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Lunchtime Poll: Children of the Cold Virus

I spent the majority of this weekend hanging out with my chiblings, but I’m anticipating doom as a result. As much as I love those little nieces and nephews, they are walking disease carriers.

So, I’m already sucking down the tea and fruit in the hopes of getting enough hydration and Vitamin C to ward off the inevitable illness that comes from being around these adorable, precious, plagued little creatures, whom I love so dearly that I cannot help but hug and hold them every time, regardless of the consequences.

How did the rest of you spend your weekend? Were you out and about, or did you stay home and huddle in bed? Did you see family or forsake them for friends or past seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, neither of which are mutually exclusive, I assure you.

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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Saturday we went to an Earth and Water Festival at the county park and let the kiddo run around in circles and play on the playground with her bff. She got the cutest face paint and was very good at sitting still (much to the shock of all of us). Yesterday I attempted to birthday shop for my husband but only wound up with a dozen books for the kiddo (I love the discount store) and a nail polish for myself since I had a $5 Sally coupon. Oh, and one crappy dvd for him. Oh, well.

I unfucked the house a bit, went to Ikea (and emerged with my marriage intact — hurrah!), and then just generally lazed around the house. Which is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. My stomach is making itself known, so I do need to venture from the bedroom to the kitchen at some point.

Friday, I drove about an hour out of town to hangout with some guy friends. Had sushi, got lost going to a coffee house gig, and then went and got bananas foster and pizza. Later, we went over to In-and-Out, where we just sat and talked until they kicked us out. Saturday is cartoon day around here. Streamed some cartoons online. Sunday, church and volunteer work at a free bbq. All in all, a great weekend.

I was in lab for most of saturday, but sunday was glorious, glorious respite from academic slavery. Hmmm. I baked cinnamon rolls, called over some friends and watched old episodes of Star Trek.


Saturday: clean all the things, shop for groceries, then get round to important work stuff with a deadline, finish it at 4 AM.

Sunday: barbecue and cake and whatnot in the garden, because it was my birthday a while ago and this Sunday people actually had time to stop by. Upside: fabulous weather + cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils and food, glorious food. Minor downside: mosquito swarms from hell. I soaked myself in repellent and still have bites everywhere.

We were out and about on both Saturday and Sunday. And I’m so, so tired. Juniper Junior has quite enjoyed his playdate and biking expedition but I could do with rather a lot of sleep at this moment in time. Things have been a little hectic of late, so over the weekend, I’ve also been indulging in some Pratchett. Having read The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full Of Sky and The Wintersmith, I am very much enjoying the idea that if we ever have another child and that child happened to be a daughter, that she’d be called Tiffany.

Friday night: epic babysitting. The younger child (who is four and looks like harry potter) locked us all out of his and his sister’s bedroom, and less than a half hour later, dropped the toothpaste in the toilet as he was brushing his teeth.

Saturday: went scrambling about for hair accessories, more babysitting (different kids), and each had a meltdown which resulted in the first time-outs I’ve ever given them.  But, I put the youngest to bed while having a rather interesting conversation about the nervous system (he needs to talk to fall asleep, for some reason). Yes, I used Schoolhouse Rock for the basis of my explaining.

Sunday: wedding of a friend from high school, it was lovely, most were drunk, and I saw all my friends from high school. Even though we are well on our way to being grown ups, everyone was still the same…in a good way, yesterday, though.

Also: little kids are hotboxes of disease and should be considered biological weapons for their virulence and trickery.

I admire anyone who can babysit two days in a row and still write a coherent sentence.

I would mind so much if they didn’t fool me into hugging them every time I see them with their BIG BABY EYES and their ADORABLE AFFECTIONS. It’s probably worth the cold and/or flu I get afterward, but sometimes I wonder if it isn’t all just some grand cosmic scheme.

Let’s see, Friday night we went out for an anniversary dinner, which was more fun than romantic. Saturday I discovered a cupcakery, had dinner with friends and helped Mr.B strike a bar mitzvah. I also spent the days painting a dresser for MiniB’s room, and Sunday we performed The Great Dresser Swap.

On Friday, Mr. and I went to Maryland to visit a tattoo shop and he got more work done on his chest/torso. It turned out amazing, but it was such a long day. I would have preferred to stay overnight. We slept in Saturday and then went for lunch before I had to go to work in the afternoon. I both love and hate closing shifts on the weekends.  On one hand, I get to sleep in and go for breakfast, on the other, I have to work until 10.

Well I worked Friday, my primary patient is probably going home soon so I made sure to give them some extra love.  The rest of the weekend was spent with Mr. Nonsense and primarily involved making homemade pizza, watching episodes of Psych, and playing board games.  I kicked Mr. Nonsense’s ass in Rivals in Catan, but he whooped mine in Carcassonne.  Then we kicked Pandemic’s ass together twice.

Argh, seriously.  Mr. Nonsense ALWAYS picks just the right tile in Carcassonne then proceeds to steal my castles and then we have an epic farm battle because we are both so stubborn.  But I wish we were neighbors, Mr. Nonsense and I are always looking for people to play games with us.

As for the pizza, we eat a lot of it.  It’s kind of our go to meal and we use it as a way to use up our veggies before they go bad.  Sometimes I just use pita bread, then there is this really yummy flat bread crust I recently discovered at Whole Foods, but a lot of times I’ll use Jim Lahey’s no knead pizza dough for crust.  It’s ridiciously easy to make. I have a few sauce recipes, but I usually take the short cut and just buy a jar.  I’ve been using lots of artichokes lately but as long as it doesn’t have olives on it, I’m good to go.  Do you have any awesome go to pizza recipes?

Went into lab early both mornings. But Saturday afternoon I helped to tag baby crows! :) So cute. Little fluffy birds. They have bright blue eyes. Yay! Sunday I did some cleaning of the apartment. It was so hot!

I didn’t want to go out this weekend because it was graduation weekend, which meant lots of traffic. :P

Friday I went to an agriculture festival with my mom. Saturday morning I planted some bulbs and felt like a boss for pushing 200 lbs of compost around the hardware store. Saturday afternoon I volunteered at the museum until I felt a migraine coming on and left. Sunday I had lunch with a group of my mom’s friends that came in from out of town. Hopefully next weekend I can get to the community garden and hang out with my brother and niece and nephew and sister-in-law. I’ve had way too many places to be the past few weekends, I miss the little ones!

A group of my friends and I have made up a sort of artist’s group where we meet once a month and show off projects that we have been working on, talk about goals, and so on. Last meeting it was put forth that we should make artist’s trading cards to share. I was all on board and this weekend I sat down to do a bit of drawing for them. I began with the best of intentions. I was going to make grown up, sophisticated art. What I made was Sailor Moon fan art. While watching Star Trek Voyager.

My Significant Other’s family came to our place this weekend, including his nephew.  While he seemed to be in good health, he’s still snotty enough that I’m worried as well.  Plus he has trouble hitting the toilet. (So, what’s the proper way to deal with that? Can I ask the kid’s mom to clean that up? or do I need to just suck it up and do it myself?  I purposefully ingest chemicals to prevent any spawnlings, because I don’t like their messes.) :P  Other than that, our bees came in so our hive is active, and we rearranged a room so now the house has a lovely ::nose in air:: sun room.  Because who uses a dining room table anyways?

(PS – I cleaned it myself, this time. I’m not a total jerk.)

If the young man is old enough (6 or older) you could kindly point out that he needed to clean up his mess.  I keep bleach wipes by the toilet for that reason.  If you are against bleach wipes, at least having him wipe the seat with toilet paper helps- I know the germs are still there.  Training the boy to lift the seat takes consistency, patience, and reminders.  Mine is getting better.

Yeah, Trulybst is right. The little boys take work in this regard. We have an informal “sit down when you pee” rule for my nephew when he visits. He is welcome to stand and pee if he wishes, but if he misses, he knows he is responsible for cleaning it up!

So, um, first of all, I did actually watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine. How did you get in my house? Where did you hide the cameras??

Anyway, this weekend was chaos. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I crammed in there. And I wonder why I have a cold now? Geez. I need a whole new Sunday to recover.

I’d make a list of everything I did but damn, there is a lot. The highlights: Sunday’s Soccer Game and solar eclipse on the walk back to the car, Baby squash planted, and a house party where a boy kissed me. I was more interested in the attention than the boy. I won’t be dating him. But it was still fun.

The most incredible part though? Sunday night I drank an entire quart of juice in about an hour. Yah, cold!

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