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This OT Just Wants to Bang on the Drums

Good evening, ladies and gents! We’ve survived the first part of the week and we’re on the home stretch toward the weekend! I’ve been off from work for the last few days, and it was nothing short of magical. But, now it’s time to go back, and as I’m sitting here getting ready, this song is playing in my head:


Do y’all feel the same way, or is it just me? Tell us how your week is going so far in the comments!

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On a TOTALLY RANDOM note I just wanted to get this out there. I love IUDs, I got mine in February and after two months of “oh no what did I get into?” periods, this month has been so light and easy I could laugh. Also, five years of not having to worry about anti-baby virus unless I change my mind and want a baby in that time. YAY!

Anticipatory happy dance! ヾ(ΦωΦ)ノ

I finally bought Dance of Dragons yesterday, since I’ve got a plane ride to take next week. (Reading non-work-related things, especially if it’s 1200 pages of hard-to-stop stuff, gives me guilt unless I’m in transit.) BF-who-hasn’t-read-the-books opened it and of course promptly landed upon devastating spoilers. I swear, with this book, it isn’t even “who dies?”, it’s more like “who’s still alive and reasonably well?” è_é



I don’t even know what that first emoticon is, but I like it…

Ha, yes. I read all the books, then my boyfriend read them, and every time he came bounding in speculating about the long,happy future of a character who was doomed I had to dive behind the couch cushions.

Straight from my secret stash of kaomoji!  m9っ`x´)  It doesn’t mean much, just an excited face with flailing arms. Most are easy to read, there’s just far more expressive variation than in the West. The one above is a pointy finger – m for fingers, 9 for the one pointing, and little っ for the thumb!  Ψ(`∀´)Ψ  (And that last one would read along the lines of “devious and pleased with oneself”)

My week’s been busy but overall good. Monday and Tuesday I flew to Rhode Island for a school librarian job that’s felt like the best fit yet of all my interviews, the travel was just a lot as I had to do connecting flights and I got lost driving from the school to the airport. Yet I ended up making it in time and feel like an adult because I rented a car on my own for the very first time and tried a GPS which didn’t stay where it was supposed to so didn’t help that much.

Today has been odd as I woke up with my neck hurting, had a busy late night shift and a weird encounter on my walk home where I was doublechecking I wasn’t being followed and got a guy going oh you’re fearful but I’m fine and didn’t get, yes, I know that and now I keep walking, no more interaction for you. He did walk his own way but it left me grumbling. Tomorrow I plan on seeing The Avengers for a second time as I had a nice random meet up with a friend on my walk to work and that movie makes me happy. I find it hard to believe its just Wednesday.

This and a rather nice twitter conversation have me feeling slightly better. Now, I simply must resist the urge to listen to depressing music and I’ll be able to slide into bed without dissolving into a puddle of self pity.

Earlier today, I made the mistake of listening to “Out There” from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While the end of it is certainly uplifting, it was way too SYMBOLISM-y when I think about my depression (my depression is Frollo, by the way, keeping me cooped up inside and telling me all sorts of lies).

i have to have a come-to-jesus meeting with my boss tomorrow.  she doesn’t know it’s that kind of meeting yet.  it’s gonna suck. majorly.  i want to crawl under a rock.

can we just go back to a barter system?  i’ll knit you a sweater, you give me a goat.  it would be so much easier if i just didn’t have to earn money.

Ugh. These sorts of meetings with bosses ARE THE WORST.

And the night before said meeting is horrible because you’re fretting and playing through the scenario in your brain. >_<

What I wouldn’t give to be able to have these sorts of meeting by IM, in a separate room, and far, far away.


Let moral outrage (which I’m sure is on your side in whatever matter you intend to discuss) guide and propel you!

You know, sometimes I think I post about struggles on here just so that I’ll receive kind comments. Regardless of my selfish motivation, I really appreciate it.
Also, I had thought about leaving her a written list of grievances but in the end that felt too passive-aggressive-middle-school-kid. But how great would that be to just not have to actually say this out loud?!

I don’t think it’s terribly selfish to seek a little bucking up when you are feeling crappy. Or rather, I think that it is within acceptable levels of self indulgence. I know I didn’t post about my grandmother because I think you are all deeply interested in the details of my life. I was looking for a little validation of my feelings.

We all chip in and prop each other up, so it’s not all one sided or anything.

fuck me.  my boss just moved our meeting from 1 to 3.  two more hours to stew.  this is one of the things i needed to talk to her about: we are supposed to have a weekly meeting thursdays from 1-2.  we haven’t had a meeting on a thursday from 1-2 in a month of sundays.  if it’s not rescheduled, it’s outright canceled.  i’m not allowed to work independently and everything must be run through her, but she makes herself unavailable to me to have her review my work. i have a huge pile of completed stuff that can’t go out the door because my boss gives me neither her trust nor her time.  fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

boss canceled our meeting.  fuck, i am so pissed.  this happens every fucking week.  I’m spending the rest of the work day listening to Arlo Gutherie and dicking around on the internet.  no jury in the world would convict me.

I sincerely appreciate all the kind words and thoughts – you guys honestly got me through the day.

I have a lot going on – 4 hour drive tomorrow and the next day for a stupid visa interview, baccalaureate then reception/dinner with the president of the college (who I am intimidated by because she is so awesome and I want her to like meeeee) and the trustees (who I need to impress because they will then shower money on me) on Friday, graduation the next morning, throwing a party for a friend in the evening on Saturday, and I have no idea what’s on the agenda for Sunday.

Which is all good!  It’ll be fun.  But I’m sensing a creeping darkness, and I’m scared.  :(.

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