News Appetizers: Girl You Know It’s True

Chillens and chillahs, pups and pupkins, welcome back to the mid-week news recap! Join us as we dive into the ether of the masses and attempt to swim amongst the rhetoric and the politics that make most people’s heads spin.

So put on your boots or put on your best, throw back a cold one, and light a flame – let’s dive into the weekly news of this mad, mad world on our desperate search for truth, love, and hope.

Do not fuck with me or VAWA.

Apparently VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) passed with barely a smidgen? From Think Progress, “Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) led the opposition to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – even leading Senate Judiciary Republicans to unanimously vote against it because they object to its protections for LGBT victims, immigrants and Native Americans.” Come on fellows, sometimes they just yack and it’s all you can do to shut one of them up, amirite? What with their demand to be respected as autonomous people. Next thing you know, they will want representation and respect. Good great white Jesus. (Think Progress)

George Zimmerman opened his own Facebook page entitled “The George Zimmerman legal case.” Seriously. It even has a fancy logo. Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, in what seems to be either the most offensive or least ethical decision in years, created both a Facebook and Twitter account for Zimmerman. Was this a way for O’Mara to say he is sorry after disabling Zimmerman’s previous website, which raised $200,000 for him, which was, whoopsies, not revealed in court when Zimmerman made bail? Seriously, this case is – I cannot even. (Detroit Free Press, GZ Legal Defense)

Motherhood vs. Feminism! The argument that the NY Times has been pushing for years and yet still always seems to piss everyone off. Seriously, can we stop talking about “destroying feminism” and “attachment parenting”? How about let people parent how they want? Or recognize that feminism is about a series of choices, as is parenting? How about asking about the social circumstances that make up the choices available to people when deciding how to parent or how they can parent? No? We are just going to stick with the Motherhood vs. Feminism feud like it’s the Yankees vs. the Red Sox? Ugh. (New York Times)

Yes, Pakistan, unmanned drone strikes are good for you! Nutritious! You'll appreciate this once your older!

Unmanned drone strikes – just like mother’s milk! The U.S. is reportedly defending its use of drones to wipe out “terrorism suspects.” Yeah. Okay.  (Al Jazeera)

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the L.A. Riots and both Arturo Garcia at Racilicious and Jorge Rivas at Colorlines have highlighted a round-up of the many voices reflecting on the cultural moment. (Racialicious, Colorlines)

Well, pumpkins, that wraps us up for another mid-week round up – but remember, when the news looks frightening and insults your intelligence, just remember, life is short, and while you have to fight the good fight, you also have to love yourself and others, because progress is a long, hard battle.

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The term “mommy wars,” which you didn’t bring up but instantly came to mind, makes me so angry.  Who is pushing these wars?  Why do people think that stay-at-home mothers and those that work need to be on opposite sides of some stupid conflict?  Hate.  HAAAAATE.

I’m pretty sure it’s the patriarchy. People insecure about the fact that women can now go have jobs figure that starting a civil war among our troops will lead to loss of morale and ultimate failure.

Somewhere, a bald dude with a white cat is really happy.

My thing is, I expect this conversation to come up by major publications who may have no intimate grasp of certain social movements / concepts.  What really agitates me, is when I start hearing these views parroted back in a dogmatic way by both identified feminists and non feminist. An example would be Katie Roiphie – technically, Roiphie is a “working mom”, meaning, she’s a professional writer (whose career has been enabled by feminism in multiple ways), whose work is all about how feminism is destroying woman/mother hood, and how she is a stay at home mom first and foremost. On the other side of the coin, there is someone like Katha Pollit, who echo’s the 70’s polemic of getting women into the workforce, having to struggle for serious respect/economic equality/labor rights -etc. However, being that things have changed over the past few years, its not to say that those things aren’t important, but that the conversation about them can be extremely condescending and go into ” my feminism demands that you work and if you don’t, you are playing into the patriarchy and setting yourself up for disaster”. I find both insulting and too black and white.

So what do you do? Well, you let people do what they want for the most part and realize that being human is hard. I know this sounds like its veering into whatever I choose/ all choices equal feminism, which has serious problems of its own (Sarah Palin, I saw you co-opting feminism) but,I mean, what else are you going to do? Forcing someone to realize that they “should” work instead of being a stay at home mom is 1. not productive and 2. insults their intelligence. Vice Versa for someone who cant not work and is thought to stay at home with the kids and just cant.

What I would like to see instead of these tepid arguments that keep getting brought up is why moms have to either go to work or how they are able to stay home.  I think this might speak to a larger economic bind that many women find themselves in, i.e. – spouse with money, nanny, not having enough money for a nanny, not having enough room to “quit” a job, and so on. I think this speaks to a larger conversation that gets easily erased in place of MOMMYHOOD VS FEMINISM.

Also, Daddyhood vs feminism – where is that argument? I love that these types of conversations are rarely directed at fathers.

Rant be over.

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