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Sorting the Stars: Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff

Today I’m taking on stars who hit their stride as kids. They hit their stride as child stars at a time when I was not watching family films or television shows, so I never learned who they were. I’m fixing that today. 

Hilary Duff

Born 1987

Personal: Married to NHL hockey player, new mom

Career: Hilary Duff will forever be known as “Lizze McGuire” to a generation of television viewers. After three years of the hit show, Duff moved on to other projects, including a recurring role in Gossip Girl, and both Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Her musical career includes the albums Metamorphosis (2003), Hilary Duff (2004), and Dignity (2007).


LIndsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Born 1986

Personal: In recent years, Lohan has been in the news more often for personal trials than career moves. DUI arrests, time in rehab, drug charges and shoplifting have been the topics of news headlines over the past five years.

Career: Lohan got her start in commericals as a child, and starred in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. From there she went on to star in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. She released the album Speak (2004) followed by A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005). She had several appearances on the show Ugly Betty. It was recently announced that Lohan has landed the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming movie Liz and Dick.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a song by either one of these two ladies. But I know if Mean Girls is on, it’s Lindsay Lohan, and if Lizzie McGuire is on, it’s Hilary Duff. So far, that’s what I’ve got.

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I’m going to keep rooting for Linds – she’ll get back on her feet, somehow. I’m still really pissed that she was dropped from the Lovelace movie. She would have killed – I think.

Besides, I hung in there while Britney was doing her thing (oh, 2007, what a year) and now girl is on track and doing great. Friends and I have discussed AT LENGTH the strength and creativity of the Circus album. Though, to be fair, the line “My life’s like a performance, the dance floor is a stage,” got a friend all up in it because she argues Brit’s life IS a performance, it’s her job. So, the line should be changed.

This from a girl who studied dead languages in college to another who studied vector calculus. We think DEEP. :)

I’m sure Linds still has it in her.

Also, Hillary Duff has an older sister who tried to get famous off of her, and Lindsay’s whole family has tried off of her.  Hillary’s “Coming Clean” (I can’t not love this song) was used as the intro for MTV’s “The Hills”, and the only Lindsay song I know is the one about her father.

And I would be so happy if Dr. Song was right and Lindsay became the lady-version of Robert Downey, Jr.’s comeback kid.  Not that I’m a super-fan, but, she just seems to have too much drama in her life.  I’d like her to be successful.

OMG. I’ve never seen Freaky Friday but if CMM is in it that means that both Hil and Linds have costarred with him!

I have seen Hil’s Cinderella Story so many times, it could verge on embarrassing – if I were embarrassed by my love for it. Chad plays, of course, the Prince Charming role – and the son from Cougar Town plays Hilary’s sidekick (the mice?) so you know it’s gonna be awesome. Oh, and Regina King is the Fairy Godmother (well, the lead godmother).

(I also own Raise Your Voice costarring a lovely Kat Dennings and Jason Ritter)

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