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This Weekend Open Thread is a Heat Wave

It’s going to be 96° and the Big Race is in town this weekend, I’m spending it indoors. I’m prepared, the grocery shopping and all the errands are done, and I have a Spring cleaning chore list as long as my arm. I’m ready to hunker down and get shit done. 

What do your weekends look like, Persephoneers, and what’s on your mind?

Special notice: We’re taking Monday off, so we’ll be back with regular posts on Tuesday.

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I survived three days without The Internet, woop woop. It’s a bit erm ..shocking how much longer your days seem when you don’t have the fall-back of some Let’s Waste Time On The Internet. We played loads of Scrabble and watched films/documentaries. And me, Freckle McPaleySkin ..lounged on the beach for several hours. Without burning alive. It’s one for the books.

aka I’m already posting in the wrong posts.

I came across this video, and it’s so awesome, I just had to share. I had a bit of a visceral reaction to the title “Elders React to Nyan Cat”, but nevertheless, the video is still awesome. I want the woman in the bright pink shirt to be my adoptive grandma. The woman with the bangs is me now in 30 years. ETA: I am not entirely sure what Nyan Cat is about, so the video actually taught me Things. I guess I, too, am an “Elder”.

“He’s got rainbow farts.”

“It’s a grey kitty that has a strawberry pop tart for a body.”

“It made me feel like the cat was my friend. It made me feel like the cat loved me.”

“The worse it is, the more popular it is. I mean, look at the Kardashians.” LOL

Thank you so much for sharing this! I think it made my day!

Y’all, I am so done with Texas. So over Austin. I’m in the Albany airport waiting to get flown back to hell after watching my beautiful niece graduate from college in Vermont. So how do I leave after 40 something years? My mother is 89 years old in Texas and will live forever. I cannot keep staying in Texas because she is a Texan. I am not. I got to grow up in NJ, beautiful, and I really need to get back northeast. I never picked Texas and I want out. How do you move?

Oh wow! So my boss invited all of us to her family’s lake house yesterday, which was awfully nice of her, and we went on a hike around a bunch of waterfalls.  And before you know it we’re all under a rather thundering 30 foot tall waterfall!  That was quite invigorating!!!

I also did a ton of gardening, including weeding my hops, which are looking WONDERFUL!!!!  And I mulched ALL OF THE GARDEN! And we found the queen bee in her hive, but caught her in the middle of pooping out babies, so I felt embarrassed for her.

Today I need to plant some nasturtiums while the Significant Other mows the yard, and then we’re going to bring a load of furniture from my house to his.  Then I think we’ll have some combination of making dinner (Rabbit Cacciatore), drinking wine, blogging, and playing Skyrim.

I’m curious: For you partnered, parenting lady persphoneers who kept their last names (or plan to), what did you do (or are going to do) about your kids’ last names? My boyfriend and I are having this conversation and he wants to pass on his last name, which is fine with me. The conversation made me curious about other options people have chosen.

I know there have been some conversations about this here before: try searching for ‘marriage’ ‘change name’ and similar in the search box.

Personally it is an unresolved question, we don’t have any kids plus my boyfriend has two surnames himself so I’m sure it will be an interesting conversation if it ever becomes relevant:)

Okay, so… I need advice.

Lately, I have really been thinking that there are too many syllables in my first name (Lisa), and I really want to shorten it to Lis (pronounced Lee… like the French word for lily.) Plus, I’ve always kind of wanted a nickname.

I don’t foresee moving to a new place where I can introduce myself as such to everyone… I am hopefully starting a new job soon, and definitely plan on being all “You can call me Lis,” but is it weird to pick your own nickname? I don’t even know.

I was given a Russian diminutive of my first name. As often happens, my nickname seems to have no relation to my official name, once translated into english (think Sacha/Sasha for Alexandre, but female). Once I started college, I started calling myself with a nickname that seemed more natural, given my first name (Like, say, Alex for Alexandre). So yep, it’s definitely possible, specially when you are starting out somewhere new.
Have fun!

I have the same first name, which was shortened from a longer name to begin with. I have gone back and forth between wanting to change it to just L (“elle”) or Lis – I’d know it was pronounced ‘Lee’ but chances are low anyone’d see it and not say ‘lease’ (which is what most people already shorten it to/call me). I think it’s perfectly fine to pick whatever name you want to be called; the Robert/Bobs and Christina/Tinas do it all the time! You may have to deal w/a few people sending things to ‘Leigh’ or ‘Lee’ for a bit until they figure out the spelling, though!

ZOMG twin.

The other thing I was thinking about was “Em,” as in the letter M, as in my middle initial. A number of people called me that in high school. I figured that’s kind of an extreme change.

If I ever randomly move to a place where I don’t know anyone? I am totally starting over as Em.

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