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Recap: Bones 7.12 “The Suit on the Set”

It’s the somewhat annual silly episode that includes lots of inside jokes and hat-tips to obsessive viewers. So strap in, don’t ask too many questions, and just enjoy… that’s what I’ll be doing.

The Case

One of Brennan’s novels is finally being filmed as a movie (hat tip to season one’s “The Woman at the Airport“), and she and Booth are on set to check it out. There are absolutely hilariously terrible teaser trailers that open and close the episode, by the way.

A screenshot from the show Bones: an explosion with two people in front of it and the text "Bone of Contention"
This. Looks. TERRIBLE. Screencap via

The stars of Bone of Contention (coming Summer 2013) are Blaine Campbell as Agent Andy Lister and Sheri (something that I have completely forgotten now and didn’t note apparently) as Dr. Kathy Reichs (inside joke – Kathy Reichs is the author of the novels that Bones is based on). And they’re both pretty airheaded. On set, Brennan is disappointed at the changes that were made since the last version of the script, like explosions and mistakes in the science. Brennan can’t hold it in anymore as Sherri inaccurately rips open a chest cavity, causing the director Jaco to have to call for a reset and a fresh corpse. Brennan asks producer Mandy Oh how the dialogue got so mangled and Mandy points to the technical consultant, Dr. Doug Filmore (from last season’s “The Feet on the Beach“). Filmore says it’s not his fault… Jaco doesn’t care about the science. As the new corpse is plopped down, Sherri is freaked out by the smell of it. Booth recognizes that smell and Brennan confirms: it’s a real dead body.

The producers want to shut down production, but it’s always been Brennan’s dream to have a movie made, so when Filmore helpfully interjects that the lab set is fully functioning (that was somehow cheaper than creating replicas), Booth suggest that if the real Reichs and Lister solve the case, that’s great PR. Filmore assists her and when Barry Summers (who plays the Hodgins type character) reveals that he has multiple doctorates in botany, biology, and entomology, he gets pulled into the case, too. He says that’s how he got the part; he wasn’t intimidated by the science-speak. Brennan is horrified that he chose acting over science, and he admits that he does miss the science sometimes. Meanwhile, Booth finds a compatriot, too, in Mike the Security Guard, who used to be in the bureau. After having kids, he took a job there in LA to have a better place to live. He recommends it to Booth, so they have an opening after all.

As Hodgins remotely assists, he’s totally jealous of the fake-Jeffersonian set. Angela shows them the facial reconstruction and Summers recognizes it as studio head Hanson Stephens (inside joke: the show’s creator and exec producer is Hart Hanson and another exec producer and writer is Stephen Nathan). Brennan wonders why someone that well know wouldn’t have been reported missing, but his PA was covering for him, as it was common for him to disappear two or three times a year.

The Ball of Guilt bounces between so many people this episodes, it’s probably easier to just sum everything up. Fake Booth Blaine is cleared pretty quickly having no real motive (and saying that Booth gives a Steve McQueen vibe). A threatening voicemail from screenwriter Liam and a questionable search history for sites about perfect murders point to him, but he points them to Sherri, who was banging Hanson (and, we’ll later find, pretty much everyone else). Sherri says she was filming all night, though. Wounds on the body indicate that he was run over by a small car, so eyes go to Mandy Oh, who was next in line for his job and has foliage sticking out of her Mini’s front bumper. Valerie, the head gardener, confirms that that’s from Mandy running into a tree earlier in the week. When Angela finds a video on the cloud account of Hanson’s other phone of Sherri and Director Jaco in an intimate moment, B&B go to question him. He denies knowing that Hanson was spying on them, but he does drive a small car, too, so it’s suspicious. When Angela uses the Angelator to test out the turn radius, though, neither his car or Mandy’s matches the marks on the grass, but they’re looking for something smaller.

Something like a golf cart, which gardener Valerie uses to get around the lot. Turns out she saw Hanson cut an elephant topiary she’d been growing for seven years (to spy on Sherri and Jaco) and Valerie flipped out when he wouldn’t apologize and threatened to fire her. Summers thinks it’s awesome, not for Valerie, obviously, but to have helped solve a case.

Brennan/Booth PlotA screenshot from the show Bones: Booth and Brennan kiss in front of a bright, happy backdrop

We’re pretty light on the couple plot this week. Booth entertains the idea of moving out to the west coast and Brennan even starts considering it, but Booth ends up turning down the job. If they moved, he explains “I wouldn’t be working with you…you’re my partner.” They kiss in front of an adorably sappy backdrop.

Squint Plot

A screenshot from the show Bones: The actress that plays Cam also playing a 70's esque vampire with a huge afro
This was hilarious. Screencap via

Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins is really bummed that the Squint characters don’t get to be in the cool action sequences. He wants to have something for Michael to look at to see how cool he is. Angela reminds him that no one else can do what he can do and that he’s the sweetest dad in the world. When Summers realizes that he recognizes Cam from a terrible movie they did in New York together, Hodgins becomes determined to find a copy of this movie. He does, and once the team is all back in DC and against Cam’s better judgement, they all sit down to watch it. It’s called Invasion of the MotherSuckers and Cam is a Foxy Brown-looking vampire (a nod to Angel, perhaps?). It’s pretty hilariously bad. Brennan has some good news after the movie, too… the studio was so happy with the case being solved, they’ve offered the team cameos. Hodgins is super-excited.

So, what did you think? Did you notice any inside jokes or references that I missed?

A screenshot from the show Bones: Brennan grimacing

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My boyfriend and I watched this last night. For us, the two best parts were: 1) The guy who plays Booth in Bone of Contention kept judo-rolling into people. We are both martial arts geeks so we recognized it right away. And 2) There was this advertisement on during Bones for a show on the DIY network where Vanilla Ice Renovates a mansion to turn it into an “awesome krib”. I think it’s bad that one of the highlights of the show was an advertisement on during the break. :P

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