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Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.07, “Grant: For the People”

This is it – the season finale. I am so glad the show is coming back for Season Two! I would totally hate to be left hanging with Quinn and Billy’s relationship and not get answers. The finale didn’t have a finale feel; I really thought I had another episode or two this season. I am so glad the show didn’t change its personality just to make a cliffhanger. Like always, a lot happened, so grab your tea. Gideon:

When we last saw Gideon, he was lying on the press secretary’s floor after having snuck out of his apartment while Quinn ran for coffee. When she returns to Gideon’s apartment, she finds him with scissors in his neck and a pool of blood surrounding him. Um, Gideon got stabbed in Billy’s office, so how did he end up here? Quinn does the stupid thing and pulls the scissors out, which finishes Gideon off. Everyone knows that you don’t pull stabbing implements out! People die that way. Quinn calls Olivia and is cautioned not to call the police because they would find out who she really is. Will we finally learn her back story? Remember, Quinn didn’t exist before 2008.

You all have your thinking caps

The team comes in and cleans up because Quinn is now the client. The team looks over Gideon’s research and sets out to find the killer. Olivia surmises that Gideon figured out who sent Amanda to sleep with the president. Abby doesn’t like helping Quinn without knowing who Quinn is. While they are researching, David comes in and accuses Olivia’s team of cleaning the scene. He then calls Gideon’s phone to prove they have it. So that she has representation, Quinn hires Harrison as her lawyer with a buck, right on the spot. At the police station, Harrison responds to each question proposed by David with a terse, “Don’t answer that.” Olivia walks in on the interrogation and tells the whole story to David. “Help me, put on your white hat and go after Billy.” “No,” says David, “I am the law and the law is me.”

Amazing how easy it is to get fingerprints

After the drama, David offers Quinn food and then threatens to use the fork to get prints. Later, he brings Quinn back to Olivia, telling her that he ran her prints, but is keeping it secret, “Otherwise you would have every U.S. Marshal down here.”

Olivia then asks if she can tell everyone who Quinn really is, but that’s a revelation that’ll have to wait until next season.




Sex Scandal:

Do you tell them or do I?

Billy schmoozes the vice president, hands her a letter, and then walks out. Cyrus explains to President Grant that he knows where he slunk off to, then rattles off what he had to give up to get him to be president. There is then a press conference about the cult situation. Billy interrupts and announces his resignation and announces that he had an affair with Amanda Tanner, and then says that the president took advantage of her. Apparently, after Amanda’s suicide, Billy found the tape recording Amanda made of the president and her having sex. The press is on the greens describing the sex tape. Olivia comes in and Cyrus asks if they can do the impossible again. Both get the Oval Office hopping. Billy makes the rounds with talk shows. The president focuses on Georgia. Olivia corners Billy in the men’s room. She accuses him of being a murderer. He confesses, “I’m not proud of that.” Too bad we don’t have evidence at the crime scene. “What the hell happened to you?” asks Olivia. Billy response, “By the time I am in jail, Sally Langston will be the president.” I hope that Olivia was wired.

Cyrus and Olivia try to figure out a way out of this major problem. Olivia offers to say the tape is or her. The president counters by offering to resign and fantasizes about being a normal person. Cyrus yells,” I can’t adopt a baby,” and storms out.

The president kisses Olivia beneath the ever-watching oval-office camera. Dang it. Won’t she learn?

Cyrus explains that the normal life would be a waste for the president. “Some men aren’t meant to be happy; they’re meant to be great.”

In another sexy times shocker, Steven tells Olivia he has been cheating on his fiancé and then tells her that she can never have the president and that normal is overrated.

Olivia wants to see the first lady and Huck offers to take care of Billy. She makes him promise not to kill Billy Chambers. Olivia goes to see the first lady. She tells Millie that President Grant can’t resign. Millie accuses her: “You left the team and you let that woman get into his pants.You broke his heart and that is how Billy got the shiny red Amanda apple in his hand. I do my job; you need to do yours.”

Huck goes to see Charlie. We all know where this is going.

Millie explains to her husband that they will tell the press it was her on the tape and they are newly pregnant. Hopefully, this’ll be the one interview that fixes it all. Olivia hands the president a folder that is Cyrus approved. Walks out, turning in her press badge. The president meets with the vice president and asks her to denounce Billy. She holds tight to her values until he hands her the folder that contains information about her daughter getting an abortion. Charlie gets in the elevator with Billy, but Billy doesn’t know him. Cyrus gets a Sunday visitor, Charlie. Apparently he is leaving town and Cyrus needs to finish wiring money for the girl.

Will everyone find out what a reptile Cyrus is? Will we find out who Quinn really is? Will Olivia finally let go of her feelings for the president? Did Charlie really kill Billy? We’ll be back next season!

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