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Lunchtime Poll: Memorial Day

Welcome back, Persephoneers! I hope you all found plenty to keep you occupied while the American P-Mag team took Monday off for Memorial Day. For many, Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer, kicked off with barbecues, pool parties, bonfires, and all sorts of fun activities. I cleaned my garage, which is considerably less fun than any of those things mentioned above.

How about you? Did you have a fun, movie montage-worthy weekend, or did you, like me, spend your days doing something mundane but necessary?

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I kind of had a rough Memorial Day this year.  Mr. Nonsense hasn’t been feeling up to par and has been having a host of really strange symptoms.  He went to the doc yesterday and passed out while they were drawing his blood…twice. It took him so long to come to that they did an EKG on him and had me pick him up.  He could barely walk, he was so out of it.  In fact, he was out of it pretty much the whole day. By the time it was time for me to go to work, he was feeling a little better.  I went to work and my coworkers basically proceeded to scare the shit out of me when I told them about my day. They could not believe I had come in to work. They were CONVINCED he was going to pass out again and wanted me to go home. Me being who I am, was like nah, it’s fine, I’ll just call him real quick and make sure he’s alright and it will be fine…

Except he didn’t answer the phone and he ALWAYS answer his phone.  I called his cell and the apartment phone 3 times.  Thank god my friend was working in close proximity to me because I started panicking bad… Holy shit, it was bad. Embarrassingly bad. Mr. Nonsense ended up being fine – he was sleeping (at 8pm when he normally goes to bed at MN) and he felt pretty terrible when he saw me crying.  But yeah… the doctor called this morning and nothing came back funny, but I can’t shake this bad feeling…

I was at World Steam Expo for the bulk of the weekend. I was crazy busy, but it was a lot of fun. I found a new band to like (Frenchy and the Punk), had high tea with Gail Carriger (fangirl squee!), and spent most of Monday wandering around Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum in costume. My acquisitions include some new stripy socks, an autograph, and a wicked sunburn. I shot 2 and a half rolls of 35mm and a roll and a half of 120. The big disappointment of the weekend was finding out that the flash on my brand shiny new camera does not work (or rather the contacts from the camera don’t work the flash will fire just fine), so I need to make an irate phone call sometime later today to the Lomography store.

Hit a craft fair on Saturday, went clothing shopping on Sunday, and went to a small zoo with kiddo’s bff and his parents. THAT was exhausting. They picked us up at 9:30 and we didn’t get home until almost 6. The kids had fun but were fucking wild because bff’s mom doesn’t discipline him at all and tells my kid it’s okay to be obnoxious even when I’m telling her to stop screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing rocks around under the picnic table at the bbq place we went to for lunch.

I worked the entire time, but it was quite busy, so it passed quickly. High points: closing Sunday, so I got to sleep in with the Mr. and go for breakfast. And BOGO strawberries at the grocery store. We ate a container yesterday.  Low points: just about everything else. It was a draining weekend and I’m so glad it’s over. I was just about ready to cry by the time I left yesterday evening – it was a combination of exhaustion, PMS, and cramps that doubled me over several times. I’m already so over the summer tourist/weekender season.

Both productive and lazy, which is how I like my long weekends. Saturday I also cleaned out a garage. Sunday was spent all day on the couch reading. I haven’t done that in a long time, and it was glorious! Monday was laundry, knitting, and Band of Brother’s day. Even though I’ve seen it probably a dozen times, if that miniseries is on, I’ll spend the whole day watching it.

Thank you to the service members and their families on here, both in the US and abroad. It’s a tough job, and I appreciate your sacrifice.

A mixture of both; I made some crockpot pulled pork, steamed corn on the cob, cleaned out old pots/pans that Need To Go, dyed my hair not-bright-enough orange (am trying to get it bright enough now), and the mister vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned out some paperwork/organized files, and made a moat in Minecraft. We went shopping to try & come up with gift ideas for our sons’ graduations, but ended up getting (another) laser light system. It’s not possible to have too many laser lights!

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