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Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.06, “The Trail”

The scene opens with the president and Olivia at her apartment. Just where we left off. He shows her the tape and strongly suggests that she hears it. (Um”¦ what it if wasn’t Amanda on the tape? Who the heck has that then?)

The Flashback:

We get to enjoy a flashback to the campaign trail where Olivia meets Fitzgerald and saves his run for president. Cyrus hires Olivia and fights for her. Since their friendship goes way back, I wonder why he’s so quick to throw her under the bus? The sparks fly between Fitzgerald and Olivia right away. Olivia tries to hook Abby up with Steven. This explains the sexual tension between those two, and why Abby was very upset that Steven got engaged in episode one. Cyrus and Olivia discuss the president’s marriage

Fitzgerald and Millie, his wife, sit with Olivia as she points out how family matters to the American public. “You two need to be a couple.” It is apparent they don’t like each other. However, both want the White House. So they begin to put on the family values– a parent- teacher conference, in public.  Millie and Fitz even begin showing more affection towards each other, even sharing an ice cream cone.

Hi, my name is Amanda

Billy worked on Fitzgerald’s opponent, Sally Langston’s, campaign. Langston is currently Fitzgerald’s vice president. A story comes out that Millie is having an affair. Billy is so sure this will be the end of the family values move, he tries to convince Olivia to make Fitzgerald concede and take the vice president’s position. Olivia brings hobo Huck, (man, he barely resembles the Huck we have come to love.) Huck points out that Millie has been followed. Apparently, the guy was getting payments for years, but from whom? Olivia calls in Abby to help. Abby tracks down the company paying the guy. Olivia also brings in Harrison. They find out that the guy accused of having an affair with now-FLOTUS is a toe-sucking porn star and Harrison convinces him to deny the “affair” to avoid public ridicule. The president slyly declares his love for Olivia while responding to a debate question about his marriage.

Olivia takes the reins as the real campaign manager, checking on numbers and polls. Fitzgerald claims he just want to be near her, he asks Olivia to stand in the hall for just a minute. That is all they do, stand in the hall intensely looking at each other. Millie comes out and distracts them with talk about fashion for the night event, and gives a knowing look at her husband. That confirms my suspicion that she knows more than she lets on.

Just stand with me a minute

During a campaign visit, Olivia points out that they still won’t win the female vote. So during a campaign stop, Millie tells a story about being pregnant and having a miscarriage while on the trail. She even turns on the tears. I have to stop and vent for a second. Now I am pissed! How dare a TV show pull in something so painful, so heartbreaking for many I know and care about, into the show as a political scheme. Millie whispers to Fitz, “That ought to take care of it.” Yep, it was a lie. Fitz’s face totally showed that. Olivia offers condolences before the governor tells her it was all fake. “What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you?” Olivia tries to stay appropriate. “Say my name.” (Say my name say my name) But she does”¦ dang it. Then they hold hands.

Lying Manipulative Wife and he knows it

At the hotel, Millie has gone to see family. Fitz stops at Olivia’s door, “Go in your room and close the door, and we will pretend that this never happened.” Olivia doesn’t go in her room she goes to his room. And we get a steamy scene complete with lacy undergarments tossed on the floor. Then we see a camera under the bed and a guy in in a truck recording it. He patches through the recording.

At the campaign office, Amanda is handed an envelope and told, “this goes to your boss.” We all know it’s not Fitzgerald. She hands it to Billy. OMG!! Billy is the guy. He runs to Langston and tells her he has the key to her winning. She informs him that she is taking the vice president’s position.

Present Day:

Don't thank me until you have listened to this!

David is in the morgue with Amanda’s body. David realizes that Amanda was murdered. The question is who in the White House wants her dead. This goes back to my thoughts about the first lady. David and his assistant, Melissa, have figured out that Amanda was sleeping with someone in the West Wing. Who’s the baby daddy? Melissa goes through the employee pictures and picks one that is totally cute and “could be a killer.” They determine the father of Amanda’s fetus has to have a blood type of A or AB.

Quinn and Gideon ended up where we thought they would”¦ since she went to him crying. He gets up to work on his “deadline.” Gideon looks at the video, calls to find out who has Amanda’s dog. Apparently, she has a boyfriend. He tracks down the coroner’s report, finds out she was pregnant and that her boyfriend works at the White House. Gideon gets Logan’s address and sends a picture. Gideon calls Chief of Staff Chambers and wants to ask about his relationship with Amanda. Quinn sneaks out to grab bagels, totally oblivious to what is going on. Really, why is she working for Olivia? She is not a hard hearted, tough as nails, no bull kind of gal. She is soft and trusting.

Olivia listens to the tape and realizes it isn’t a recording of Amanda and the President having sex, it’s Olivia and the President. They needed a girl so they used Amanda. Olivia tells the president he needs to get back to the White House. Both are very upset and they sit with each other for one minute, just like that first time, but this time they hold each other.

Gideon presents his information to Billy and says they were boyfriends. Billy accuses him of being a moron. “I was your source, everyone is so stupid.” Well, that explains how Gideon always knew too much. “Oh my God, You sent her in to sleep with him.” Gideon tells Billy Amanda was 13 weeks pregnant and he has proof. When Gideon turns to find the paper, Billy stabs him with scissors! We see Gideon bleeding on the floor. Dang, maybe Gideon wasn’t so bad. Now what is Quinn going to do?

Don't turn your back on the bad guy

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I’ll admit it.  I didn’t see Billy as the mastermind. And as annoying as Gideon was, he was still pretty.  And I still don’t like Quinn.  She doesn’t seem very smart.

BUT I am SO GLAD that Scandal got picked up for another season!

Gideon was pretty….but maybe he can still live….nope think not.  I like Quinn but really don’t think she fits on the team.  It could just be that she doesn’t have her niche yet.  Did you see Huck’s hair???

Woo hoo season 2!

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