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Lunchtime Poll: The Perfect Afternoon

Yesterday, I challenged myself to complete my entire to-do list before lunchtime, so I could have the rest of the day to myself. I spent the afternoon napping, snacking, and messing around online.

What is your perfect afternoon, if you were left alone without any responsibilities? Would you go out and do something fun, or, like me, would you just curl up and nap?

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I’d go walking/biking for a while (it helps me think!) and then come back and read a fiction book. And then round it out by going over to play ultimate (frisbee) with the rest of my team mates.

PS: Hello, I’m new here. I couldn’t figure out if there was a place I could use for introductions and suchlike, so I just decided to jump in.

Ooh, nap! Well, more like read, then nap, lose time on Pinterest, read, nap some more. I imagine lots of tea would also be involved.

As I’m off for a whole month as of this week (yay, summer break!), I actually intend to do this sometime this week. Maybe a couple of times, to be honest.

(Edited because my original post was supposed to be a reply to someone else.)

I’d either sit around reading and dicking around online or go shopping by myself.

Unrelated: I have a jigsaw puzzle app on my computer and just finished all the puzzles that came with it, so I decided to make my own. Behold the glory:

With this incredible weather, hello 85 degree day!, I would definitely be outside playing in the yard. I have a fort to repair (came with the house!), a vegetable garden to tend to and a lawn to lay in.

Also, I just saw this morning that my basil survived the 90 degree day we had yesterday! I didn’t kill the basil! OMG.

If it were just as dreary as April was, I would be inside watching Spirited Away, painting my nails, or getting the family room ready for a fresh coat of paint.

The longest I can binge on TV is three hours, after that, I get hella restless.

Oh, and no matter what the weather is like, I’d make cookies. :)

Honestly it would depend on if I had something to do in the realm of fun. I really like outdoor concerts and things like that but don’t get to go to them often. But if I have nothing that I could do or friends to play with, then I would be sprawled outside in the sunshine with a good book while my radio plays some blues (it’s my reading music). If I were around friends we’d probably be doing something similar but with more talking, teasing, and laughing.

Side note: I forgot I had a bottle of nail polish in my pocket until I started to smell it and couldn’t figure out who would paint their nails during class… oops. My pocket is now raspberry.

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