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This OT Says F*&% You Very Much

This is how I feel about this week:

(Warning: frequent and unedited f-bombs)

How about you, Persephoneers? Is your week any better than mine?

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It’s been a week.

Fella’s awesome, and gives the best hugs and backrubs (good enough to make me non-verbal). I am knitting him a Gir for his birthday, once I get the grey yarn I ordered.

Except for Monday, work has been busy (I’m temporarily a mail clerk in a sciencey+artsy college with four main departments, each of which has labs). Lots of big and heavy packages, lots of trips to deliver things, lots of walking and lifting. My body is tired. And I’m done with this placement next Friday, so I need to contact the temp office to let them know I would like their help finding the next temp gig (and applying to ALL OF THE JOBS).

Also, I’m over the other blog with the “stars” and sorta-kinda-pseudofeminism. I’m over being jumped on because I say something and jumped on AGAIN when my explanation still wasn’t good enough (and, yes, I *DO* think that focusing more on a woman’s sexual habits than her actual accomplishments is slut-shaming, even when it’s done in a “positive” way). I’m over having to ignore so many damn trolls.

Finally: I went to the same high school/church as this guy during my late teens to early twenties. I thought he was hot but that I was not enough of his “type”. I’m thinking now that this is a good thing.

To answer your question: NOPE.

My week has been shit. I’m sick. I’m too loaded with work to take a sick day and clients are being fucktwits.

Here’s my main gripe. We have deadlines to send out reports with reasonable amount of time between notification and submission. We know our clients have busy schedules too. However. Contacting me with questions or requests for corrections at 4pm the day before the report is released helps NO ONE. You are saddling me with last minute work because you couldn’t review the report WHEN I SENT IT TO YOU A WEEK AGO. And claiming ignorance is not a valid reason to change a report.

Procrastinate when it only affects you. Don’t do it so I get fucked too. That’s thoughtless. That’s unprofessional. That’s going into my observations which get sent to your manager.

And DON’T make me feel guilty for finally taking a vacation. I’m already regretting it. Bastards.

The principal asked what book/books I am currently reading, and I stumbled a bit (they’re mostly feminist non-fiction, could be a touchy subject), but rattled off a couple.  He saw me stumbling, and said “Just please don’t tell me you’re reading 50 Shades of Grey.”  I laughed.

I was hoping it would be this video from your title. PS: Did you know that Marina and the Diamonds has a new album out in the UK and coming out here July 17th?

My week has been really up and down. Some great things (rocket launch OMG) and some down things (like me sticking a tacless foot in my mouth and making my husband feel like shit about job stuff and me having a headache for two days running). I can definitely use a three day weekend.

My week has been quite nice. It turned out that I didn’t have cavities, we could change a last-minute into an even later last-minute and we got a night extra at the hotel we’re staying! The weather’s making me happy and I decided to start baking again, even if I will have to feed it to my colleagues.

I woke up after eating dinner (I’m a bear, rawr) to this television commercial for Axe “Anarchy” pole-cat stench body spray and deodorant.

So, so much wrong with this. Yeah, I realize I can’t expect much from Axe, except maybe that the young women (“and for her!”) look older than pubescent? I could go on and on, but here–I’ll just wave over your way the odor of the latest commercial for Axe Anarchy.

Dammit, I can’t get the video to work like I want–the commercial I saw started from the video’s 0:43 and ran to the end. So, start at 0:43. I’m sorry I can’t make this easy.

My week was crazy busy, as I will start mentoring my first undergraduate student (yay for being a grownup grad student!!) by mid-June, and I’m having to actually plan out the day-to-day stuff that I’ll have to teach her (she’s a rising sophomore, and inexperienced in lab work) and all that; in addition to regular stuff. It was also my week to present to our lab group about updates in research, and I still find that scary sometimes.

But it was busy in a good way. :)

Any Brits (or anyone with Sky, actually) caught a glimpse of “In Confidence”? It’s a great interview show which is literally two people in chairs with a black backdrop, talking about their lives – no audience, no anything. It’s totally ratings-hostile and incredibly riveting. So far my favourite interview was with Joan Bakewell, and dealt with her career, feminism, her mother’s opportunities as compared to hers, and her affair with Harold Pinter. There’s no sense of…performance, in the same way as interview programmes with audiences. They’re faced at each other, very much talking to one another, rather than to an audience. It’s really, really one of my favourite things on TV right now. It’s on SkyArts (which is generally a great channel actually).

Although this week started out craptacularly, I hit a major rebound – it’s a long story, but a video that yours truely wrote, shot, starred in, edited and put online is getting national recognition!  Granted, it’s an educational video for a very specific audience, but research administrators at universities all over the country have been watching it and I’m getting the greatest responses!  I was even asked to consider presenting at next year’s big Society of Research Administrators conference next year!  I have had a complete mood-180 since Monday.

In other news, I’m stuck in meetings all day tomorrow, so I’m wishing all the other Pratchett super-nerds Freedom, Truth, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard Boiled Egg on this May 25th eve!

My week’s just been dull. Unemployment will do that. But! Tomorrow my in-her-fifties staid-career-woman mother is in a bed race! I am going to laugh SO HARD at this whole spectacle.

Also, the boyfriend has a job interview tomorrow that, if he gets it, will change our lives. EVERYONE THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

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