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This OT Wants to Dance!

It’s Wednesday yet again! Funny how that happens, isn’t it? By the time this posts, I can assure you all that I’m fast asleep due to working late last night and then being up at 4 a.m. to go back to work (the joys of retailing!)Anyway, my lovlies, here’s a song to get you through the mid-week doldrums. I’ve been hearing it a bit on one of the satellite radio stations, and it’s infectious. Don’t be surprised if you are humming parts of it tomorrow.

Share your day and do some dancing in the comments!

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Pioneers! I was just (virtually) introduced J.D. McPherson on’s mp3 feed on Facebook (I know; hush), and the music is completely delicious! Rockabilly or whatever you want to call it, I started tapping my toes upon first listen of the first track and full-out danced in front of my computer upon second listen! (I’m at home with the cats; they don’t care.) Download the album’s first mp3 for free at Amazon. The album is “only” $5.99, but I am mad poor. I have a $2 mp3 credit, so I might have to beg my sister for her credits. :)

Here’s the fun video–pompadours, high-top All-Stars and upright bass included.

So, yesterday I mentioned that I am going to a steampunk convention this weekend. That not being dorky enough in and of itself, I also collect dolls, and I decided to make up a steampunk doll to carry as part of my costume. I have had the doll head I used for years, but I finally got a body for it, et cetera. The last of the accessories came in the mail today (a pilot hat, goggles, and a little pocket watch). While I was putting him all together, my mother asked what his name was. I have no idea. I’ve gotten really used to just thinking of the head by the name of the mold.

So if anyone wants to indulge me in my dorkiness, I need help picking out a name for this guy:

You can also tell me to quit being such a dork and to stop worrying about naming toys. I’m fine with that too.

Androj, b/c I thought it was a female (big eyes, thin eyebrows, full lips) until you said it was male. (I sound like I’m being snarky, but I swear I’m not.) The j is not silent, BTW.

Does he have a gadget-y eye? The outfit is great. Is that a catperson in the background??

He does indeed have a gadget-y eye. And yes that is a cat person in the background. It’s the Baron from The Cat Returns as he appears in the manga version of the story.

And don’t feel bad about the androgyny thing. I have a lot of boy dolls and the only one that hasn’t been confused for a girl is the Baron. They are all rather pretty. It doesn’t help that it is fairly common practice in this hobby to use the same head sculpt for both boy and girl dolls. I’ve come to terms with the fact that calling my doll’s gender is only easy if they don’t have a shirt on (or pants…).


A somewhat older picture of my collection. (missing the two most recent acquisitions) There are two girl dolls in this picture*… The rest are all boys. Eh heh heh… yea….

*Third from the left in the top row, and the red head on the far right.

I love both cats in general and The Cat Returns, so he was a no brainer to purchase. And yes there is a Pan critter in there too.

Collecting ball jointed dolls is really fun, but it can also be massively expensive. Although I did the number crunching at one point to prove I don’t spend much more on the dolls that my boyfriend spends on video games, I just tend to spend it all in one chunk rather than spread out over a bunch of little purchases, so there’s that.

I so want to dance, but I have to go to bed. Have a second interview tomorrow for a job that would pay for me to take classes! (And not any specific classes, either; it’s at a University, so I get one free class a semester.)

Considering that my first interview was Tuesday, and they called me today to set up second interview… I’d say that’s a good sign.

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