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Recap, Scandal 1.5: “Crash and Burn”

I really enjoy watching Scandal, not because of the story lines but because of the characters. The characters are multidimensional, with so many layers, like an onion. Olivia is so strong. She seems to have put her breakdown last week behind her. Maybe Abby’s pep talk shook her up enough. I don’t know, but it is nice to see a strong successful woman, with values and ethics, who you can admire on television.

I only wish that I could describe based on location like on Game of Thrones, because there is a lot of jumping around. So I am going to focus on the relationships.

Quinn, Huck and Olivia:

Huck points out that Amanda didn’t run away. He explains how she was taken and points out to Olivia that she is being watched. Quinn seems quick to jump to the conclusion that Amanda ran away. I am not sure about Quinn’s strength of character; wasn’t she the one so sure of Amanda’s story?

David and Olivia:

Olivia wants David’s help with Amanda. Yeah, we know she has only been missing for a few hours. But get on it, dude.

Harrison and Quinn:

Quinn is stressed about Amanda and worried. Harrison tells her there is something bigger. “What’s bigger than Amanda?” Then we are shown the plane crash.

What's bigger than Amanda?

President and cameras:

The president talks about a senator that he respected and the other 119 people who died on flight 684. As he walks away from the press conference, Cyrus urges the president to push a vote on a bill. The president and Billy are afraid to be opportunistic. Cyrus explains you can’t let a tragedy go to waste. I wouldn’t put it past that man to orchestrate the accident.

Gideon and Quinn:

Someone always seems to know what is going on

Gideon comes into Quinn’s office and talks to her. Quinn tells him that he can’t just walk in there. Gideon seems to take a lot of rights. No one else can just walk in, not even The Law. He knows that Amanda is missing and informs her that a missing report has been filed by Amanda’s dad. Huck figures out who took Amanda by watching a video and zooming in on a face. Last episode, we learned that Huck is a former CIA guy.

Huck and Charlie:

Huck meets a man at a restaurant. The man asks what name Huck is using now. This guy goes by Charlie. Charlie claims not to know anything about Amanda and tells him to stop looking because Amanda is gone. Charlie’s parting shot mocks Huck as Huck Flynn and explains that Charlie is not Charlie Brown but Charlie Manson.

Huck Flynn and Charlie Manson

The Team:

Everyone is sitting around a table with the black box. The leader explains that no one can make a recording or take their notes with them. I notice Quinn is not at the table. There is an abrupt end to the recording. Back at the office, the team is trying to remember what was said on the black box. Harrison quotes the recording noises perfectly. Someone has a good memory. As they discuss the box, a man walks in staunchly supporting the pilot of the plane, his wife.


Olivia :

Olivia talks to him about the evidence and how the media will report it. Laurie was sober for 20 years and a good pilot. So starts the team’s investigation. Olivia asks Huck for a copy of the black box recording. Abby finds out that six attendants and two pilots were at the bar the night before. One did not get on the plane. So she goes and finds her. While the team is talking, Huck walks in and yells that Amanda is dead.

Olivia is pissed. She runs out to her tail and yells at him. Olivia commands the tail to tell the president she knows what he did. The president was in a meeting discussing votes for his bill when the tail comes in and whispers in his ear.

Quinn, Dad, and Olivia:

Quinn is sitting with Amanda’s dad. She introduces Olivia and promises that everything will be okay. Olivia calls her out (privately) about making promises. She tells Quinn that Amanda is dead.

The president and Olivia:

He seems a bit ticked that Olivia threatened his man. Olivia tells her that war is war but murder is murder. The president denies the responsibility, trust your gut he tells her. “You know me.” Olivia claims not to have a gut anymore.

“If you didn’t kill her then we both know who did. You let a pit bull off his leash and he mauls a baby no-one blames the dog. You let Cyrus off his leash that’s on you.” (Way to uphold a stereotype.)

 Abby and the Flight Attendant:

The flight attendant supports Andrew’s position that Laurie didn’t drink. Laurie only came to the bar because it was the flight attendant’s birthday party.

David and Olivia:

David has discovered who Amanda was. He wants more information that Olivia is not going to give. He asks, “Am I about to step into political quicksand?”

Andrew and Olivia:

Andrew explains what the flags at the crash site represent. He is upset about not having his wife’s body. “What will be in her casket, a red flag?”

Olivia and Huck:

I'll take care of it.

Olivia finds Huck and asks him to find Amanda’s body. The X-Files generation knows that without a body, no one is really dead. He hesitates but promises to take care of it. Olivia knows what this means and tells him that if he needs to be pulled out, he can call her. “I will come fore you.” I really like Huck and his take-care-of-things personality. I am afraid about what we are going to discover.

Cyrus and the president:

Cyrus comes in and the president tells him that Amanda is dead. Cyrus’s response is a sarcastic, “That’s sad.” His face does not register any shock. Hmmm… the president is reasonably upset at Cyrus’s lack of concern. Cyrus responds, “120 Americans died in the crash, that is sad. Four Navy Seals died, that’s sad. Amanda’s death is a good thing.”

The president stops to talk to his wife afterwards. He worries that Cyrus is too willing to go to extremes. The first lady poignantly explains that there is not a person in the White House not willing to go to extremes. I really think this lady knows more than she is letting on. Maybe Cyrus is the “easy” bad guy.


Steven brings in proof that the last plane inspection report was a fake. Harrison is listening to the recording to find more evidence. Huck opens a dark storage locker. Then he waits in an apartment. When he hears the door open, Huck gets up, walks over and there is a thump.

Steven visits the mechanic and finds out that a plane had been recommended for grounding. Harrison bursts in at that moment and explains that the pilot didn’t panic. She was doing everything she could, and something was wrong with the plane.

Huck is still in the apartment with a naked Charlie in duct tape. Hey, he might have still had boxers on, I think Charlie is more of a boxers guy. Huck is about to do something. Olivia explains to the husband it wasn’t his wife’s fault.

The president:

The president is trying to find enough votes to pass the dream bill. The count ends in a tie. The deciding vote would be the vice president. So he goes and visits her.


Huck prepares to torture Charlie. He explains about part of the act being fun, a high. Huck has been sober and gave up his sobriety for Olivia. Charlie trained Huck. Huck reminds him, “We both know what a junkie I can be.”

The president and vice president:

He tells her she needs to vote. The president bargains with her by listing out her goal to be president. “How many vice presidents have become president without their president’s endorsement?”

Cyrus and the president:

Cyrus comes into the office visibly upset. He got another letter. It wasn’t from Olivia because Olivia isn’t crazy. Duh, so you started a war with her for no reason? Someone jumped to conclusions. It wasn’t Amanda because Amanda is dead. The letter turns out to be a video of Nixon’s resignation speech. Well, that is a strong message.

It wasn't Amanda or Olivia


Olivia sits with a CEO suit. The CEO is emphatic about wanting the truth about the crash. His first hire was on that plane. Harrison walks over to a desk in a mile of cubicles. A poor overworked mom hands him the missing investigation report. The CEO holds a press conference apologizing and taking full responsibility for the tragedy.


Amanda’s father IDs her body. Huck tells Olivia that Amanda didn’t suffer, “It was a good death.” The president calls in two security guys and bargains with them to get out of the White House.

Olivia and David

You're my friend

Amanda’s death will be ruled a suicide. David asks who killed her. He admits that Olivia is a friend but he has to be the sheriff. David thinks Olivia knows more than she is telling. She says, “The white hat looks good on you.”

Quinn shows up at Gideon’s door. He asks if she is okay, and they embrace. Again, he seems to know a lot about what is going on. Olivia takes a call from Steven. The baby was not the president’s. She opens her door and finds the president there.


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3 replies on “Recap, Scandal 1.5: “Crash and Burn””

I still don’t trust Cyrus, but I agree that the First Lady looks capable enough to doing some dirt.  Also, I was a little hesitant about Amanda’s father…whether that was really him or not.  Quinn doesn’t seem to do a lot in the way of due diligence, and I think she’s leaving the firm open for a lot of questions, by not dotting her i’s and crossing her t’s.  Quinn actually really disappoints me.  Why was she so eager to sign on and work for Olivia if she doesn’t know anything about what they do?  Plenty of other people know what they do.  And why has she still not been able to adapt?  I wonder if Olivia already knows what her past is…the one that existed before she became Quinn (in 2008).

Anyway, I believe Charlie teased Huck by calling him Huck Finn.  But I love Huck.  He is broken but awesome.

Amanda not being the POTUS baby-mama was no shocker, however, I would still like to know who she worked for with for.  Maybe Ms. VP?  There’s more than one way to become president.

I have the same feeling about Amanda’s “dad.”  I suspect he was the guy on the other end of the call.

As for Huck Finn, I had the image of Huck floating down a river with his friend/ confidante escaping life’s troubles.  So though Charlie may have felt it was a joke, I think it still fits.

As for Quinn, everyone else was saved by Olivia.  She wasn’t, that we know of.  SO I am not sure how she fits in, other than being the Jar Jar Binks in the senate. (Sorry, in my world that movie does not exist but it was an appropriate image.)

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