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Lunchtime Poll: Your First CD

So here’s a question for a Friday morning that I may as well ask you all, since soon today’s yooooouths won’t have answer for it:

What was the first CD you ever owned? Mine was Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill.” If you do a little date-checking you’ll realize I wasn’t exactly an early adopter when it came to CDs.

So how about you?

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I think my first CD was something by the Backstreet Boys. We lived outside the US, and songs and suchlike always came to our country a little slower. I remember hearing about the band from my cousins in the US and being all jealous, and then being super happy when I got the first one.

oooh, I can’t remember. I certainly wasn’t an early adopter, and held on resolutely to my cassettes into the early 90’s, even. See, I had SEEN what happened to laser discs (heh), and resented re-buying stuff.

Maybe The Future, by Leonard Cohen, because I literally wore out the tape!  

I never actually bought CDs since my dad had a very sizeable collection of 80s and (early) 90s rock, and since that was what I was into, I had no shortage of things to listen to! Nearly all the 8000+ songs I have weren’t actually bought with my money…

Yeahhh, I have no idea what my first cd was, because at that point I was just replacing my existing cassette music collection with discs. The first record I remember buying was the Jackson 5’s Greatest Hits, and I know when I finally got a record player in my room I had Dire Straits, Lou Reed’s New York and a Madonna album.

My first two CDs were presents at Christmas, so not sur ewhich would count as “first” but. They were: Aqua Aquarium, and a CD of classical music with sounds of nature (birds tweeting, ocean tide) in the background. I dunno what that says about me hahah. The first CD I bought with my own money was Now 5, with such great hits as Souldecisions “Faded”, The Moffat’s “Misery” and Hanson’s “This Time Around”. I still love dancing around to that album!!

I’m not sure. My dad likes to get the latest and greatest in technology, so the family had a CD player as far back as I can remember. I kind of remember bugging my dad to make a cassette copy of Fred Penner’s Happy Feet for me so I could listen to it in the car when I was a smaller person. The first CD I can remember having that was unconnected to my parents’ taste in music (or in the case of Mr. Penner, clearly bought for me by them) was Matchbox 20’s Yourself or Someone Like You.

Oh, I held on to vinyl and cassettes forever… that being said, I was super-into-music and used every cent I had to acquire it. If I had to guess, I’d say something by Depeche Mode, maybe Construction Time Again or Some Great Reward. I do remember the first 45 I bought with my own money (ABC, Look of Love), and the first album I paid for myself was either Blondie or the Clash. I was also obsessed with Paul McCartney (and the Beatles to a lesser extent) from the age of 2, but that was back in the early sevent…. er, um, a while ago :)

I think I was about 13 or 14 when my mom bought a 5-disc changer. They were super expensive at that time so I was floored when she let me pick out 5 CD’s of my own. My awesome picks:

MC Hammer – Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em
Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey
Paula Abdul – Spellbound
New Kids on the Block – Step By Step
Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

I’d like to say my taste in music has improved over the years, but I kind of doubt it.

I’m not sure exactly which one came first but it’s one of these three.

Third Eye Blind
Ever Clear
Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore.

And thus I began a lifelong love for the late 90’s alternative bands. :) I was too young to get into grunge when it first hit the scene but by 8th grade, I was dressing the part. By freshman year, my cds matched my flannel and oversized jeans. …I tend to work out of order.


Man, I’m with shellsncheese, I’m not sure I remember the first CD I actually bought. Probably something awesome like N*SYNC.

ETA: I think it’s partly because I had an older sister and sort of inherited/stole all her cds to dance/sing to in the basement because, obviously, if someone cannot see you, they cannot hear you.

I remember the tape that I WORE OUT as a kid was the soundtrack to the movie Newsies. I was such a little crazy pants; I’d go around singing the “lovey dovey babbbbyyy” song to my favorite cat, Puss’n’Boots (obviously). I was super awesome.

My first cassette was USA for Africa.   I can’t remember what my first CD was or when I switched over, but I’m thinking it was probably Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson or Madonna.  Though I’m looking at the CD’s I have (yes I still have all my old CDs) and Salt N Pepa’s Very Necessary (1993) could be a contender.

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