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Sorting the Stars: Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley

This week I had a request to sort Ms. Portman and Ms. Knightley. I was pretty sure I knew Queen Amidala from Elizabeth Swan, but I’ve learned it never hurts to double check the IMDB. Turns out, I was right about Star Wars v. the Pirates franchise, but I learned a few things, too. 

photo from IMDB

Natalie Portman

Born: 1981

Career: She played a teen in Beautiful Girls, a few years before her start in the new Star Wars movies as Queen Amidala/Padme. More recently, she was Nina in Black Swan and Jane in Thor.



photo from IMDB

Keira Knightley

Born: 1985

Career: She’s Elizabeth Swan in all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, what I didn’t know is that she had a part in Star Wars Episode I. She was in Love Actually, as well as Elizabeth Bennet Pride & Prejudice, and Last Night.

So, how do you tell these two apart? If the character’s name is Elizabeth, it’s Keira. If it’s Pirates, it’s Keira. If it’s Star Wars, it’s probably Natalie. If it’s recent and a doesn’t involve a lot of extravagant costumes, it’s Keira. If there’s costumes and hoopla, it’s probably Natalie.

What else helps you to keep these two straight? Who else should be featured in this column?

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