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Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare Dance Party

Happy Thursday! Did you try last week’s challenge? It was about asking someone out.

Truth: What’s a TV show that you watch with relish but that is maybe a little embarrassing to admit? I love Stargate SG-1. I’m not sure why, but I find it endlessly entertaining and comforting.

Dare: Next time you are in a store that is playing really loud, club-like music, have a little public dance party. Bring friends for bonus points!

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By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I cannot subscribe to guilty pleasures. I take no guilt in them. They are simply My Pleasures. :) But, there are TV shows I love that I know others may not care for. For example. I fucking LOVE Drop Dead Diva. I watch it on Netflix (only two seasons are avail so please no spoilers, thanks) and I am about to begin watching it all again for the second time. I love every character in their own way. But my favs are Stacey and Fred. (he’s some dude on Mad Men now! yah Fred!) I want Stacey to be my best friend and roommate. So Bad. But, overall, it’s not in the scope of shows my friends would watch. I do not think they’d understand the intensity of the slam DebJane gives BitchFace (even though I love it, some names never stick) by way of one Birkin Bag knock off. Oh well. It’s still fabulous.

As for the dare, that’s a life activity I live by. I was just in Forever 21, dancing to their music while finding beachy gear. Robyn played while I was in the dressing room and I had an all out dance party. I tend to sway to the adult contemp music in grocery stores also. I’m a slave to the music. :)

and yet more proof that were are and remain soul mates. That is exactly the show I was coming down here to type. Those dresses! The sparkles! Needing battery packs for your wedding dress! The amazing dressmaker coming armed with a fire extinguisher, just in case? Brilliant.

I know that Dr. Phil is Very Not Done, but me and my mom can do a little bonding over his most extreme episodes and be happy about how normal/plain our family is. Besides that.. no embarrassment.

I might have done that dare before, especially in my alternative days.

Anything on HGTV. I can leave that channel on for hours watching makeover show after property buying show forever. It’s great for when I don’t want to think too hard. My favorites probably Income Property, Color Splash and Property Virgins. But I will watch anything that comes on.

Also Supernatural. The DVDs were really cheap and the premise appealed to me. Hot guys fighting demons? Yes, please. The fandom scares me a bit, though

I got seriously mad at the Hallmark Channel for cutting out my favorite Golden Girls lines to make room for more advertisements.  There are very few GG episodes that i don’t know verbatim, so when “Miami . . . you’re cuter than  . . . an interuteraaaaaan” gets cut, shit gets serious.  I actually started a complaint letter then realized that there was no way to write that without sounding like a crazy person.

My really guilty pleasure show: Say Yes to the Dress. Pretty dresses!!

Also, I like Bones and NCIS. Bones I like so much that I watch it on my laptop to stay up with the season, while NCIS is my go-to background tv show for when I’m doing work. (They’re not really guilty pleasures, though, because I feel no guilt in watching them).

I organize my tv watching (which is done on the internet) into tiers, because I don’t have enough time to watch all of the mildly comedic crime shows that I like to watch. Tier 1 are the shows I watch definitely each week if they are on, tier 2 are the shows that I watch if the tier one shows aren’t on, and tier three are the shows I watch if I am grading papers/need to keep myself awake. I pull largely from the crime/mystery genre but I prefer mildly cheesy funny tv.

Tier 1: Bones, The New Girl, Flashpoint

Tier 2: NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles

Tier 3: Castle, The Mentalist

I am uncertain if the shows are embarrassing or if my weird organization system is….

My guilty pleasure is Glee. I actually stopped watching it beginning of season 2 because it was ridiculous, the plot kept changing, and the characters were so inconsistent. Then a year later, I decided on a whim to watch an episode because I was bored and got sucked back in. The guilty pleasure is that it was something I railed against and now I just feel like a dork.

Pretty Little Liars. I never want my labmates to find out I watch that absolutely trashy show, they would tease me mercilessly if they knew.

Everyone thinks I am this awesome perfect nerdista, and my nerd-cred would diminish greatly if I admitted to it.

Which is surprising, considering I freely admit to reading Meg Cabot and other such “chick-lit” books, because I like them SO THERE.

I’m starting to read them now.
They share shelf space on my goodreads profile with Dostoevsky and Dickens.
But yes, so good. And twisty.
Also the best part of the TV series are the clothes. Gorgeous clothes of all the characters.

MacGyver in Space (er, SG-1)  is not embarrassing! Surely! I love that show. Actually I love all the Stargates.

I’ve been watching the new Thundercats show and it is surprisingly good, although the quality of the animation in this most recent batch of episodes has taken a nose dive. In this version Snarf can’t talk, and that already makes the show a billion times better. And Panthro has apparently turned into Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop.

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