really want. Lemme tell you, what I want ain’t her job.
Many and sincere thanks to all y’all for the kind words and support yesterday. You guys are the greatest.

That kind of thing frustrates me to no end. I was once accused of trying to steal someone’s job, out of sheer paranoia, and it made me feel like I had to watch every little thing I said, lest I accidentally do something to reenforce that notion.

oh my god tell me about it!?!?

i ask her what her vision for the office is and where she sees me helping support that vision. that means i’m passing judgement on her abilities as a boss and i think i could do a better job.  these are her words.  i just want to work for her.  i don’t want to be the leader.  i don’t want to make a name for myself.  i just want at the end of the day to feel as if i’ve earned a paycheck.  she doesn’t trust me to make decisions on my own and doesn’t give me any of her time to run things through her.

thankfully, i have an all-day project that’s outside her purview.  hoping i can dodge her all day.

I have been up since about 430am. Woke up and my brain was like *WHOA! THESE ARE ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED TO BE THINKING ABOUT! RIGHT! NOW!* I managed to toss around in bed until 5, but then just gave up and went downstairs to do some work. Sometimes, you just need to roll with where your energy level takes you – although this is definitely not going to be good for later tonight when I will likely craaaash before it’s even dark. Ooo, maybe I can justify naptime this afternoon instead…

Can someone advise me on how to clear notifications? Every time I see the 1 notification thingy, I get excited, but it’s always the same one. :/
Also, I started watching Sherlock (BBC) today, and I cannot. stop. watching.

And on a related note, can anyone tell me how to get my notifications to work again? I don’t want an email every time someone replies to me, but a handy little notification would be l’awesome.

I’m internet stupid.


I don’t think we can get notification alerts for comments/replies. Those are only by email.
I think it has something to do with the fact that this venture does not have big financial backers, and is coded by volunteers or something.

I kind of like the emails, and the unicorn army never fails to make me giggle though…

Usually, if you click on whatever the notification is, it’ll go away. If not, you can go in through your profile, go to settings, turn off all notifications, go to the homepage, then go back in and turn on the ones you want.

And notifications are and always have been emails. If anyone knows a giant media conglomerate or rich aunt who wants to back us so we can afford to have on-site comment notifications custom coded and implemented, put us in touch!

Oh, okay. Maybe it has something to do with my browser or something, that my notifications always stick around.

Anyway, I know why the comment reply notifications are by email. Plus, I have a certain fondness for the Iron Unicorn Army :)


Oh they are definitely having a third series. The first episode (the conclusion of the final problem, er, reichenbach falls) has already been filmed. According to one of the shows producers (or someone equally informed about the show), Watson will swear a whole lot when he knows the real truth. Also, the third series will probably end in a cliffhanger too.

Right now my belly is way too full of food.

But if getting the good parts of today meant suffering through the bad parts, I think I did okay.

Sidney was the real winner though. He got a new log hut since the old one was getting a bit too cramped. He better like it.

Every day this week, something has fallen into place for the month of June. We are going to be so busy doing awesome things, I can’t even comprehend it all. There’s a surfing simulator, a wine fest, WNBA game, minor league baseball, two family parties, a trip to Atlanta and a side trip to Chattanooga. The downer? I do have to go to the dentist on June 29th. The rest of the month will be stellar though!

My whole body hurts. We just started going to the gym and worked out two days in a row, plus I went swimming with Lexie and her bff yesterday. Ow ow ow. So glad she has gymnastics tomorrow morning so Neil can’t drag me over there for a third day in a row. But it finally stopped raining so I got the herbs we bought the other day planted out on the deck. So excited about that!

Today was my last day at my job.  I earned a few dollars while playing Pokemon on Gameboy.  Yup.

But I think the Gameboy playing is really to keep me sane.  I am TERRIFIED that I am not going to find a new job.  I quit a perfectly wonderful one because it’s in the middle of nowhere (like….you have to drive an hour to Wal-Mart nowhere), and after two years, I think I’m teetering on the edge of depression.  I got mono last summer, and for months, I thought I was still sick because I had zero energy and never wanted to do anything and slept way more than I really needed to.  For the past six months or so, I find myself crying about stupid shit or just nothing more and more frequently.  I am five hours away from my family, and I have zero friends here.  Zero.  Some of my coworkers are wonderful, but we never meet up outside of school and rarely talk about non-work things.  I can’t stay here.  But, I feel like I will just continue to feel shitty if I move back in with my parents and have no job.

Ugh.  I’ve put in applications in seven school districts near where my parents live, and many of the districts have three-four-five-six positions I could fill.  I’ve had one interview, and was not hired.  Many of the jobs I’ve applied for are magically disappearing from the district websites.  My original distirct has already hired someone new, so there is no going back.

Also, I have to pack all the things.  Yuck.

I have found in these financially stressed times many jobs just vanish, not because they are filled but because they can’t afford it at this time.  There will be a MAD rush to hire in late August.  So if you don’t get one now, there is still hope.

Speaking of feeling things in my bones, my dodgy hip is playing up. It hadn’t given me much grief since I started going to the gym but after 2 hours of skating on Wednesday, it is not happy. Then because my hip is sore, my knee and foot play along as well.

Ah only 90 more minute then I go and pick up a pair of boots and a pair of flats I have on layby, then a lazy Friday night!

I think today was a multi-dollar day, which is good because I’m going to need it. Our company is rolling out a new dress code, so I’ll be dropping some $ on new work clothes. We’re going from black and white business (casual-ish), to denim preppy. Ordinarily, I’d be psyched to get to wear jeans to work, but this also means that I have to get brown shoes and belts and navy sweaters. I’ve been at my job for almost four years, so I have a huge collection of black sweaters and shoes. What we are hearing about the new guidelines sounds cute, but I wish we could wear skirts. I have days like today where I just don’t feel like wearing pants.

I don’t mind it most of the time because it takes the thinking out of getting ready for work. White button-down, black or grey bottoms. mix it up with a black dress or sweater. I buy one pair of black flats and wear them until they make my feet hurt. I’m sure I’ll adjust to the new stuff, once the sticker shock of buying a new wardrobe wears off.

I’d be so screwed if my work had a dress code. I always do business tidy and suit up when going to court or mediation, but I get away with a lot (strappy sundresses in summer, I am all over it). I’m actually wary of going to other jobs because I’m sure I’d have to tone my nailpolish and make up down!

Mr. Kells just went from uniform for six years to ‘wear whatever you want, we’re a relaxed and groovy store now.’  the first day he tried to get dressed for work, it took him 45 minutes.  i heard this stream of expletives coming from the bedroom as he realized that casual shirt after casual shirt no longer fit him.

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