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This OT is Blamin’ it on the Rain

As I’m writing this, we are in the midst of yet another downpour. This week has been rain, rain, and more rain. Oh, and a dash of oppressive heat to boot. It is officially Summer in Pennsylvania. Part of me is very excited about this, and the other part is cranky because we don’t have air conditioning and it’s a teensy bit uncomfortable to share a bed with a husband and two kitties. 

Here’s a little ditty to get the night started, we’re in the downhill slide toward the weekend!

I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a little Milli Vanilli?

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Yesterday I got 80% packed to move to Alberta in July and reconfigured my room down to the bare essentials in prep for my boyfriend to move in, in June. Today I have to take care of the mundane things like groceries and furniture delivery on behalf of my parents- so boring, I want to go back to being excited about the future hurtling toward me!

Has anyone ever moved from a metropolis to a tiny town? I mean, I’m moving from Toronto to 3hrs north of Edmonton and I’m just… nervous. About finding work, about being out as a bi woman in a hetero relationship, about my social-justice-ness coming off as preachy or misplaced saviour attitudes. I just want to be out and do good and also be employed!

I am from Edmonton, but currently am living in TO for school, though am planning on making a semi-permanent move back next spring to be with my boyfriend and finish my dissertation. ANYWAYS, if your experience is anything like mine, I believe you will find pockets of delightfully liberal and open-minded people among the conservatives. When I first moved to London ON I was shocked at how liberal albertans were compared to people from SW Ontario. We did, after all, just vote in a liberal premier disguised as a conservative, and rejected  a Harper-style self-proclaimed libertarian. Also- you will totally find work, don’t even worry about that part, it’s basically a given. :-) Good luck with the move! If you are in Edmonton this summer we should hang out!

Haha wannabe I should have known you’d have comforting words for me. I was very comforted by the provincial election results! And everyone the BF talks to said the same about how easy it is to find employment, I’m just so used to down here where 50% of people my age are un- or underemployed.

We’re hauling ass cross-country in the first week of August but will likely drive through Edmonton, I would love to get lunch and go to IKEA with you!

Hey, it rained today in Ireland too! Summer’s over, folks, back to work…

there’s a biiiig referendum happening too today, and for the first time since I was able to vote I’m thinking of spoiling my vote. Should I bring a glittery pen just to make it as obvious as possible?

Not sure how votes are tallied there, but as someone who worked an election here in the US, I can say a glittery pen would have given our tally machine a fit. (Er, that is if it writes with glittery ink. If it just has sparkly outsides and normal ink carry on)

Indiana has not really had rain for weeks.  And since we provide a lot of the country’s corn and soybeans:  NO SUGARY SNACKS FOR ANY OF YOU UNLESS WE GET SOME SOON!

Bar review is killing me.  It’s been 2 days.  My brain is full of torts.  I didn’t get torts the first time I tried to learn them.  Couldn’t we have started with something I was good at like civil procedure?  Or Property?  Or Constitutional Law?  Or pretty much ANYTHING ELSE???

Man, fuck torts.  (I have not had my coffee yet.)

It works for me and I tend to trust that P-Mag frequenters just get it, you know? And you totally get it. My point, she is proved.

Still so in love with those braaaas. My boobs have hardly ever been happier. I went to a sexy mixer dance party last weekend and got to show one of the bras off to my friends. They were duly impressed.

not one, not two, but three great-horrible jokes i heard today:

you mean you haven’t heard about the three big holes that have been dug in the ground?  well, well, well. . .

if a short psychic escapes from prison, is that a small medium at large?

if you don’t pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed?

thank you!  i’m here all week!  tip your waiters!

Can I just say I’m jealous?  Of the rain, that is…I’d die without AC and I’m allergic to cats.  I LOVE a good storm.  I live near Savannah and Tropical Storm Beryl was supposed to hammer us this past weekend.  I was all set with my popcorn and a glass of wine, emergency candles at the ready.  We only got about 2 inches of rain and not a squeak of thunder nor a single flash of lightening.  The wind did whip up a couple of times, but no where near where I though it might actually knock over anything outside.  I was really hoping we’d get the 4 solid days or rain they had initially called for.  It would be could to get out of this rainfall deficit.

While it’s been hot during the day, the evenings have been full of rain here. Cool, breezy, soaking rain. And for some reason it has prompted me to play this one on repeat. Thus reminding me that I need to get a battery for my tuner so I can tune/play my fiddle while sitting on the porch in this cool, humid night air.

For all that I should be thinking about right now for work and school right now, a man has got my head where it shouldn’t be. Oh hard times indeed…

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