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Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare, Get Romantic

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to Thursday. Did you take me up on last week’s dare and get everyone in on a rousing chorus of “Do You Hear the People Sing?”

It’s okay if you didn’t. We’ve got a great dare for this week, too.

Truth: When have you really put your foot in your mouth? To this day I am still horrified by the time in 2nd grade when I told one of my classmates that I hated his haircut.

Dare: Ask someone out, and not necessarily romantically. Maybe you ask that person above you in your company to coffee and see if they’ll mentor you, or you reach out to that cool gal in your class with whom you just know you could be friends. And of course, I also encourage asking out of the romantic variety.

Let me know how you do in the comments!

By [E] Sally Lawton

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10 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare, Get Romantic”

OK, I finally thought of a foot in mouth moment I am willing to share. (The first two that came to mind still make me want to plug my ears and shout “Lalalala that never happened!”). In college a sort of friend showed me the fancy new shoes she was wearing, which were red. I immediately said “I was just reading The Southern Belle Primer and the writer said her grandmother always said that red shoes are for children and whores.” From the silence that followed I realized that she was not thinking “Haha, old southern ladies are silly, red shoes rock!” (which was what I was thinking). No, she was thinking “SaraB just called me a whore.” I could think of nothing to say that wouldn’t make things worse, so I mumbled something and ran away.

Asking a very new mom if she was serious with the name of her daughter probably wasn’t a good idea.
Making fun of boss when said boss is behind you? Yup.
Only realizing that you’ve been turning your user name and pass word around after loudly complaining for five minutes and asking the IT for help (sorry guys it was a Monday!)

I could go on like this.

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